Anime VS. Manga
Anime VS Manga

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oreo Lover : Fandoms be like: 50% anime watchers 50% manga readers tryna get the other 50% to read the manga

Pio Prime : Unpopular opinion: People who watch the anime and read the manga are the real G's

ivy ivy : Netflix Adaptation: Hi guys me: *reloads gun*

KeybladeKnight14 : My Hero Academia fans in a nutshell. Seriously, you cannot have a decent conversation nor state an opinion without someone saying; "Read The Manga".

My name is Connor I'm the android sent by CyberLife : Everyone knows the real way is to watch anime and then read the manga once the studio inevitably drops the series

Prado : My Hero Academia is having a live action adaptation coming out... I felt like crying when I heard the news.

Connor Smith : I glide from the heavens and say "Light Novel" then fly away.

Fran Gorno : Yeah, but manga readers don't get amazing SOUNDTRACKS. Sure, they can play 'em while they read, but those OSTs wouldn't exist WITHOUT the anime adaptation. And some of BEST animes are anime original: Code Geass, Evangelion, most of the Gundam franchise, The Big O, Kill La Kill, DarliFra, Gurren Laggan... and yeah all but one of those are giant robot animes... because... GIANT ROBOTS.

Qopa : Heh, these plebs arguing over manga vs anime, while I read the light novel like a real weeb.

Kiranime : And then there's the Netflix adaptation

Ask Me : This is the anime/manga community ladies and gentlemen

Libru_The_Kazekage : Live action adaptation is that one guy in the group nobody want's to be around

Cassandra Anne : Honestly sub is better than english dub

DXM TheJitsuMinecart : Anime and Manga: *_*exist_** Hentai and Rule 34: *It's Free Real Estate*

Simplisick : I read the manga and watch the anime. You can call me a transviewer.

Ana Roque : Netflix needs to see this

A Winged Albatross : I used to be an anime guy then I read berserk. Nothing has been the same since then

I Flex Taped My Life Together : There should be a part 2 but instead of the live action adaptation, it should be light notes just straight up flexing on both manga and anime.

GreeZ : Manga is and always will be better

Grace : We don’t *talk* about the Death Note live-action

miky xd : the manga wins because is cannon :v

greatcurious cat : Anime and Manga always team up against Live-action adaptation

lazy_otaku _ : Tokyo Ghoul manga and anime in a nutshell

XxNinjaStarz : I love how Anime & Manga had some beef & drama with each other but when Live Action Adaption guy is out both of them are on the same terms telling him to gtfo. xD

ShadowSlayer 669 : Who needs anime, when you have HENTAI

T B : Anime i prefer in Dub : Black Lagoon Like... Highkey

shadow night : Englush dub is sometimes good Edit: this video repesent every emotion i have everytime someone makes a liveaction of one of my favorites

Light Yagami : Honestly, English dub isn't that bad.

#1hero : Well for dragon ball super, they switched the tables

Heavenly Controller : The manga be looking boujee af 😂

LANC3LOT 374 : He literally mentions my two favorite anime's: Tokyo Ghoul and My Hero Academia! Thank you, Longbeachgriffy, very cool

Jajuan Martin : How are your fight scenes I'm dead😂😂😂

Jan Michael Kevin Garcia : Samurai X has a pretty badass adaptation. :v and the japanese deathnote is also good

Samuel Dorado : One anime that could do A WHOLE LOT better is Black clover but I think all the money is going towards Boruto which is alright. My opinion.

Danny AP : How y'all Manga readers enjoy the music during intense scenes

Adimas Djereng : The video starts buffering when Live-Action Adaptation comes up

Kotaro Yamada : 0:49 *Live Action Adaptation has joined the channel* 1:07 *Live Action Adaptation has been kicked from the channel*

imahelpfulperson : He should do a part two: Manga vs Light Novel

John Bernardez : Light Novel will the Mom that comes in and shut them all up

鈴屋 什造NoobStorm : Idk why I lost it when the live action adaptation dude showed up lol

Communism isn't cancer : Light novel readers: *TRIGGERED*

Preternatural Pentacorn : I’d rather drink milk with a fork than watch a live-action adaption 🤮

Lunasent : The Manga should’ve said “At least I can last 20 volumes, while you’re so impatient you can’t even finish a whole series without compromising the ending!”

nig ward : Low budget Korean live action adaptation are better than netflix

Physical Manifestation of Cancer : But manga readers have a special, highly powerful ability anime-only's will never have... and that is to _spoil_

Condemnedya : hit me right in the feels when that live action shit showed up XD

Arlife : after live action, *Hentai Comes in* _And so They won_

Jet The Prophet : This is like the perfect visual for thus topic. But imma throw this out. English dub is getting better

Kiki Lord : i CANNOT believe that there was NO jojo reference. Disgusting