Anime VS. Manga

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VINOS : How to torture a weeb: make them watch the live action adaptation

Simplisick : I read the manga and watch the anime. You can call me a transviewer.

Matias Acosta : 1:21 *Hentai come in, he wins*

Shockwave Entertainment : Where my Tokyo Ghoul fans at? 😢😢😢 #WeKnowThePain

Mustardy Boi : How the AoT Anime and Manga act: Anime: *Walks in* Manga: Hey, did you know [blank] happens to [blank] and then [blank] [blank] that [blank]? Anime: *God F U C K I N G damnit*

Physical Manifestation of Cancer : But manga readers have a special, highly powerful ability anime-only's will never have... and that is to _spoil_

natalie_marie13 : *death note has left the chat*

zimbabweking : All manga is English dub. Fight me.

TardisIn1963 : Roses are red Violets are blue *Omae wa mou shindeiru*

cat : Manga: more story Anime: more action

Kiranime : And then there's the Netflix adaptation

official OnIShXm : Let’s unite against a common enemy........ live action adaptation (aka Netflix adaptation)

Boshwa : Anime vs Manga is actually a much more legit debate than sub vs dub

Smoked Kabob : 1:06 wait did he just throw a pillow at himself

Pyrastriker : We don’t *talk* about the Death Note live-action

Heavenly Controller : The manga be looking boujee af 😂

Kunal Oad : Plot twist: Itachi died from hitting his head on the wall.

KeybladeKnight14 : My Hero Academia fans in a nutshell. Seriously, you cannot have a decent conversation nor state an opinion without someone saying; "Read The Manga".

Smoked Kabob : “I liked the live adaptation better” -said no one ever

Emarex Official : I only watch Griffy with the original japanese dub

ShadowSlayer 669 : Who needs anime, when you have HENTAI

JETRO09 : Which one are y’all Comment- manga Like- anime

Adonis Tenebrai : Anime purist, it's all fun an games till the wrong studio adapts the series, changes the story in ways that ruin it, leave out important information, then never release a new season again.

Prado : My Hero Academia is having a live action adaptation coming out... I felt like crying when I heard the news.

Lonex : But bruh, when you have read a lot of manga, and watched just enough anime, then the fight scenes in the manga get really good. If you have a good imagination that is...

My name is Connor I'm the android sent by CyberLife : Everyone knows the real way is to watch anime and then read the manga once the studio inevitably drops the series

Ahmed Nahshal : Aot anime is better than Manga at the start.

Silgon : The Pokemon Adventures Manga series is actually Godlike, and if you haven't read it, you're missing out

UKAS : Netflix: Live action is bad? Hold my beer 1 Netflix Live Action Later: *otakus are extinct*

Corrupt Pastels : Reading the manga for BNHA made me cry more than the anime-

鈴屋 什造TalalStorm : Idk why I lost it when the live action adaptation dude showed up lol

can'tstop twerkeling : *Y'all talking about manga being better than anime while I'm out here looking at precious picture behind him just look at that face.*

Ubayd : But for real some Mangas are much better than what the Anime studios have been churning out. The quality and art style aren't even comparable and imo fights in these Mangas feels so much more real and fierce than what we're getting in their Anime adaptations. Animes like One piece and Black clover to name a few aren't doing their Mangas justice and have horrendous animation and low production quality.

Krow Falun : Fastest growing channel on Youtube, like yesterday he was at 710k now 713k that's crazy, but he's a pure genius I think I'm in love with him looool

Jacob Kreifels : Where's the light novel readers?

Benjamin Stewart : The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Legit Trip : Any good places to read manga or light novels?

Runner High : To be fair, certain anime adaptions have inconsistent animation and it can really ruin my enjoyment. The manga, unless we’re talking Togashi, is gonna either have the same art style all the way through or it’s gonna get better and better as the artist evolves. What annoys me is that certain anime have amazing voice acting. I love japanese voice actors and how fucking into it they are. One Piece is incredible, but I choose to read it because the manga will always look great. It won’t ever drag like the anime. The pacing will always be good. All I’m reading is from the author’s mind and I will never have to wait for the fillers to end before getting back into the real deal. Even without the voices and music, manga is often the way to go for me, like One Piece. But there are expections, like Attack on Titans. Now that’s how you adapt.

Ana Roque : Netflix needs to see this

Ball is LIfe : As somebody who has never watched anime or read manga in my life I totaly did not understand this video at all

Dank Matter : At least the 2 weebs agreed on something

I Flex Taped My Life Together : There should be a part 2 but instead of the live action adaptation, it should be light notes just straight up flexing on both manga and anime.

Nig : Dub shall never be on par with sub look it up its mangesis chapter 1

Mohit 121 : Subs are better . *Change my mind*

Lemi Kadriaj : who hangs a picture of himself in a wall

Cassandra Anne : Honestly sub is better than english dub

Cannonball Studios : I respect subs, but I prefer dubs because I’m not a fast reader, therefore I have to rewind 5 seconds or pause to finish reading, then keep playing.

DragonKidSlayer3 : Tokyo ghoul one was very true lol

Shauna Copeland : You had me until you said that dub is better than sub. Haha, no. XD

LE Leggo : When I was 13: I love anime more then manga. With 19: I read the mangas coz I cannot wait for the updates. But the struggle is to not spoil now...