Anime VS. Manga

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VINOS : How to torture a weeb: make them watch the live action adaptation

Matias Acosta : 1:21 *Hentai come in, he wins*

Shockwave Entertainment : Where my Tokyo Ghoul fans at? 😢😢😢 #WeKnowThePain

TardisIn1963 : Roses are red Violets are blue *Omae wa mou shindeiru*

Boshwa : Anime vs Manga is actually a much more legit debate than sub vs dub

Kiranime : And then there's the Netflix adaptation

Pyrastriker : We don’t *talk* about the Death Note live-action

Adonis Tenebrai : Anime purist, it's all fun an games till the wrong studio adapts the series, changes the story in ways that ruin it, leave out important information, then never release a new season again.

KeybladeKnight14 : My Hero Academia fans in a nutshell. Seriously, you cannot have a decent conversation nor state an opinion without someone saying; "Read The Manga".

Emarex Official : I only watch Griffy with the original japanese dub

Heavenly Controller : The manga be looking boujee af 😂

Prado : My Hero Academia is having a live action adaptation coming out... I felt like crying when I heard the news.

Cassandra Anne : Honestly sub is better than english dub

LE Leggo : When I was 13: I love anime more then manga. With 19: I read the mangas coz I cannot wait for the updates. But the struggle is to not spoil now...

Lone x : But bruh, when you have read a lot of manga, and watched just enough anime, then the fight scenes in the manga get really good. If you have a good imagination that is...

Physical Manifestation of Cancer : But manga readers have a special, highly powerful ability anime-only's will never have... and that is to _spoil_

Mohit 121 : Subs are better . *Change my mind*

Nig : Dub shall never be on par with sub look it up its mangesis chapter 1

Ahmed Nahshal : Aot anime is better than Manga at the start.

can'tstop twerkeling : *Y'all talking about manga being better than anime while I'm out here looking at precious picture behind him just look at that face.*

ShadowSlayer 669 : Who needs anime, when you have HENTAI

Fran Gorno : Yeah, but manga readers don't get amazing SOUNDTRACKS. Sure, they can play 'em while they read, but those OSTs wouldn't exist WITHOUT the anime adaptation. And some of BEST animes are anime original: Code Geass, Evangelion, most of the Gundam franchise, The Big O, Kill La Kill, DarliFra, Gurren Laggan... and yeah all but one of those are giant robot animes... because... GIANT ROBOTS.

Chris Dexter : This is the anime/manga community ladies and gentlemen

The Manga Boy : Manga is and always will be better

Qopa : Heh, these plebs arguing over manga vs anime, while I read the light novel like a real weeb.

鈴屋 什造TalalStorm : Idk why I lost it when the live action adaptation dude showed up lol

Ana Roque : Netflix needs to see this


Ball is LIfe : As somebody who has never watched anime or read manga in my life I totaly did not understand this video at all

Bonzai-Tronne : I have a dream that one day manga readers and anime watchers will live together in harmony. That we will all enjoy My Hero Academia regardless of it being in print or on screen. That Attack on Titan fans will be united in their belief for quicker updates. And that we can all agree that Dragonball Super led us all out of the dark times of Evolution. I have a dream that weebs from all over the world will respect one another’s waifus and husbandos, and that we will all walk the soil of our anime conventions without judgement, that a man can be judged not for the media he consumes, but the quality of his choices. I have a dream that those who read visual novels will receive the representation they deserve and will join hands with our brethren as we strike down the injustices of live actions that plague our community.

Benjamin Stewart : The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Kiki Lord : i CANNOT believe that there was NO jojo reference. Disgusting

I Flex Taped My Life Together : There should be a part 2 but instead of the live action adaptation, it should be light notes just straight up flexing on both manga and anime.

Legit Trip : Any good places to read manga or light novels?

InternetOnTheGuy : From now on, I will use "Hello, peasant." everytime I begin a conversation with someone.

My name is Connor I'm the android sent by CyberLife : Everyone knows the real way is to watch anime and then read the manga once the studio inevitably drops the series

Khabib The Bear-Whisperer : What's up with that printed out picture of his face taped on the wall😂😂🤣🤣

smug kid has bread : Hello Peasant.

Lunasent : The Manga should’ve said “At least I can last 20 volumes, while you’re so impatient you can’t even finish a whole series without compromising the ending!”

Light Yagami : Honestly, English dub isn't that bad.

Dank Matter : At least the 2 weebs agreed on something

AK knight : Rip live action adaptation 😅😅

Inspector Dank : Unless you are watching Dragon ball, sub is better

Salah Mohamed : English dub squad come here . . . . . . . You guys sucks

miky xd : the manga wins because is cannon :v


Cannonball Studios : I respect subs, but I prefer dubs because I’m not a fast reader, therefore I have to rewind 5 seconds or pause to finish reading, then keep playing.

Kahafi Rina : Otaku anyone?

Dhanar Santika : No jojo? No dignity

//J210102 : You forgot Netflix Adaptations