System of a Down - 1080p Live in Yerevan, Armenia Concert 2015 - FULL

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Dexter54 : 18:50 the lightning syncs with the guitar

stergios doukas : Recognize the Greek , Armenian and Assyrian genocide. 🇬🇷 🇦🇲

ονειροπόλος 075 : i like the armenian culture and i respect them deeply...greetings from Colombia with love...

Terry Coles : john dolmayan is an awesome drummer

Erlina Kumala Sari : armenia...... sistem of a down... good country.. i love.. sistem of a down... from indonesia

Joshua Randall : The lightning at 18:50

Davit Ohanyan : I can't stop watching this concert!

Gunter Dierickx : Most impressive set i have ever seen...

Carson Brite : Very impressive, especially considering that they have aged and their voices have changed since their last album released.

katryna silva : fantástico

gonzalo pereyra : Man shavo's bass barely sounds

Natalie P : I swear, this is Tom Morello from RATM narrating Wake Up The Souls. Love him!

Гендерный узурпатор /Артур/ : great

Павел Карсекин : Amazing!)

Oganes OVO : КРУТООООО!!!!!!!!!

john defrias : FUCKINGGGGGG !!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eren Mercan : not a rock'n roll concert. revenge? LOL

LX Forde : YESOAD !!!

chop : I keep coming back to this concert!

Laser Ramos : 1:59:30

Дмитрий Стрельченко : Круто!

T H : 9:15 🤘

Brian Smith : ⚜ goose bumbs

Michael Stephen : I often stay at the Hyatt Place, just off the square - would love to have seen this!!

mobatumi : The solo of the "Lonely Day" on 01:06:29 apprently was played by someone else outside of the stage.

Elon Muskshrooms : Thank you for the quality and time stamps ♥

OurNewEvolution : 5:09 John!

Suren Kalantarian : 21:26 Byob

Ерлан Журабаев : Армян с революцией! Молодцы. Путиноиды, одумайтесь.

Алекс Купер : В тоооп

Rey Mysterio et Mark Henry : 51:00

Jack Sloop : too many people, many races lived and will live in Turkey.. you say this is not a rock'n roll concert, this is revenge... you hate this country like in first world war when Turkey lost the war.. you were living with us and when circumstances changed... like i said too many people live in here and we never hate..but you say this is revenge.... think twice with your evil mind.... i

Javier : 01:15:48 😋

Sasha Strayder : Ну что сказать. Просто класс!!!!!!!!

Mir5 : 35:06

J3s Eight : Humanity against brutallity! Love and peace to all of you out there !

Mir5 : 1:36:52 Jigareto Daron! Haha. Nice bit of Farsi there...

BOSS MEDIA : these guys were good for like 3 albums. they suck now. and the armenian genocide is a joke.