Red Hot Chili Peppers - Venice Queen - Live at Slane Castle [HD]

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Connor Norcott : In terms of the greatest guitarists ever, John is not credited enough! Not only are his technique and musical talent unquestionably excellent, his ability to convey emotion through his playing coupled with his back-up vocals is just awe-inspiring. Hero. Legend. Musical Genius. Deserves all the praise he gets and more!

buddhamonkey : This song sounds like the end to a beautiful adventure.

Alfino : Criminally underrated song, one of their best

Matt Calhoun : i wonder if they knew they were making history up there right then...

trevor jean : John needs to write a book about his life

M.E.A.T - Mild Enduro Associates Team : The way that John harmonize backing vocals is just amazing.

nonnanevrotica : I wish i was there. John is like a rock jesus in this video.

ThePowerOfEquality432 : I don't care what anyone else says, John Frusciante was a HUGE part of the band. Those backing vocals just completed the songs, and his guitar work was fucking perfect for the band. I accept his decision to leave, and I understand that touring is tough and he didn't want to be in the public eye, but seriously, John's backing vocals were more beautiful than Josh's will ever be. And the funny part is that Johns newest solo stuff is bad, and the latest Chili Peppers album (I'm With You) is good, but it's not the Chili Peppers. John needs the Chili Peppers and the Chili Peppers need John.

Bradley Greenan : something so cool about john frusciante killing an acoustic guitar for 80,000 fans

RockOfGreece : RHCP at their highest peak

Felix : John was so Great ...

DavidamThomas : John is absolutely unbelievable in this

Rapp Scallion : My favorite song by RHCP. Wish I could have been at this concert.

Eduardo Ribas : I think the live version is better than recorded...

noel stoehr : I hate all these people comparing John to God. Yes he is amazing, but he is no John.

Marlon Piazza : "Except for Chad he's pretty big" hahaha classic

Walls : this is the greatest thing I've ever seen in my entire life. venice queen is the best song that this band has ever written, by the way is the best album they've ever written

Elizabeth Andres : Frusciante is Jesus Christ. No other way around it.

Felix : John is so Great !

SusieSays : I was very fortunate to be there and it was amazing! It was a really hot day and we had a BBQ then went to the show. The Foo Fighters played and they were brilliant and then the Chilis came on as the sun was about to set. It was beautiful and so positive and overwhelmingly exciting. I'll never forget that day x

MGD0021 : Chad does not get the respect he deserves

Gloria Ferreira : G.L.O.R.I.A ♥

ptracey : Wow. Legendary performance. John's acoustic sounded just perfect. I love how John always gives it his all.

Tommy Nico : No words can describe how hard it is to play guitar and harmonise like that. Frusciante is incredible!

Christian Noa : Venice queen Does it go from east to west, y'all Body free and a body less, y'all Come again just to start afresh and Once again to find a home In the moment of the meantime Dropping in coming through the mesh, y'all Checking in just to get it blessed, y'all Hard to leave when it's picturesque and Find a form that's free to roam Where you come from Where you going Where you come from Where you going Do it all then it all again, y'all Make it up and you make a friend, y'all Paddle on just around the bend and Find a place where you can see All the mamas and the papas Take a chance on a recommend, y'all Hard as hell just to comprehend, y'all Disbelief that I do suspend and Easy now to find a breeze Where you come from Where you going Where you come from Where you going We all want to tell her Tell her that we love her Venice gets a queen Best I've ever seen We all want to kiss her Tell her that we miss her Venice gets a queen Best I've ever I know you said you don't believe In God do you still disagree Now that it's time for you to leave G-L-O-R-I-A Is love my friend My friend, my friend Your stylish mess of silver hair A woman of your kind is rare Your uniform returns to air G-L-O-R-I-A Is love my friend My friend, my friend And now it's time for you to go You taught me most of all I know Where would I be without you Glo G-L-O-R-I-A Is love my friend My friend, my friend I see you standing by the sea The waves you made will always be Your kiss goodbye before you leave G-L-O-R-I-A Is love my friend My friend, my friend

Joris Stortelder : Kiedis lost his lyrics. Frusciante saved the show, as always.

Psych 1 : 4:53, that john's voice..............

Taís : For some reason, this performance just gives me goosebumps!!!!!!!

Winterstick549 : Why did John feel he had to leave the band? He could have done his solo stuff on the side.

Mike Hawk : ... By The Way is the best RHCP album

Anne Dworak : John's face at the very end, exhausted, a bit disoriented … shows how much he was one with the song

Amruth Raj : John Frusciante is amazing!! hope he joins the peppers again.

Marko Sever : I almost cried to this one great job probably the best band of all times

Franko Torres : John Frusciante took Red Hot Chili Peppers to their best.

angelortega10 : Probably the single greatest live performance of a song in the history of mankind. Long live RHCP

Riccardo Pontone : amazing frusciante.. amazing RHCP

MrFunnierThanU : Love that cheeky little smile from Chad at 5:14

Jason Bouck : This song is so cool.

mmmaxaz : Better than the studio version, in my opinion. 

ZUPYNinGAME : The guitar harmony in the start of the song is AMAZING.. John best guitar player of all the time

Avishkar Seth : John fruciante.. A force...

MrFunnierThanU : 7:01 Somone out there has the drumsticks that Chad used to play this song, they are the luckiest person alive

JamesKiedis : Except for chad, he's pretty big hahah Anthony lol

Efaki D. : John Frusciante...the soul of RHCP...never the same without him. <3

Ryan Patton : Still watching in 2017....14 years later....this performance ages well👍

Alan Arca : Impresionante john, sos un dios tocando en esta cancion! La guitarra suena espectacular, esta cancion me transmite tantas sensaciones, es una obra de arte

john zaf : Be as dedicated as you want,do as much practise as you ever done before,have as expensive equipment as the proffesionals......BUT if one band has not MUSIC CHEMISTRY you're not gonna go anywhere.......and that's what RHCP had in the highest level with Frusciante......

sharadadevi nanjundappa : john's backing vocals !!!!!!!! the best 

JCanal : Na minha opinião RHCP melhor banda da história da música!

Grant Golke : thats alot of effing people