The Rubberbandits - Horse Outside

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Dewey : I love the Michael Jackson move at 1:24

Triddn Motovlogs : Can't get it out of my head

Luke James : The plastic bag masks are nightmare fuel.

Saucyboi : this should have been #1 on triple j

SDoGG420 : I can't stop watching this video

Maireni Aleman : Ireland's second national anthem

thatoneirishkoreaguy : Travelers, interesting people they are.

Ciara Hehir : that was filmed out side my school church

SaintsBlasterTV : Like this if you are proud to be Irish

rinleez : Are those Centra bags? :D

Daniel Navas : i love this song. this is the mustang national anthem lol

Callum Vize : New Zealand over here haha I was singing this in the irish accent and ppl were giving me shit

Generic Rarity : there's not even 5 million people living in fecking ireland let alone 10

👯 RÄDĮKÃŁ ÅMŸ 💰🔫 : My Irish buddy told me to listen to that song, I'm French and it was hard to understand, but really funny haha!

NightmareWT : Whos the girl in the video?

Josh Menzies : Not even a Subaru it's an ae86😂😂😂

CheesyTV : Wtf... that 2 door coupe is not a Subaru, it's a AE86 Toyota Corolla. lol.

Jims : Who is the girl? What a stunner.

CheesyTV : This would be great if I could understand what they're saying.

INProcess.. : i like this song, makes me happy :D

Ben O'Sullivan : Can't believe this was released in 2010...

Zandari : a horse outside woude mean a ferrari and a mustang

Thegaminggreat : Makes me proud to be Irish

WhiteDwarfVR4 : Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that the first time the" Subaru" is shown, it's actually a Toyota AE 86. Later in the video there is of course a black Subaru impreza, But I'm pretty sure the white coupe is a Toyota.

SOCAL3800 : That little kid sang it better

Gavin Maher : I've never seen a more accurate source of what Ireland is like.

smecking : I have watched this a ridiculous number of times. Cant believe I didn't hear about these guys sooner. Much love from Alabama. .

Spencer Williams : Although I am a native English speaker, I'm afraid that I must request captions. This video is hilarious, by the way.

DRAKEN GARD : i am so happy my friend showed me these guys lol im canadian btw

Sonicfan 1999 : This is actually very catchy.

billcenters : Sigh,  I still love this song!   It makes me happy.

Balsham91 : 'dont be afraid to have a few house parties even if there's children involved, ya know i was reared in a house like that, drinkin and druggin going on it didnt do me any harm ya know'

Bree Adams-Wyche : fitzy is the obvious choice here


Ronny Swift : Those moves are just awesomeness

colin wilkinson : A commonly repeated legend claims that the two-fingered salute or V sign derives from a gesture made by longbowmen fighting in the English and Welsh[19] army at the Battle of Agincourt (1415) during the Hundred Years' War. According to the story, the French were in the habit of cutting off the arrow-shooting fingers of captured English and Welsh longbowmen, and the gesture was a sign of defiance on the part of the bowmen, showing the enemy that they still had their fingers,

epickiller30 : Can someone please tell me why he keeps putting two fingers up, what does it even mean?

StarKidWannaBe : Lol loved it. Ever since I first heard it its been stuck in my head. One question, and call me stupid but im from the states. Is the two fingers a way of flipping people off?

Pan oRoya : "he looks like Billie Piper after half an ounce of coke" accompanied by a wide-angle shot right up against a horse's boat-race is surely worthy of a broadcasting award of some kind?

weecharlie1234 : Only after realising the "Subaru" is a Toyota twincam...

Rachel Waring : the mitsubishi guy is a babe hahaha

stgm : What is a "bag of yorks" which he traded a horse for in 92?

Ryan J Collins : i think that like 100000000 veiws on this are mine

Vampiressuck : Russel Brand

Aicha Beldjilali : hello, I'm the only french that knows this exists.

chris j : This song has been stuck in my head for 2 weeks now -_-

MrSalfordm7 : The chick in the blue is smokein hot

Noah Fraser : So is this like the Irish Michael Jackson?

Darren Irvine : Am I the only one annoyed by the poor ae corolla getting called a subaru lol funny tho

gymnatics girl : im a child and surpisily im alound to listin to this song!