Inside a Huge PCB Factory - in China

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Strange Parts : This video is because of you! I went through all of the comments from the previous factory videos, and seeing inside a PCB factory was one of your top requests. So keep the suggestions coming! I'll try and make as many of them happen as I can.

Bassem Boustany : Is she giving you a tour or are you giving her a tour? Haha :D fascinating factory, great video, documentary level!

Xavier Ancarno : Please go to a battery cell factory - Lipo or Li-ion

0rang3z : This is TV level quality. I am beyond impressed by this channel and the insane amount of adventure and detail your videos have

Matrix8369 : This was an incredible video! Its amazing how much access they let you have to be able to show each step. I had a lot of fun learning just how many steps there actually are in making a board , and to think they can get it done in roughly 24 hours. Thats almost TO efficient lol.

Brock Elmore : How it’s Made with actual personality! Awesome, keep up the great work Scotty.

Marco Reps : Where are the piles of JLCPCB cardboard pens? ;)

off roader : Really enjoyed this Scotty. You've produced content on par with the quality I would normally only be able to watch on a BBC television documentary. Thank you for your hard work and I look forward to seeing where you go next.

Unnamed Review : Mannnn. Not that your editing was ever bad (it has always been really good) but this is just awesome. I love all the little effects that you put in. it really makes it very interesting to watch. Nice Job

Victor Panunzio : I freaking love this. The content, your sheer enthusiasm, everything in this channel is something I never knew I wanted or needed in my life. Thank you man. I’d love to see the process of making a GPU in a factory

Megabobster : I'd love to see a silicon foundry making simple parts. Not like CPUs/GPUs/Memory, but ASIC/"glop tops"/mask ROMs, things like that. Things that are basically one-offs rather than mass produced

illiteratebeef : The background noise was rough and youtube's auto subs sucks, so I subtitled the video for you.

Zhengxian Li : And some westerners still think that Chinese people are working in a 1000 men big factory and drill the holes one by one by hand..

nikhilesh garudapally : Well. it looks like you are giving her the factory tour. You have amazing knowledge.

Jason Rausch : Really enjoyed this! I have been ordering batches of boards from several Chinese PCB manufactures for the last twenty years. I know the staged pictures they like to send me in their digital "slick" sheets, but it's nice to see inside of an actual factory.

pumpfever : Yeah! nice video Yeah! =)

mikeselectricstuff : Didn't show how they manage alignment - do they use x-ray to align with inner layers or just rely on the panel edge? Would also be interesting to know how they keep track of designs through the process, making sure they get the right films etc.

hoppynaki : I get my hobby boards manufactured by this company. 4-6 days from submitting my files to delivery at my front door. And at US$0.20 cents per board. Fantastic service.

ratgreen : Honestly JLCPCB have nailed it, their business is perfect. I got 10 small boards for 2 dollars plus shipping. Plus the quality control shown in this video. No one can compete with that. They deserve all the customers they get. I wish other chinese manufactures would understand the importance of quality control.

Type your Name : Thank you so much for this,this is amazing it definitely changes the "made in china" mentality. Love these videos keep them coming :D

DaKatz : Are you giving the tour or is she?

Dieter Stroobants : maybe visit a TV factory! Or something super unusual

RT LW : aww its like they on a nerdy date :'0

Fun gi : You are one of the reasons why I've made up my mind to apply for a university in China and study in Engineering. Thanks for the inspiration and insight, really.

Mustafa Ahmed : Yia

Sharif Sircar : Holy F how do they only charge 1 dollar!!! This perfect example of economy of scale

Ben Quigley : Amazing, It seems you are re-explaining many of the things she says, but none the less interesting.

k11ll33rr : I see an american explaining to a chinese woman how the PCB's are made in her own factory XD

Fraser McFadyen : This is legit better than 98% of TV documentaries. I hope you are being paid enough and receiving a great deal of satisfaction from this. You are getting seriously good at your job and your passion and it's great to see!

Jeffery Rowan : I think it's great the that JLCPCB has reached out to the maker community. They have invested a lot of time and money supporting YouTube channels as well as providing a quality product at great prices.

AverageGeek : engineering porn

Thiago Ennes : Dude, that is a GREAT format for you!

Maxwell Bijak : "Electroplating is a process that uses electric current to reduce dissolved metal cations so that they form a thin coherent metal coating on an electrode." - Wikipeda. Im a chemist at an electroplating plant but heres the rundown. Basically the chemicals that they are dipping the board into contain copper and a electrolyte to allow current to flow through the solution. There is an anode which is usually the type of metal(copper) you want to plate or an inert conductive material (carbon or others depending on the solution) so it wont dissolve. A positive charge is placed on this anode and it causes the copper to dissolve into solution. A negative charge is placed on the part (PCB) called the cathode and this attracts the positively charge metal ion in the solution. When it attracts it deposits on the PCB and can build up on top of its self as long as current is applied There is so much great information on electroplating online. A great handbook on it if you want to learn more is

Vegetarian Dons : 1:10 Oh noo.. it's hard to watch that.

Matt the Modest : I really liked this video but I suggest letting the person guiding you actually do more of the talking.

vldzchtt : yeah yeay yeah

vargasmongo3435 : the Asian girl be like "why he screams too much" xD cool awesome video dude :3

BiggityBoggityBoo : Why are people complaining about him repeating everything she said? He's doing it on purpose so we can fully comprehend and actually hear what it is she's saying. Without his commentary I would have missed a lot of what she was saying and had to replay and turn things up just so the details weren't missed. His repetition is also for clarification, so that something hasn't been lost in translation. He repeats back to her what he understood about what she said, so that something wasn't misunderstood.

statorworks 345 : Best PCB process video so far! 👍👍 You gave that girl a nice tour of the factory 😅

Tiago Alexandre : Do you want an hardcore game? Take a shot everytime Lilly says "yah"

cyrilio : Lily is such a cute and fun rep.

bc Q : Go China Manufacturing 2025

Tech By Matt : now tour a pcp factory

Eduard Stancu : In China women work in the tech fields and don't need help from any feminist dumb movement.

Jorge _ESP_ : Battery factory next please!!!!

Regan Shepherd : Hey Scotty. Love your work but sometimes I think you miss a trick by not sneaking in some human elements about the people in your videos. Watch the last minute of your video. We don't know really anything about Lily or Mr Lee. They're just kind of standing there nodding. And if you had interviewed them for 2 minutes of footage your might of grabbed an interesting story to add another element to your amazing content. That's what makes your other iPhone videos so good. We see your emotions and begin to understand the why behind your story. Anyway other than that loved your detailed tour of every step in the process. Amazing!

Mickel Ntek : she is probably thinking what am i doing here he knows everything.

Felenov-official : JLCPCB. I have ordered a lot of boards from them. 2 layer, 4 layer, 6 layer. Some boards were production boards that I ordered thousands of. Very high quality boards very cheap and very fast. Recommend them.

MildManNerd : Could you see about a tour of the DJI drone manufacturing facility in Shenzhen?

Videoscord : Best YouTube channel I've come across.