Inside a Huge PCB Factory - in China

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Strange Parts : This video is because of you! I went through all of the comments from the previous factory videos, and seeing inside a PCB factory was one of your top requests. So keep the suggestions coming! I'll try and make as many of them happen as I can.

Bassem Boustany : Is she giving you a tour or are you giving her a tour? Haha :D fascinating factory, great video, documentary level!

MildManNerd : Could you see about a tour of the DJI drone manufacturing facility in Shenzhen?

hoppynaki : I get my hobby boards manufactured by this company. 4-6 days from submitting my files to delivery at my front door. And at US$0.20 cents per board. Fantastic service.

Piet Muijs : Hearing protection isn't invented yet, lol. Poor working

Xavier Ancarno : Please go to a battery cell factory - Lipo or Li-ion

Juboi : Aw man we need to start learning chinese

Wahyu Eko Romadhon : My pcb is in video :D

Sa Sa : omg let her talk lol

Constant Throwing : This actually was amazing.

Eduard Stancu : In China women work in the tech fields and don't need help from any feminist dumb movement.

profdc9 : I am not sure how JLCPCB plates copper on their boards, but we've done this in our laboratory. Please research the process thoroughly if you attempt it, it uses toxic chemicals, especially formaldehyde. There are two steps: first electroless plating, then electroplating afterwards. I can explain how we electroless plate our 3-D printed parts. First they must be cleaned thoroughly, which for example can be done by using sodium hydroxide. Then the surface must be made hydrophilic by oxidation. We use hydrogen peroxide or sodium percarbonate for this, others use ammonium persulfate. Then we have to put a catalytic layer so that copper deposits on the surface. We use colloidal silver as our catalyst, which is deposited by alternately dipping in silver nitrate and tin (II) chloride. Then electroless plating is performed, with a mixture of EDTA as a chelator, triethanolamine as chelator and buffer, sodium hydroxide, copper sulfate, and formaldehyde as the reducing agent with the solution maintained at pH of 11 and at 50-60 C. Then the part is electroplated, which uses dissolved copper in an acidic solution, with copper sulfate, acetic acid, citric acid, and a few other chemicals that act to make the electroless deposition smoother, more even, and shinier. Then it is dipped in a protective solution like benzotriazole to prevent corrosion on the surface. The process we used is for an academic laboratory, so its likely JLCPCB's is more suited for mass production and not like the one I've described.

Archie Chen : What's the point of having Lily just saying "yeah" all the time in the video?

SlammedHemi : Felt like you were giving her the tour lmao 😂

0rang3z : This is TV level quality. I am beyond impressed by this channel and the insane amount of adventure and detail your videos have

FelixTheHouseFreak : That girl is so cute.

usbtechs : 167 time Yia , but i am not sure i am right , Is there somebody can help me correct it ?

AdAN Tech : Scotty:Trump is the best president. Lily:Yeah ,Yeah.

John My views : I wish he didn't talk so loudly and just let her explain the processes

Matrix8369 : This was an incredible video! Its amazing how much access they let you have to be able to show each step. I had a lot of fun learning just how many steps there actually are in making a board , and to think they can get it done in roughly 24 hours. Thats almost TO efficient lol.

devjock : Oh hell yes! PCB plants are amazing! Kind of like getting your drivers licence and a car, and suddenly having the ability to go literally anywhere, but for creatives, and the doors to potentially create anything have just been opened. It's that big a deal. Short turnaround PCB manufacturing is what is putting the makerscene on the forefront, and competing with turnkey. It's 2018 and there is literally no eason not to have anything in your life not custom, handbuilt, utilising your own hard earned knowledge.

thagotaberry : she got a pretty comprehensive tour there :D Good job dude

Multirotor Go : So who is giving the tour to whom ? LOL

Ryan Korniloff : Fascinating! Enjoyed this very much. One little critique, I think maybe you talk a little to fast for them to understand you completely. :-)

DanielC : Lilly: Yeah

Tranxikoritian : Is Lilly visiting the factory? Seems like the guy already knows everything, Lilly just confirms with "yeah" lul

AF Bennett : It's funny how you tried to make ur knowledge sound like questions.

Bogdan Colesiu : I don´t want to be a hater, but I really don´t like the fact that you explain almost everything and the professional only says ¨Yeah¨. It should be the other way around, the one who knows about the subject should talk about it and you should say ¨yes¨ when you understand. It seems more like a forced prescripted conversation with interesting video footage from time to time instead of a fun to watch video with educational purpose.

Cicero Araujo : This is like willy wanka factory

Marco Reps : Where are the piles of JLCPCB cardboard pens? ;)

fajar adi Pradana : Her Engrish is awesome ...

vondeliusc : Scotty: a big THANK YOU!!! That was AWESOME! I am sure Lilly gave you behind the scenes schooling but thank you for 'translating' it in quick english; you really enhanced the amount of info about the whole system. Thanks to JLCPCB, Lilly and Mr. Liu!!!

Rich RC : you can see her getting less and less interested in doing this as he keeps yammering. started out laughing, ended up with ya, ya, and polite nods LOL he is annoying

Issac Gutierrez : who is giving the tour here? what a nightmare for this women

Unnamed Review : Mannnn. Not that your editing was ever bad (it has always been really good) but this is just awesome. I love all the little effects that you put in. it really makes it very interesting to watch. Nice Job

Rage : *Yea*

k11ll33rr : I see an american explaining to a chinese woman how the PCB's are made in her own factory XD

Bas_ Lightyear : *SO WHATS GOING ON HERE??*

Zaire 59 : Go to a CPU manufacturing plant.

Mustafa Ahmed : Yia

R M : Oh man, I used to work at a PCB factory in Shenzhen.

Chris Humble : Way to be rude to the expert and talk over her the entire time.

Deus Ex Machina : The Chinese used to make paper, PCB's seem like the modern version of that.

cocojos : it's look like you talk to fast :D

Tech By Matt : now tour a pcp factory

Great Guitar : Yeah

Maxxwell Walt : How many yeah! is she goin to say??

lbathon : Why is this a-hole shouting


Megabobster : I'd love to see a silicon foundry making simple parts. Not like CPUs/GPUs/Memory, but ASIC/"glop tops"/mask ROMs, things like that. Things that are basically one-offs rather than mass produced