Louis Cole Plays Some Drum N' Bass

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Angus Bayley : 1:35 even when he drops the stick it falls on the snare in time ffs I give up

R I V E R C H A N C E : I'm sampling this

Bort 0121 : Probably the tightest DNB drums I've heard on YT

Keith Shusterman : The government knows when he masturbates.

ILikeWafflz : 0:50 I have to say, I've never seen that before in 7 years of looking up drum videos, and it's one the most brilliant tricks I've seen. I thought I was hearing double hits in Jack Conte's Passenger seat video, and thought "no way", but apparantly, yes way.

LasVillafrancas : It's 2016 and this is STILL the best drum clip on YouTube...

Joseph Hall : Every few months I point out that jungle isn't actually intended to be played live by humans but ... well ... some people are overachievers.

Vasilis Condoulis : Nasty. Filthy. Disgusting. In the best way possible

Gonçalo Marques : 1:34 Drops the drumstick, still keeps the rhythm! SICK!!!

Alex Willis : I like the way you chose your drums and cymbals. Good trashy sound and extremely tight.

Dio Jean-Baptiste : The double hi hat did me in, wow

Aaron Rios : All I think about is Powerpuff girls

Danielle Scribbins : I wish I could pull you out instead of spending an hour + programming my drums in midi by hand ever time.

Shiny waa : After he bought those drums he was too scared to check his bank account

Rodrigo Montero Míguez : analog Aphex Twin right here

Gelatinocyte : 1:35 that's why I love Drum n' Bass

Michael Tsung : Drum machines are like "but that's not fair, that's cheating !! [ sulk ]"

MrHaveaniceday : Didn't even know drum and bass was possible to play in real life :O

megalomegalo : jojo mayer say:" my apprentice... serve the DnB Side of the force"

NatabenOo : Damn dude, you're literally playing out of a closet in this video :D I really enjoyed the video :D

oneminutetomidnight : Any drummer asked to drop some beats rivaling these beats be like, "uhhhh.... hey what's that over there?!" *runs away*

Sean W : That left hand powers the wind

the DICKENS : this 8 year old video is still relevant to me...and I don't even play drums

Taysuke : 1:55 so sick :o

Open Minded But Cynical : His poor girlfriend. Her clit must be destroyed.

kerzwhile : I would buy the shit out of your loop library Louis!!! I grabbed BT's 10 years ago.. .

YouTuberist : Dendi on drums

Lavandina Querubín 💦 : He looks like Mark Lanegan.

D Rittenhouse : Somewhere JoJo Mayer nodded in approval.

Plastic : It's always fun when you and your buddies get together and play some drum n bass covers.

The Sunshine Group : Ok I'm gonna go work on my left hand technique (I'm a righty) Thanks for the shed inspiration dude

MANUさま device : the living "amen break" lol

Syntaxe Error : Clown Core??? 2018????

Powder Skier : Love the fact it is REAL and not electronic drum machines!!!!!

Evan J : richard D james

t3l3phasicworksh0p : Well that's me sorted for drum loops - for ever............

aarrttuurriittooccaassttaanneeddaammaarrriinn : Not quite my tempo

haynesptrn : I didn't realize Napoleon Dynamite could play.

Adam Smith : Best drummer 2017. Cole and Hakke in Meshuggah are my favvo drummers right now

peridot vegas : sampled, eq'd chopped. ]

Saturnino Bizarro : Clown Core drummer?

Luciano Martinez : she kinda cute

Amilcar Valença : ...and all start on jazz...nice

MrThunderwing : That's so bizarre, I've been watching a lot of Knower and Louis Cole vids over the last few days and just found myself thinking tonight , man I'd love to see this dude do some live DnB drumming. Lo and behold, what should appear in my YouTube suggestions...

Dave Holmes : Can I have a rewind?

Brett Orr : Everyone back to the practice shed. I'll race you.

Lucas Redekop : any ID on what kind of cymbal on the tom at 1:55? still pretty new to drums but love that sound!

nick pruett : Some of the best technique I have ever seen and heard played by human hands, absolutely phenomenal

sonikku dammit : 0:50 when you take 1 flintstone's vitamin

joenbloe : This and Jack Dangers "Drum Test" ... hard to decide ...