Chris McCausland Live at the Apollo

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James At : I kept thinking that at the end he’ll build up about how confident he is about understanding his surroundings and then fall off the chair.

DelphicForeigner : I recognise this guy from Me Too!, which was a programme on the British children's channel CBeebies back in the late 2000s. He played a market trader. You'll find it on YouTube somewhere.

Craig Snedden : First time I've heard this guy, amazing!

Harry Wright : This guy's hilarious

Warren NZ : He's great! How come I've never heard of him? I cruise the comedy channels all the time.

countdownda : He’s handsome

Ashley Feawen : Great set, brilliant timing! Love it

Moghul2 : Fuckin amazing lol

Janka PF : Ice cream? 😂😂😂😂

Nick36292 : What an incredible man!

Ascot89 : This was BRILLIANT!!

Rubel Rashid : Some funny SHIT 😂

Tina Loye : Why do people make jokes about hating their spouse? Like why get married then?

Pete Gaskell : Just seen this guy in Liverpool. He was class, if you're reading this Chris thanks for a great night. Oh wait..

Jamaa L : Is that a laugh track?

The Truth : Absolutely brilliant stand up and a great inspiration too for someone who could easily shy away from society

jo Blackwood spice : Amazing

Jawad Mansor : A genuinely nice guy with good jokes. Chris rocks

Kari Coleman : Fantastic! New fan.

resonatingvoice1 : That was hilarious.... Awesome

TheFishWhat : haha i hate my wife wow so funny

Alastair Simpson : Brilliant

Goɴɴa : what shoes are those D:

Mister Awesome : WTF? Apollo's all white now?

Dog Biscuit : Lovely guy!

drmedwuast : terrible audio

eQuality : Wanted to like, but all the derogatory comments towards his wife really put me off. That humour got tired 30 years ago, mate.

1001jmc : Actually Episode 5, not 6

alan lloyd : very funny video

CANNIBoy : The benefit of the doubt, always lol