Joe Rogan & Kevin Smith - MOST emotional moment on JRE

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Raspberry Rock - Off Grid Cabin : You know what I love about Joe Rogan, he knows when to keep his mouth shut.

tigersfan14 : This is why I love Joe. Beyond his hard chiseled shell lies a compassionate soulful core that at least once a podcast reveals itself, adding an immense depth to each podcast. We don't just listen to Joe, we also feel him.

manifestgtr : People always seem perplexed at how deeply dogs affect men. Here’s the deal... Men deal with all sorts of lifelong rejection and failure...regardless of whether we die poor or a millionaire. We spend our dating lives being rejected by women and often, it only gets deeper as the relationship evolves. Men watch the dumb dad on tv. Men get called losers at work...often at a job they settled for because their dreams never panned out. Every night, men watch news reports and hear about their predatory nature, toxic masculinity and about how they need to be doing better. The list is endless... Then this friend comes along. This friend who loves you no matter what. This friend will NEVER reject you, call you a loser or leave you for someone else. You can have the worst day imaginable at work and right when you feel like it might all be over, there’s your friend...wagging his tail, thrilled out of his mind to see you: the greatest guy on earth. So when you watch this friend grow old and die, it’s incredibly traumatic. Dogs are “man’s” best friend in a way that no other being on the planet can ever truly understand.

anonymous 518 : Joe Rogan "How'd he write for you?" Kevin Smith " was a joke Joe..." That was my favorite part.

christopher : My best friend died on 9/4, I had him for 14 years when he was a pup. He waited for me to come home from work before he died in my arms while I was scratching his favorite spot. Saw his eyes roll back and everything, I'm still sad. I had no idea how much impact a dog would have on me. No idea at all.

Captain DJ : My sons cat died in my sons arms. My Wife had Cystic Fibrosis. I Held her till she took her last breath. Life can be very hard.

Scott A : RIP to all fur babies we had and will forever love

D4rkDesert 01 : You know what I love about this interview? Both of them were able to tell their stories without the other one talking in between all the time. They knew when to be silent and just listen..

BackpackFilmmaker : Men have emotions too. They just save them for their dogs.

Shaquan Davis : Dogs are the kind of friends we don't deserve

Jonathon gussner Gussner : that was such a wise statement... "everything dies, nothing is replaceable..."

ChiNiNo : We recently had to euthanize our 22 yr old cat because he was suffering from old age. I had him in college when I was 19 and he passed when I was almost 42. Hardest, saddest day of my life so far. Wish I had spent more quality time with him. Xo

Ryley Marshall : "he just had no energy.. it was weird" *CAUSE YOU TOOK HIS BALLS*

Tres Den : My cat, my freaking little man got so sick when he was 2, 3 vets, multiple blood transfusions, thousands of dollars, we just could not figure out what was wrong with him. After being told to put him down multiple times I refused and decided because he didn't seem in pain I would just make him comfortable and watch my brave boy die...kept giving him the meds even though we did not know what he had just shots in the dark. Its been 4 years, he's stronger than ever. I feel like he fought he struggled to stay with me. I love him so fucking much.

Johnny Sayers : Dont Shop. Adopt. Best feeling you can imagine

Denise Helmbreck : I shouldn't have watched this at work. I'm all weepy now.

Breaking news : *Don’t drink and drive kids*

recovERed gamER : My dog LITERALLY saved my life. I got clean from heroin 3 years ago. 3 months later I thought I would get one last little bit and brought some home. My man cave is in the basement and my dog won't go downstairs. She has never even wanted to go downstairs and she couldn't see me from the top. I went downstairs and overdosed. My dog went to the top of the stairs and cried nonstop then went and started nudging my wife who was asleep upstairs. She called 911 and called my uncle near by and he did chest compressions until paramedics arrived with Narcan. I was blue and my oxygen was down to 30% and the paramedic said I wouldn't have lasted another 2 minutes. I owe my dog my life and I remember it EVERY day of my life. I dread the day that she passes away.

Andrew Gonzalez : Man, this video was full of all different emotions. I remember getting my dog from a shelter. He was in a cage with about 3 other puppies and a adult female dog, all of which were the same breed but only 1 of them wasn't related. Well the female would bark at and threaten the puppies if they were to get close to the cage when people would take a closer look at them and in the same cage there was this little pup all the way in the back, shy and afraid of his surroundings, which was the pup that wasn't related. Most people would get a dog that is cheerful and seems playful but this little guy stood out, we felt a connection to him. We brought him out to this play area to see how his personality was like, but given that he was in this scary environment, we knew that he wasn't going to show his true self. So we chose him and gave him a chance. He was abandoned by his previous owners, left at this shelter with other dogs, and had a blue tail and blue paws. The previous owners had dyed his legs and tail blue for some reason which made me question how he was treated by them. We gave him a wash and slowly but surely his legs were white as snow. His first night was tough given that he had new owners and didn't know what would happen to him. Within a few days, he showed his true self and was the most cheerful and loving dog you can ever get, so we named him Sunny. He jumps on the sofas, sometimes too early and ends up colliding with the side, but I'm blessed to have him in my life. Dogs truly are a man's best friend and if you're thinking of getting one, consider going to a shelter. You'll feel good about it, but most importantly you'll be saving a life.

David O'Leary : Just put my Boxer dog "Sniffy" put to sleep. He was only 8. He had cancer. I know it was the right thing to do for him. I have never cried as hard as I did when the injection was given and he slipped away. I'm still gutted. Taking a lot more to move on from than I thought. Hearing Joe and Kevin talk like this has made me feel a little better. Great interview.

A Skeptical Charmander : This isn't a joke, this isn't a lie. My wife and I listened to this clip this morning and then went on about our day. At around 1pm we found out that the great dane we re-homed last year just before he was a year old, died. I'm gutwrenched. I've cried several times due to the news. This was my FB post. I don't ever post or really use the site but I had to get it off my chest: "Today this handsome young fellow left our world. In November of last year, Haley and I made the decision to re-home him because our home simply didn't have the space and/or the means to accommodate such a big playful guy, and he left for a new home with a excellent, loving, and great-hearted family. From speaking with them and seeing him in photos he absolutely loved it there and we were happy to see him in a better home. While some days with him were very stressful and sometimes he simply didn't get enough attention and time, I have since and will always cherish the great memories we have with him. As is true with any dog but especially true with one so large and loving, he truly felt like family and he meant so much to us. I was informed today after his passing that Keno suffered from an auto-immune deficiency and his condition had greatly worsened in the recent days. Through many checks and balances at our local vet as a puppy we thought that such a thing was ruled out and not a concern. Unfortunately, genetics and nature aren't always fair to everyone and now we, as well as his more recent loving family are left devastated by the loss of this amazing member of both our families. I have only cried twice over the loss of someone in my lifetime that I can recall. This is that second time. Keno, I was very honored to have called you my friend and your memory will live on through my thoughts and dreams as it has for the past 9 months that you haven't lived with us. My biggest regret is that I couldn't have seen you one last time before you were let go so I could hug you so tightly and let you know it would all be ok and that we still loved you, and that we didn't send you away out of anger or frustration but out of love and care and what I thought was best for us. I love you and I don't anticipate embarking on the path that lies ahead to move on with so many loose ends still resting in my conscience. Goodbye, buddy. Words cannot do my feelings justice right now but I need this off my chest even if my face and shirt are drenched while typing it."

mutante delorto : My dad had cancer for 10 years. they cut him up and took chunks for a long time until he finally died. During the hard times our Cat, Brando, would stay with him and just be a shadow, like he knew. Close to the end they found a tumor on my dads face and at the same time they found a tumor on the same place in Brando. So there was this mystical connection. I'm an atheist and know there was nothing but a coincidence... but it's hard not to make a connection. After Dad died the cat shadowed mom around the house, slept in her bed and was always extra close when she was sad. So one day starts having strange behavior, crying randomly, standing in places still for hours and we realized the tumor had reached the brain. So we took him to the vet to put him to sleep. Little bastard wouldn't die, he took ketamine and shots to kill a horse. He was strong and pushed through till the end. We all cried that day. vet included.

John Hill : Animals man /:

Kaos : 11:39 That is some deep shit right there and Kevin's rational thinking amidst that traumatic experience of having to put a loved one down is beautiful and very very powerful.

808123 sd : I wonder if CBD would work for that particular neurological disorder on dogs?

Lauren Biggerstaff : I know my dog is going to pass soon 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔 I love her with all my heart and I am trying to make every day special for her but I know I am just going to fall apart when she dies 😭😭😭💔💔💔💔

Steve Dave : That whole alpha female thing doesn't just happen in dogs.

jeremiahebert1 : this is why Joe is so impressive. He sat there for over 18 minutes not saying a word just letting this dude talk. Sounds easy but thats a hard skill.

G Nickson : I've learned so much from animals once I allowed myself to do so.. One of the hardest days of my life was having to put my pet rat down.

That bearded bastard : Noone ever would've let him finnish that story much respect to Joe for this . He sat and let a man finnish a story

Cody Montgomery : You know you grew up in the 90's when you know exactly what Birttney Spears song he is talking about. LOL

Eric Barnes : 28:30 is the best part. Look how happy he is.

Joe Rogaine : "You're purchasing a small tragedy" - George Carlin on dogs

Chris : "MoSt EmOtIOnAl MoMeNt On JrE"

Jäger From GSG9 : Dogs are my favorite thing ever. So loyal and can help you out when you need it. The art of racing in the rain is the best book ever.

Mr. CU NT : My Yellow Lab is 12 years old now. His back legs are starting to get pretty sore now. It kills me knowing I don’t have much time left with my boy. He’s not the “family dog”, he’s a family member. His name is Blue and he’s the greatest thing to ever happen to me.

NumberOneZero 0 : Funny how we insist on keeping people alive at all cost, no matter how much they are suffering or are in pain.

B. Eder : What about an Animal Shelter? They are FREE! They KILL THEM if they don't get adopted!

Baron Thundercunt : If dogs weren't aware you are the alpha they would challenge you. But dogs work on hierarchy so despite humans being the alpha each one down is the alpha above the next. People forget that being an alpha with animals isn't just about being the strongest and biggest. They have to provide, care, socialise and protect the rest of the group. A great example is gorilla's and other apes or monkeys. It's not like just the alpha gets groomed, he also grooms others and a lot of the time when it comes to fighting outside threats he takes the punishment and risks everything. Being king may be great but it's also the riskiest, most dangerous place to be. It's literally that way with every heirarchy animal, other than humans. We have engineered our relationships in such a way that we are always alpha if we own a pet. Unless you're terrible with animals in which case maybe your dog does challenge you. Everyone is bound to have seen a dog challenge a person that they know is scared. That same person who probably told you they are scared of dogs.

Jesse Burke : I had a cat that was left in a friend's garage as a kitten. We brought her (and another that was with her) home after she literally jumped into our arms. Last year, she developed a tumor in her head that was initially misdiagnosed as a cyst. Eventually, after it persisted, they found it was cancerous. We carried on with her until she began to rapidly decline. I was in denial...she couldn't use the stairs, and when she did she had to lie down after. When she stopped eating is when it hit me. At first she wouldn't eat dry food, but I was still refusing to accept it until she stopped eating wet food too. I begged her to eat, but she couldn't. When we knew she was close, we had made an appointment to put her down on a Monday. Sunday, I left work early to be with her as much as possible. Unable to move her hind legs, I picked her up and placed her on my lap. At one point I went to move her so I could get up, but she meowed and held on to my I stayed. After a few minutes, she lifted her head up, looked at me, put her head down...and was gone... She died on my lap, and it's exactly how she wanted to go. It's still so feel something that is alive, and then to feel that life fading away as you hold it... it's something that not many experience that closely. It hit me very hard, and it still is. Over a year later, and I'm still having an incredibly difficult time making sense and coming to terms with it all. Changed the way I view mortality, entirely. It's hard to talk about too, because many don't understand why it remains so heavy on me, simply because they can't understand how a cat could have such an impact. Life is life, and love is love. She chose to spend her life with us, and she did...even to the very final moments of it... I loved her, and she loved us. I keep her ashes here, because to be with us is all she ever wanted...

Rebekka Dabolins : It’s a joke, Joe

dahun lee : 'everything dies, and nothing is replaceable in the end.' direct hit to the feels. :(

None Ya : Welp now I’m crying ok then

Logan Craig : Yeah it sucks, I had a Bernese mountain dog named Dakota and she had one blue eye and a brown eye but she had renal dysplasia and she would have no energy and she was a year old and 30lbs underweight no matter what I fed her and she couldn’t eat meat or she would throw up (not sure why) so I made her like a vegetable and egg dinner every night and during the summer we brought her to the vet and she said that she wouldn’t make it past thanksgiving and she made it to January, but she was having seizures and one day she was just laying there and she would not get up and I thought that it was her time so we took her to the vet and I carried her in the building and the vet gave her some sleep medicine so she wouldn’t feel the pain anymore and when she stuck the needle in her, she got up and walked over to me and just went to sleep standing up so I hugged her as hard as I could without hurting her, said my goodbyes and just like that, it was over

I K E : Joe "28:37" Rogan

Yürak Hunt : It's great to see two grown men being real

616Haggard : Kevin Smith officially looks like a 60 year old trying to disguise himself as a 16 year old from the early 90s.

Agentscarface : im not crying, youre crying!

Heidi C. Franks : FYI SERIOUS NOTE Joe R. Sorry about the pup. Thank you for rescuing that pup. You gave it love. The biggest and most serious thing if you bring another animal in your house make sure the Distemper or any other hasn't settled in any areas of your home. You can get your house checked. Just helping out any future young animal's. If a Vet tells you 'no, you're safe' there's no way of knowing unless tested.

Anon Soso : Also had a vet who was very passionate about his job and the animals he dealt with on a day to day basis. I'll never forget him too because, when we had to have our dogs put down, he cried. I thought it wouldn't bother him, but he was crying a lot. I will always remember him and the moment till I die, because a he cared for my animals, and he too hated to see them go. No longer have the privilege to see him though, he didn't pass away or anything, but he retired. Going to miss that guy, because I truly believed he loved and cared for every animal he has worked with.