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Lex Python : You know, if you sit IN the seat with your keys in so the wheel doesn't lock, you'll actually have control of the car instead of crashing like an idiot.

Hyena : Way to steal a video cucklord.

CRACKPOT : thanks for sticking around guys ✌

ReachLobbiez : This is real, the doubters can lookup Chris Merola corning NY, I know the tard and this was real

Maven Jr : Did this dude say my Busch Light is gone? lmaooo. Yes. So is your car. Love how calm he sounds haha. Respect.

sea turtlé : what a terrible actor.

chris mueller : It's called ghost riding. Skateboarding would imply that he had some sort of control of his ride.

Wizdumb : 0:31 oh my god

Harry Kiralfy Broe : Idiot.

Victor DiOrio : Hindsight is 20/20 seen in action

I gotboredbutcouldntthinkofagoodname : Road King.

johnny rotten : Haha

DannyDatWho : hahhahahahhhhhhhhaa