Binging with Babish: Szechuan Sauce Revisited (From Real Sample!)

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Uriah Siner : Wait. Nuggets are supposed to be specific shapes..?

Cali AirmanB17 : Make a video on how you roll up you sleeves so perfectly.

Dude : You are doing God's work, son

denny727 : not all heroes wear capes, but this one wears an apron.

The Rad Channel : Once he unleashed the divine recipe on humanity there was no stopping his reign!

the_time_being 0 : Can you do the dinner for breakfast from paunch burger of parks and recreation

PitZX2 : People made such a big fuss about this when you can just make it yourself

mqno a rák : at least 300 iq to eat it rick and morty iq to make it

Kellen Frias : Make sandwich of death from regular show

lilbitch317 : I'm a manager in a local McDonald's and after the failed promotion people keep asking for the sauce and I keep turning them here

Alper Sad : pepper pepper pepper

Bassin From NC : Make kitty's famous yams from that 70s show!

flopan : im pretty sure mcdonalds never added vodka to their nuggets, wtf were you thinking

Mike K : Your an Internet miracle worker lol

Kejah Edmonds : You've got to make Dwight's sandwich from The Walking Dead

falmatrix2r : 0:44 "it tastes just okay"...meanwhile crazy fans crying over not having it...kinda figured it was "just okay"...i mean it's a fast food chain for gods sake -_-

Jish and Tyjo : He kinda sounds like birdperson to me 😂😂

morebakeder : the Broodwich please

Neonal : So the "Szechuan Teriyaki" sauce contains no Szechuan nor Teriyaki. How interesting

Adam Hearn : Why did this recipe start an international incident? I'm to overwhelmed by life to follow.

Rachel DeRosier : Make Meg's hair pie from Family Guy, with extra Cool WHip.

Chris Gerber : Quick, everyone write down what he said for the sauce ingredients before McDonald's spies take this video down...

David Wasman : So glad I could do this for you AND the fans.

aListers : did it taste similar to redditor plum sauce or the mcdonalds mish mash from the previous episode?

Cris Lowe : The reason it was sticky is because you do breading then flour.

ThatAnArchyDude : Your sauce probably "tasted more vinegar-y" because you added vinegar. I mean, isn't vinegar a major ingredient in soy sauce? Soooo...if you're interpreting the "soy beans" ingredient as "soy sauce", maybe you should interpret the "vinegar" ingredient as "soy sauce" as well? Just wondering.

Jenova Cell : Marmite? you fuckin heathen

Patrick bonning : 360p for life

Tarmac Gigglesticks : Babish is the real MVP for the sane people who want szechuan sauce, but don't want to riot at McDonald's.

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I like apple juice : *I want my szechuan sauce!* *I'm pickle reeeeeeeeeeeee*

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Sammy Markoe : Make the Mississippi Queen from Regular Show!

Yasmin Garcia : I'm probably missing something. But Can someone write out the recipe? Thanks

RampageWin : Made this with the recipe, tastes disgusting


VY : Thank you David Wasman and thank you Binging with Babish.

I Forgot About Dre : hot ham water from arrested development

Ron White : to think, some people thought going to select mcdonalds locations and buying them was a better option

The Boy : Little late on the video and kinda lame question here but what kind of pocket knife you got? I'm a knife enthusiast so I'm curious

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B1T-DRAG0NICS _ : if only this video was more widespread, we might not have someone selling their car for a packet of the stuff...still, this requires more views god damn it!

Majestic King Kazma マジェスティックキングカズマ : get ready for tomorrow!

Hyperoptix : You had to bring in the black guy to taste test chicken, omfg XD

Zacout : Death sandwich from regular show

Legitlyy : Ooh wee!

Larissa : Heres the recipe 1/2 Cup of Water, white vinegar, white sugar, and soy sauce (he's using gluten-free tamari soy sauce in case you're wondering although I'm pretty sure any ole' soy sauce will work.) 1 Tablespoon apple cider vinegar 1/2 Teaspoon Sesame Seed Oil 1/4 Teaspoon garlic powder, onion powder, ground ginger, yeast extract/marmite, corn syrup/dextrose, and black pepper (he didn't give exact measurements on how much corn syrup and black pepper so assume that is also 1/2 teaspoon) and to thicken the sauce, add 2 tablespoons of cornstarch, do what he does in the video and do the same thing with the xanthan gum but making sure to pour it through a strainer to get rid of the lumps. whisk briskly over medium heat until it forms into a sauce! Strain, cover, and cool. Hope this helps!

Bryan Da Silva : Yo you actually need a high iq to understand there jokes like there most complex joke"IM PICKLE RICK"