Binging with Babish: Szechuan Sauce Revisited (From Real Sample!)

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Turok wolf Gaming : Why???

Kindred1a1 : Like a fucking Boss wow

Stanley Heyward : Please do Naruto Ramen Everybody Share this

Tyler Ignacio : STOP.. STOP IT

Patrick Nguyen : I want to see an episode on Jojo's Bizarre Adventure in particular the Katsu sandwich, squid ink pasta, and ice tea plus obviously the items cooked by Toni for Okuyasu

Luke Tipping : Why was the "real" ingredients list photo blurred out? He must have been the one to blur it as he wouldn't have been able to read the the recipe if received like that. Bet it's bullshit.

Joshua P : Do ramen tacos from We bare Bears

Zai : can i borrow your taste buds?

thedr00 : Max nuggets kick McDonalds nuggets in the balls and spit on their face. Max nuggets FTW.

Simon Groot : Lol

crazyinsane500 : Being roommates with a chef with a Youtube show has got to be the most perplexing thing. On the one hand, you're up odd hours of the night in the kitchen, waking the poor guy up with delicious scents what belong in a 5 star restaurant. On the other, free samples!

Ryan Olson : Good job. Notice all they do is demand more lol. Props tho man. That's alot of work you do for these. I appreciate your channel. So, thank you.

Daniel Romo : Blue milk from Star Wars Episode IV!

TheFinessingSatireBoy : Good Recipe Babish Reviewing your own recipe from couple months ago

paint dry : how does this compare to the mcdonalds amalgamation sauce

Berleezy thirsty ass on IG : I...I.. I WANT MY MULAN SZECHUAN SAUCE MORTY

Mohammed Islam : WUBULUBAD-.... oh sorry wrong show.

adam bungard : make a good burger

Bennett Mason : IKEA tupperware

Mordecai Bluejay : do Glen Wads from "accepted"


M. Alloash : this guy's roommate is in luck,

Russell Chee : He did it. He’s a goddam hero.

hasan junaid : Your cooking is in harmony with logic and science

Thottie Hunter : Yum chicken paste

Alper Sad : pepper pepper pepper

Grimm Gleek : Trifle from friends

VY : Thank you David Wasman and thank you Binging with Babish.


Amanda N. : Wasn’t he married? I’m sure I saw a wedding ring on in a video or two.

charles hinkle : do you like this better than your 2 sweet and sour to one tangy bbq? I made that combo and have never looked backed.

Yahir Ruiz : 9 more seasons morty an...BURP ...and I'll finally get my seshuan sauce morty.-Rick

Patrick Massaquoi : I love this channel.

Indicteronomy : Your nuggets are probably way better than McDicks nuggets. Likely the sauce as well. You should open a restaurant. Your commitment to quality and attention to detail, and of course your obvious skill as a chef would make it a winner. A youtube channel with over 100k subscribers? Yeah that might get some investors...

donttouchthisatall : love your show! but why use cup measurements? your demographic is all over the globe. kindly try "grams" or "mL" or equivalent amounts pls!

khalifal alif : foods from shokugeki no souma please

Jesses : of course he needs a black guy to eat *chicken*

Angus Hilliard : Its called Vegemite mate get with it

TheRucksackman : Please do the magic potion from tha Asterix Movies/Comics

Rebeka Bernetic : For the Curb you enthuiasm comeback to HBO - make the Palestinian chicken recipe :)

Stephanie Doel : Please could you do the Pepe Wrap from Dexter's Laboratory?! I dreamed of that wrap as a kid!!

Adrian Leal : Please make Sea urchin ceviche!

TGK : do adventure times bacon pancakes

CapCrumbs The Mighty : You should do the leg from Hannibal!

Arieh Friedman : can you do the fish with veg. scales from the first scene in Burnt?

Lucas Vladimery : Make Ed's sauce from "GOOD BURGER"

Red XeRaK : This is like porn when your hungry 🤤

Chopstickx Master : Hey can u test KFC leaked 11 herbs and spices???

Sean Langley : So this does seem decent tasting. I made some slight changes to your recipe, unfortunately I don't have a sample to compare against: 1. Increased the sugar and corn syrup content slightly. The overall acidity to sweetness balance seemed off. 2. Used an excess of cornstarch since I was not able to obtain xantham gum. 3. Used miso instead of the Marmite, partially because I was not able to get Marmite, but also because it is such a pungent flavor. The miso does grant that bit of umami flavor to the sauce. 4. Finished the sauce with a drizzle of sesame oil to add more sheen. 5. Adjusted the seasoning with the addition of white pepper, cayenne pepper, and Chinese five spice. These are not present in the McDonald's recipe but the final flavor without them tasted flat.

Dominick Fiumara : Make Kronk's spinach puffs from the emperor's new groove