Kurt Angle on Conan O'Brien [20th June 2001]
Kurt Angle on Conan OBrien 20th June 2001

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Christopher McGregor : Conan looks exactly the same today lmfao

zackaryb1013 : I didnt notice Angles neck untill this interview

Raph Jojo : that look like a man who could beat up 90% of the universe

Patrick : "and when you're getting booed the loudest that's when you're doing your job the best" Even Conan knows what makes a proper heel....something we don't have in 2017.

enda casey : Would of loved to see him do mma in his prime.

Scott Jackson : Why didn't they use Kurt Angle's theme song!

Isaac A : Conan never changed. Love this guy. One of my all time favorite talk show hosts.. I will cry when he dies probably

shakur carter : kurt was so good in the ring great freaking wrestler

martjek : conan stopped aging somewhere in the late 90's

deepfried13 : "He's exposing the business dammit!"

secretagentman23 : Lets not forget, Kurt won the Olympics with a broken freakin neck!

Anurag Sen : Who is watching this video after Kurt Angle's farewell match at WrestleMania 35? Time flies right?

SP FromNY914 : One of the best wrestlers of all time

Daniel Santana : Kurt Angle sure has aged over the years .

King Rye : Kurt angle coulda easly been UFC Champion!

MrStonecold69 : His match at wrestlemania 21 v shawn michaels is a classic

Cory Landolt : Conan: "Let's say if you were really cheating on your wife that would be the best excuse in the world..." 15 years later, Kurt catches Karen with Jeff Jarrett Karen: "Honey that's all just part of the show" LOL!!!!!!!

Bobby Welch : a thumb 😂😂

Yung Fleshlight : If someone like Kurt Angle were to tryout for WWE today after having a broken neck, they would have told him to walk.. let that sink in

Jones206 : Karen went to work on Jeff Jarret for hours!

Rando ! : oh its true HOF2017

James Lightsey : Kurt Angle in my opinion should have been the first ever two time back to back King of the Ring winner. Sorry Edge lol

spiv : weird hearing him talk about Karen Jarret that much

Inflatable Conan : My hero. Conan is pretty cool, too.

That one guy : this was brodcasted a day before I was born. how nutty is that

Reggie Holder : kurt looks so different with the hair.

Emad Assadi : Interesting seeing the devolution of kayfabe, post-98 especially. WCW led the way though.

Ghost of Cyfair : Kurt Angle broke kayfabe.

FunkyFreshRhyme : Tune in for MTV's Tough Enough. Damn I'm getting old.

Jay El : Conan is the best interview other than Howard Stern. And Kurt Angle is the man! #WWE #HOF👍

All Mike PH : Kurt's voice reminds me a bit of Joe Swanson.

Prince Afrika : My Wife does a lot of things. "She also bangs Jeff Jarrett"

Charles Hoffman : Karren went to work on Jeff Jarrett for hours if ya know what im sayin

John Kalapodis : I've seen both Kurt and the Iron Shiek in person up close, and they both had the biggest necks, I'm talking a legit 22 inches,

JackGeezy : Few years before WWF completely became trash

Epic Memer : Remember to work your neck muscles. Having a pencil neck is pathetic.

OmegaMan : Damn... He broke kayfabe in 2001. Like straight broke it on live TV...

Sophie Reinhardt : I wish Kurt would have put Jay Leno through Conan's table.

Patrick Longshanks : Kurt Angle is one of the funnier characters in pro wrestling, lol

Justus Warner : Put up a picture of Jason Jordan and 2000s Kurt omg they look the same hahahaha

Heath Harrison : Kurt is really well-spoken. Great dude.

grizzlytomahawk : Kurt seems like a cool guy here.

Pyroman / : Broken friggin neck it's tru it's dam tru

Anudeep Denny : He would be perfect for THANOS

Rich Hard : Pro wrestlings one and only Olympic gold medal winner!

ransax : Kurt Angle is genuinely funny guy. He's always entertaining.

Arodgers12 Fan : Kurt Angle Looks Better Bald Headed, Because He Looks More Bad-Ass!!!! 😎

Natsu913 : 2018 and Conan still the same 👇🏽

Mr. Woodrow : I was expecting him to walk out wearing his medals.