Kurt Angle on Conan O'Brien [20th June 2001]

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GreenAndMeat paw : He won a gold medal with a broken freakin neck

Christopher McGregor : Conan looks exactly the same today lmfao

vincentrich : Kurt's neck and quads have always been impressive from a weightlifter's perspective.

Scott Jackson : Why didn't they use Kurt Angle's theme song!

deepfried13 : "He's exposing the business dammit!"

Patrick : "and when you're getting booed the loudest that's when you're doing your job the best" Even Conan knows what makes a proper heel....something we don't have in 2017.

zackaryb1013 : I didnt notice Angles neck untill this interview

Raph Jojo : that look like a man who could beat up 90% of the universe

enda casey : Would of loved to see him do mma in his prime.

Isaac A : Conan never changed. Love this guy. One of my all time favorite talk show hosts.. I will cry when he dies probably

shakur carter : kurt was so good in the ring great freaking wrestler

Daniel Santana : Kurt Angle sure has aged over the years .

Inflatable Conan : My hero. Conan is pretty cool, too.

SP FromNY914 : One of the best wrestlers of all time

James Lightsey : Kurt Angle in my opinion should have been the first ever two time back to back King of the Ring winner. Sorry Edge lol

spiv : weird hearing him talk about Karen Jarret that much

Epic Memer : Remember to work your neck muscles. Having a pencil neck is pathetic.

martjek : conan stopped aging somewhere in the late 90's

Bobby Welch : a thumb 😂😂

That one guy : this was brodcasted a day before I was born. how nutty is that

MrStonecold69 : His match at wrestlemania 21 v shawn michaels is a classic

Jones206 : Karen went to work on Jeff Jarret for hours!

Reggie Holder : kurt looks so different with the hair.

King Rye : Kurt angle coulda easly been UFC Champion!

Yung Fleshlight : If someone like Kurt Angle were to tryout for WWE today after having a broken neck, they would have told him to walk.. let that sink in

Jay El : Conan is the best interview other than Howard Stern. And Kurt Angle is the man! #WWE #HOF👍

Rando ! : oh its true HOF2017

Hitman4hire : Kurt looks the same just no hair

grizzlytomahawk : Kurt seems like a cool guy here.

Charles Hoffman : Karren went to work on Jeff Jarrett for hours if ya know what im sayin

A. Mike V. : Kurt's voice reminds me a bit of Joe Swanson.

Emad Assadi : Interesting seeing the devolution of kayfabe, post-98 especially. WCW led the way though.

Kyle Bardin : Jason Jordan's mom said that to him

OmegaMan : Damn... He broke kayfabe in 2001. Like straight broke it on live TV...

Justus Warner : Put up a picture of Jason Jordan and 2000s Kurt omg they look the same hahahaha

Patrick Longshanks : Kurt Angle is one of the funnier characters in pro wrestling, lol

Yung Fleshlight : He tried to make his neck look smaller?! This whole time I thought he tried to make his thicker by doing neck bridges all the time

Rovertino Tse : Yeah on TV. Kurt plays a Character who,s full of himself. He often tries to hard to win over the Crowds. Be yourself Kurt. And maybe the crowds will cheer for you. Just Saying. Lighten up.

secretagentman23 : Lets not forget, Kurt won the Olympics with a broken freakin neck!

Cory Landolt : Conan: "Let's say if you were really cheating on your wife that would be the best excuse in the world..." 15 years later, Kurt catches Karen with Jeff Jarrett Karen: "Honey that's all just part of the show" LOL!!!!!!!

John Kalapodis : I've seen both Kurt and the Iron Shiek in person up close, and they both had the biggest necks, I'm talking a legit 22 inches,

FunkyFreshRhyme : Tune in for MTV's Tough Enough. Damn I'm getting old.

Its Ali64xX : Conan didn't change a bit wtf?

TheBestFighter : HIS NECK!

NOSAJ WAHSTUC : My girlfriend has gorgeous feet

Pete C : The real deal.

Animikh Chakrabarty : Then he went on to break that neck

Liam_x7 : Turns out in a tank top lmao

Mm : Wow back before Kurt Angles body got destroyed by wrestling now he doesn't even look close to that anymore

Adanali Özel HarekatcI : Mike tysons neck or kurt angles neck ?