Little Girls Happy Birthday Rap

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TTV snipezzclash : I dont them but there pretty good

Miah Guererri : the little gal is frocking cute lol:)

Yolanda Wilson : They are sooooooooooooo cute that I adore them

Sima Mutalemwa : She's so cute

Melissa Allensworth : Little one is so cute in my opinion

Rocky Roll : So cute

chinno1979 : Go girls

mhammad ha H : لك دخيل قلبو الحلووووو

shyshy ashley : cute

kadeja mckinzie : its kute in a weird way

Danielle Bradley : Omg

LA_ KOQU3TA : Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww it's so cute but its kinda weird

james kreck : Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww cute check out mother day rap with them too it's cute

Ruben : Aaah, so cute!

CeCe P : @XxEddie2xX I totally agree, but that's because she actually raps. This was mostly cut together stuff. Still super cute tho

Priya S : Aww how cute

Madeleine Kusel : Too cool I'll use that 4 a b day🍰

Elizabeth Ebeling : I use this video for almost EVERY birthday post I make to my friends! They're soooo adorable!

Carlos Bejarano : Ask vjvj dj x

Carlos Bejarano : ):):): 00000 not cool

devon lawson : so cute

YouTreen : Are they the cutest or what? I have 2 daughters about that age difference :) Super cute video!

Asap Eddie : baby kaely is better but this is cute haha

kayla gray : stfu

engelevakim gieter : How cutee? :$

01shanesseTV : tnåå

Jamie Grace : @iamacrazyturtle Hahaha aw! Yeah they're so cute, it's ridiculous. Love their vids!

iamacrazyturtle : @jGracePro Thanks for your comment Jamie! Lily just said "tell her she's the rock star I have on my iPod." We are so pumped you saw our video! Check out the other ones too if you have time!

Jamie Grace : bah, they're too cute! --jamie grace

Micala Taylor : awwwwl

Esther Ramos : Meow , lol cute ! (:

Shana Taylor : cute but kiinda random

Jordan T : Too cute! :-)

Younes Berrada : oloollllo

8Reptar : Adorable!

Leah Noel : i played on my birthday i felt so speacial now im 12

fireflame142 : thump this up so everyone can see!! lyrics : happy happ- birthday! Happy happ- Day! Happ. happy happ- happy happy happ- yay! happy happ- birthday! Happy happ- DAy! Happ- Happy HAPPY happ- happ happy yay! pull your hands up, put your hands up high

naborat7777 : hahaha very CUTE :)

turtle188627 : I would just like to say that i put this on the wall of all my FB friends on their Bday...Thanks!

abbstermachine : soooooooooo cute! i LOVE the cat at the end<3

Jessica Allen : That is so so so adorable.They are so cute!!!

Paige Shay : :) Aww..!!

tracycakes85 : Ur little girls are adorable, my 3yr old loves watching them and he even sings along lol!!!

Capt. Kirk : I wunts to thank youts twos for de happy berf day song it be my berf day today. youts twos put kid rock to shame fo sho....... werd.

Aivohalvaus : aww so cute :>

beetlejes : annoying.

kayauna nelson : dey so cute n dey was getting it

Princess Ali : that is too cute and i had to watch as its my b-day ur girls r so adorable

STARCHILD151DUSTY : aw so sweet I know their mom had to love this one cause I know I would have loved it if I was there mom.....

V Mel : lol awwwww pretty girls