Kinect Star Wars "I'm Han Solo" Dancing

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Karl Sookdeo : This is my male fantasy.

Twilight Bright : Is it bad that I danced to this...

F1nthehuman720 Gaming : T H E P A I N I S G O N E

Jef Jef : When you see the Solo teaser and know the full thing’s coming out tomorrow

Nicolás Riveros : can we just apreciate that Stormtrooper in the back? hes having the time of his life...

findingbuglantis : The new “Solo” trailer looks amazing.

Jacob Dominguez : This is why Kylo Ren killed his Dad

Nick Knatterton : Boycott if this isn’t the trailer, theme and credit song of the Han Solo Solo Star Wars Anthology Spin Off Movie 2018

Jonah Simm : This had better be the End Credits theme for Solo: A Star Wars Story

metalmugen : Actual footage of Solo: A Star Wars Story

Sea-Salt 84 : I can't believe the ending to "Solo" has already been leaked.

16-Bit : This better be the credits song for the Solo movie

JavaJiveGaming O.O : This better be in Solo:a Star wars story

Crimson Doodlebear : Please let this be the Ending Credits song of the Solo Movie.

Cinematic Captures : Am I the only one who just watched the guy in the top left corner

Drew Torres : Gotta learn this dance before Solo: A Star Wars Story comes out

Eugene #69 : This better be in the movie

Butch DeLoria : Did anybody else notice that you can watch whoever recorded this dance along on the top left?

Peter Gonzalez : This is how Han won the Falcon fair and square.


Draganas : Part of me hopes that there's a Easter egg in the new Solo movie where someone's doing these dance moves.

Nathaniel SOCOM-T6 : The real trailer for the SOLO movie

Eidlones : Someone needs to incorporate this into the Solo trailer.

TheMysteriousGamer6 : *It's not a story the Jedi would tell you.*

Brickcraft productions : "I've seen this raw strength only once before" "It didn't scare me then, It does now"

Stabby McStabberson : So this is why Kylo Ren turned to the dark side His dad was too busy pulling off sick moves in cloud city

Devil's Orchard : Can we all just stop for a second and think: Somebody was actually paid to sing and mocap the dance moves.

bryston franke : little known fact, Harrison Ford sang all the vocals for this song.............

Mr Life : Leaked footage of Solo: A Star Wars Story

menslady125 : Insert Jontron screaming for joy here.

Pencil Pusseh : I can't belive they'll include this song in the new film

Elaborate Lime : Solo a Star Wars story looks really good

Noah Temer : This is not what we meant by cloud city DLC

jennu : wow, this teaser trailer is so good

V3N0M - XTDi : If you look closely ladies and gentlemen, to the top left is a force ghost

Dylan IJbema : This is how Han solo won the milenium falcon

Jacob Scott : So this is why Kylo Ren hate's his father and turned to the dark side.

Ignacio Mendez : When you realize that Han Solo created the dab

carlisle beach : One word. Wow.

TheWaffleLord : I unironically love this xD

littlelamp100 : oh my gooooooooooood

thisholidaygirl : Why Kylo killed his father.

SR Brant : "Sand People boogie in single-file to hide their numbers."

TheSheiban : I guess the new Solo movie will have a musical number

Ron Swanson : This was created instead of a Jango Fett game, keep that in mind

John Barron : If this isn’t played in Solo: A Star Wars Story, I’m gonna be pissed

Amazing Comics : Okey, this song must to be en Solo: A Star Wars Storie

Anthony Del Giorno : Okay atheists, explain this

Obi Wan Kenobi : My reaction to these trailers: Solo: A Star Wars story, Avengers Infinity War, Incredibles 2 and finally...................................... Emoji Movie

EJMUSIC6 : This is canon btw