Kinect Star Wars "I'm Han Solo" Dancing

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StringStorm ‌ : That moment when you realize that this was a far more superior addition to the starwars franchise than battlefront 2.

Jeeves Anthrozaur : What if you wanted to go to Heaven but God said *I'm Han Solo*

Ryan C : I’m disappointed this wasn’t in Solo, would have changed that movie from a 9.5/10 to an instant 10/10

Braystad : Suicide rate drops to 0%

Blue team John, Fred, Linda, Kelly : So beautiful, i'm crying.😂

patricio amezcua : Wait, is he dabbing?

Sykomyke : 1st Time Watching: "WTF, what am I watching!?" 2nd Time Watching: "Why the hell am I watching this? This is so ridiculous!" 3rd Time Watching: "This is hilariously bad...but kinda catchy tune" 49th Time Watching: "I'M PICKING UP MY BLASTER, PUT IT ON MY SIDE. I'M JUMPIN' IN MY FALCON, WOOKIE AT MY SIDE. I'M SOLO, I'M HAN SOLO. I'M HAN SOLO, I'M HAN SOLO, SOLO!"

ygsr : And people say Kylo Ren didn’t have a good reason to join the dark side.

Indy Film Productions : The fact that this song wasn't in Solo at all is so disappointing. People thought Last Jedi was a disgrace, but this was probably the biggest missed opportunity of anything Star Wars.

wєѕkєr'ѕ fσurth rєвírth : _Stabbed through the chest,_ _and fell off the side_ _Chewie is screaming,_ _and Rey's about to cry_ _I'm solo, I'm Han Solo_ _I'm Han Solo_ _I'm Han Solo, solo_

Albedo : "The darkside of the Force is pathway to many abilities some may consider to be unnatural."

TRASHY GAMING : Doctor: im sorry but you will be dead in a week I watch this Me: Im so happy that the cancer is gone

Lewis Hart : Is this canon?

F1nthehuman720 Gaming : T H E P A I N I S G O N E

Mayhem : This is the true Solo backstory

Gabriel Padro : Man.. why did they did not put this song in the closing credits of Solo? That was a massive wasted opportunity. It would have been cheesy as hell but absolutely worth it.

PYROMANIAC : "if you cant beat em, join em"-JonTron

MonkeyTim _ : Why Kylo Ren really murdered his dad...

Nicolás Riveros : can we just apreciate that Stormtrooper in the back? hes having the time of his life...

Jonathan Eilbeck : Meanwhile in Kylo Ren's quarters. Kylo: I'm Solo, Ben Solo, Ben Solo Rey giggles. Kylo: How much did you watched. Rey: Enough.

TheFlexNetChamp : 0:29-0:30 WALMART

Steve Andrei : *Battlefront 3 leak trailer*


Joe1up : Not pictured; Young Ben Solo cringing to death in the corner.

SnowiiLeopard : dude, tag your spoilers i havent seen the new solo movie yet

BritishCamper : This is my religion

Polyester Giant : 0:25 he's having the time of his life

the two bros : The real reason Ben Swolo turned to the darkside

reveblink : I can't be the only one who actually likes this?

Silenced Games : Has less flaws than a Disney Star Wars film.

The dank Puppeteers family friendly version : This is probably what happened right after return of the Jedi but minus the stormtroopers

Eva Casey : I ironically love this to the point where it's no longer ironic.

Moss Bresnahan : Leaked Solo 2 trailer

TrailerPoopers : I still can't believe this exists

Edward Brock Jr : this canon?

Magitroopa : Too bad this wasn't in the soundtrack for Solo: A Star Wars Story. Missed opportunity on their part.

bm3253 : "I'm loving cloud city, my heads in the sky" From what I remember from the movie Han did not have such a good time in cloud city.

UnlimitedEdge : When Solo gets released on DVD, someone please make an AMV using this song

CJacko : Ea have now released the new han solo emote dlc. $35

green lean : Solo 2 coming to a movie theater near you

Maria Isabella : But why is his last name Solo ?

theorist 10 : I'm smirking so hard I can't cringe .

Evan Privett : So this is what Han meant when he said "big gangster puttin' together a crew..." He meant a DANCING crew. Oh, now it makes so much sense...

Noah Gilmore : Just saw Solo so I had to pay my respects here, good movie I thought

Daniel Thornton : Yet another amazing piece of art gets put in legends

The Ugly Dumplings : The greatest thing to ever happen to Star Wars.

pkleaf : When you actually pay attention to the Top Left and realize the player is a terrible dancer.

Block Head : SPOILERS I wish this had been in the Solo Film, maybe playing in the background.

Cinematic Captures : Am I the only one who just watched the guy in the top left corner

captaintaco2345 : Solo A Star Wars Story was good, but nowhere near as good as this