Kinect Star Wars "I'm Han Solo" Dancing

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F1nthehuman720 Gaming : T H E P A I N I S G O N E

Joe1up : Not pictured; Young Ben Solo cringing to death in the corner.

Tracerino : I’m disappointed this wasn’t in Solo, would have changed that movie from a 9.5/10 to an instant 10/10


Braystad : Suicide rate drops to 0%

Karl Sookdeo : This is my male fantasy.

Alex Crespo is Awesome Sauce The Movie : Who's Here From The Warp Zone

Aaron_ : Han dabbed before it was cool

Noah Gilmore : Just saw Solo so I had to pay my respects here, good movie I thought

Jeeves Anthrozaur : What if you wanted to go to Heaven but God said *I'm Han Solo*

metalmugen : Actual footage of Solo: A Star Wars Story

patricio amezcua : Wait, is he dabbing?

Poonic The Farthog : I just watched the Solo movie

TheSaviorOfSouls : Why was this cut out the movie lmao

Adrian Shepard : I hate this game. I love this song

Twilight Bright : Is it bad that I danced to this...

Ni oui Nino : This could actually be the Solo credits song , it would be shit , but would work

Jonathan Eilbeck : Meanwhile in Kylo Ren's quarters. Kylo: I'm Solo, Ben Solo, Ben Solo Rey giggles. Kylo: How much did you watched. Rey: Enough.

John Morey : Solo: A Star Wars Story is a little different than I had imagined.

Anthony Padilla : This is what turned Lando into a pansexual

Blue team John, Fred, Linda, Kelly : So beautiful, i'm crying.😂

Luke Pearlberg : Revisiting this immediately after seeing Solo last night

ygsr : And people say Kylo Ren didn’t have a good reason to join the dark side.

Captain-General Kitten : If Solo’s credits has this song, I will love Star Wars again.

Cinematic Captures : Am I the only one who just watched the guy in the top left corner

Mr hooman Gaming channel : I swear gonna blast this out loud in the cinemas when Solo's coming out

Big Nigga : Such a waste not making this the main theme of the new Solo movie. This wouldnt have hapened if George was still calling the shots

STAR Man : Doctor: im sorry but you will be dead in a week I watch this Me: Im so happy that the cancer is gone

Relinquish : im so happy the carbonite is gone


Carsten Hahn : This should have been at the end of the solo film

Silenced Games : Has less flaws than a Disney Star Wars film.

CountCampula : This should've been in the Solo movie...

James Hughes : We didn't need a Solo movie when we had this

Brickcraft productions : "I've seen this raw strength only once before" "It didn't scare me then, It does now"

Indy Film Productions : The fact that this song wasn't in Solo at all is so disappointing. People thought Last Jedi was a disgrace, but this was probably the biggest missed opportunity of anything Star Wars.

Spyboyjwl : This is the true Solo backstory

MonkeyTim _ : Why Kylo Ren really murdered his dad...

Gabriel Padro : Man.. why did they did not put this song in the closing credits of Solo? That was a massive wasted opportunity. It would have been cheesy as hell but absolutely worth it.

menslady125 : Insert Jontron screaming for joy here.

Albedo : "The darkside of the Force is pathway to many abilities some may consider to be unnatural."

Tristan Winter : Remember when this was the worst thing that probably happened to starwars? Thanks Disney

damn thicc boi : Toxic masculinity in gaming.

JimmyCougar : This is better than The Force Awakens.

carlisle beach : One word. Wow.

Ben Nicewood : I S I T P O S S I B L E T O L E A R N T H I S P O W E R ?

Lewis Hart : Is this canon?

Maria Isabella : But why is his last name Solo ?

SnowiiLeopard : dude, tag your spoilers i havent seen the new solo movie yet

Anthony Del Giorno : Okay atheists, explain this