Kinect Star Wars "I'm Han Solo" Dancing

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Nicolás Riveros : can we just apreciate that Stormtrooper in the back? hes having the time of his life...

Brickcraft productions : "I've seen this raw strength only one before" "It didn't scare me then, It does now"

Enclave Trooper : EA's version of this would be like: I haven't got my act together, I haven't got my act together. I'm so sorry, but give me your wallet

Neo2266 : 1:11 DAB ON ´EM TROOPERS

metalmugen : Actual footage of Solo: A Star Wars Story

God : Checkmate athiest

StegoSaurusRex : “Is it possible to learn this power?” “Not from a Jedi...”

Ash the Wolf : Someone requested this at my homecoming last night. Whoever did, thank you for that.

Karrot Stew : When you watch dunkeys battle front 2 video and this plays so you go to jontrons star wars Kinect video and then want more so you go here for the whole song. Relatable right guys?

penyuwan : I hope they use this song to the SOLO Star wars movie.

Andrew The mandrew : Rare footage of Harrison ford after Han Solo was killed

Marlboro Red : 1:19 The pain is never gone

Lord vader : So this is what my stormtroopers do instead of target practice this explains a lot

Xer0 : 0:35 So this was how dabbing was invented.

Iplo : This better be cannon

CJacko : Ea have now released the new han solo emote dlc. $35

lunaradept : Starcade Finale brought me here.

Mega Cat : People are asking "Why?" I say "Why Not?"

Karl Sookdeo : This is my male fantasy.

Barsa F : I saw some dudes blasting this in a convertible at a stop light once.

Iplo : *Watching video* *A tear falls down*

Kharn The Betrayer : IT'S TIME TO STOP!

Redeye Gaming : *Battlefront 3 leaked gameplay*

Pablo González Hermosilla : R. I. P. Han Solo "He had the sickest dancing moves on the block"

0dss3y : This is my guilty pleasure.......don't shoot

Aaron Bose : Dunkey

menslady125 : Insert Jontron screaming for joy here.

FiztUC : *Clout city*

bigwhopper6501 : Still better than battlefront 2

Korya Iine : Apparently this is gonna be an emote in Battlefront 2.. Evidence:

Richard Harris : Still better then the Last Jedi

Rafael oliveira : I like this music

BlueTeamPlayer : ohhh my gaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwdddddd

Esappx3 : lmao u can see the guy dancing in the very top left

Justin Cross : You think...God stays in heaven because...he too fears what he's created?

Toxic Haste : DUNKEY anyone ???

Ewoks_On_Drugs : I ain't even mad that SONG IS DOPE!

Itz Beastly : Why is this better than the new Battlefront

xXdimmitsarasXx : Assassin's creed is a good franchise

Wille Pääjärvi : 1:31 now i know where luke got that from

Nick Knatterton : Boycott if this isn’t the trailer, theme and credit song of the Han Solo Solo Star Wars Anthology Spin Off Movie 2018

Jonah Simm : This had better be the End Credits theme for Solo: A Star Wars Story

Theo Heiland : A realistic example of SW Legends.


Steven Mathews : Disney needs to make this canon.


Aaron Menzo : This better be an emote in battlefront

I_Eat_Ramen : "VEVO"

Bruz the Chopper : Now we now why the original "Solo: a Star Wars story" were Fired.

Philip Pyne : I watch this as a daily ritual toward true happiness in my life.