Kinect Star Wars "I'm Han Solo" Dancing

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Cinematic Captures : Am I the only one who just watched the guy in the top left corner

Mario Mandžukić : that dab bro 😭😭😭👌👌👌👌👌💯💯💯💯💯💯

Rodrigo Franco : Is this canon?

• Cүвσяg • : I can't be the only one who actually likes this?


carlisle beach : One word. Wow.

HellomynameisRyanfirstoutindeedgooglelikesmesomuchtheybotheredmeuntilmynamewasthislong : *SPOILER ALERT* Han Solo D........ ances.

Steven Insertlastnamehere : Is it bad that I enjoy this?

MrZurata : I'm not even mad anymore. Let it burn. He's finally free

Alex Mauney : Just remember Battlefront 3 was scrapped for this.

Patrick Star The not so Smooth criminal : This is worse than lil Wayne

Khorne Berzerker : IT'S TIME TO STOP!

TheDeadManZone12349 : I want to go to a con and see if I can create a flash mob with the song and dance.

Anthony Del Giorno : Okay atheists, explain this

BonkBoy : I think trash compactor is a fitting name for the dab

Liam Gray : Can't stop listening to this, it's just catchy as af, what is wrong with me.

lunaradept : Starcade Finale brought me here.

metalmugen : Actual footage of Solo: A Star Wars Story

Julien Da Coolien : Some say the prequels ruined Star Wars.

Pink Guy : God Damn this Battlefront DLC looks awesome.


AG Entertainment : Is this canon?

Tony Stark : This is gold.Pure gold. Just kidding.Its dirt.

Zeniak : BOI HE DABBIN 😂😂😂💯

Lord Pent : I thought star wars is an epic movie which takes place in space

Counterpoint Duality : It's like this game was made for Youtube Poop

Hey it's Chevonne! : doctor: you have 3:51 minutes to live me:

Jay Parikh : and then he died

TheMajorN : This is honestly the only reason I still own my kinect

Swidoodle Swidaddle Your pene is now a noodle : honestly this songs not that bad

Hysteria : This Battlefront DLC looks amazing

IRUNASSAULT : Soldiers died for this.

DantheMan : I mean... I can't say I wouldn't rather watch this than episode 2.....

Jamin dent : do people really hate this? I just think its rediculously funny XD

Typhoonjake007 : This gave me at least 10 separate orgasms

Bronson Ferrigno : Snoke got Kylo to join by showing him this.

Audrey K. : Well, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

BonkBoy : I think trash compactor is a fitting name for the dab

Jawa Gang : Does walmart have bleach on sale for black friday?

PervasivePeach : this is the new generation of gaming

The Occasional HaHa : the last straw. after Lucas arts messed up this bad, time to sell to Disney

erp : solo invented dabbing

Ash the Wolf : Someone requested this at my homecoming last night. Whoever did, thank you for that.

Alex G : the male fantasy


Zenyatter : Am I the only one that actually enjoys the song?

felipisr666 : I can only imagine having your favorite saga being turned into this.

The Bloo Kirby : take a shot every time they dab

Justin Cross : You think...God stays in heaven because...he too fears what he's created?

GreenEyeDan YT : dad stop it! STOP IT! ***ignites lightsaber