Can We Terraform the Sahara to Stop Climate Change?
Can We Terraform the Sahara to Stop Climate Change

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FutureNow : Sounds easier than terraforming Mars as our planet B.

scsi95 : why dont just stop deforesting Rainforests?

TheRealPafnucy : How about not transforming rainforests into sahara v.2? Sounds even easier.

Larry TRUELOVE : Job interview: Interviewer: It says here you’re a lumberjack. Are you any good? Applicant: Well, you know the Sahara forest? Interviewer: Do you mean the Sahara Desert? Applicant: Is that what they’re calling it now?

wieland12 : There is a better chance of a plague killing off 10-15% of world population.

Skyer : If they want to plant that many trees, a Monoculture would be a horrible idea, A minimum of 4 tree species would be needed

M'hail . : Can we change the climate to stop the climate from changing?

Hyfryd ! : A mono-culture of eucalyptus? That would be horrid for the ecological diversity.

swwei : Not many people talk about using new nuclear energy technologies to replace fossil fuel. Why?

Joe Zyzyx : The best alternative energy solution is insulation. It would be almost the most used and applied.

TagMyBat 76 : I support this project, i hate sand it's coarse and rough and it gets everywhere....

Richard F : There's nothing cheap about solar, wind, biomass or other green energy schemes and if Ireland and other EU countries want to tax themselves into insolvency to pay for green energy then woe be unto them. The fact is that none of these boondoggles has any chance of reducing the increase in carbon emissions as the amount of carbon saved by using green energy is countered by the amount of carbon that is required to produce the green energy source. The only real solution to reducing carbon increase is to shift to a power source that has a low carbon footprint and there is only one obvious source available. I'm referring to Fusion Powered electrical energy production. Fusion power produced electrity will be commercially available within a decade or two and, if the funds currently being wasted on solar, geo, and biomass energy were shifted to fusion development, could be available more quickly. Fusion power is non polluting and produces virtually no radioactivity or radioactive waste. It is completely safe. Once commercial fusion power generation becomes available the world will be awash in electricity that is so cheap that it will be almost free. All other competing sources of electricity, such as geo, bio, wind, and solar energy, will be abandoned overnight because the cost to maintain already built green energy equipment will still be more than the cost to produce electricity from fusion. Thirty years from now the world will be dotted with millions of rusting hulks of abandoned windmills, solar panels, and other green boondoggles. But it won't only be green boondoggles that will be affected. There will be no more electricity being produced from coal, natural gas, oil, and other hydrocarbon sources since these sources willl, like all green sources, not be able to compete with almost free fusion power. Oil will no longer be used to power cars and it's use will be primarily for lubrication and perhaps for specialized uses such as powering ships or airplanes where it is not possible to use electricity. Homes will no longer be heated with coal, oil, etc and will become almost entirely all electric. Free fusion power will transform the world in ways similar to how computers transformed the world in the 1980s. Or, in ways similar to how the invention of the car transformed the world in the 1900's. Terraforming the Sahara might actually become possible as free and unlimited electricity means that desalinization of water becomes feasable worldwide. The world needs to immediately abandon all further investment in green energy schemes and transfer the funding to development of fusion electricity. No amount of carbon taxes will ever browbeat third world countries like China or India into reducing carbon emissions, however, free fusion power will cause them to shut down their coal powered power plants overnight. It is the only effective solution.

Alex Boyko : thanks God you have absolutely no power to do that stupid thing...

ericduan19 : this video focuses too much on "stop climate change" rather than "can we terraform the Sahara"...the answer is probably no. trees don't work that way. besides water, most trees require fertile soil to grow. you can't just stick a tree sprout into sands and put in water and expect it to take root and grow. thats also the main reason why its so hard to reverse desertification. if planting trees into the sandy desert is feasible, Saharan/Arab counrties would already be doing it.

Profezor Snayp : Eucaliptus grandis is extremely flamable. I doubt this is the best available species.

Dylan Dog : Covering the Sahara in Eucalyptus trees will only result in the world's largest bonfire

Jonathan Smith : Cover crops in large scale agriculture is the answer. Rebuild the soil.

Bruce Schneider : Nuclear energy from thorium is a much more practical solution to energy needs than either solar or wind.

Tee Khing Hua : Me: What happened to the Sahara desert? Time traveler: You mean Sahara forest? Me: *Surprised Shaq face*

Herman Fourie : one volcano eruption will put more carbon in the air than mankind footprint. climate change is from the sun not from us

安土竜 : It would be a bad idea to do this with only a single species of tree.

Dustin Ross : Taxing people to change climate change is a negative incentive and not a good idea for Ireland's economy. Sorry Ireland!

Hugo Imbassahy : Change the channel name from Real Engineering to Utopic Engineering

Ghanved Singh : Then we first need to plant grass species for enrichment of the soil

Scofield11 : Planting trees wherever we can, adding as much as wind and solar as possible, investing into nuclear energy research (fission and fusion), investing into battery research (large-scale batteries), cheaper methods of extracting CO2, safely increasing the plankton population (much more important CO2 capture beings than trees), emplacing electric cars, developing a good electric public transport system, better designed cities (where walking/cycling is a better option than using a car), developing thorium nuclear reactors for military and consumer vessels (nuclear reactors for ships, planes etc. because the army and commercial airplanes are a big part of our global emmissions) and many other tiny things that we need to do to fight this. The good thing is that its economically viable, we just need to start doing it.

peter lewis : can we stop terraforming the good land into desert first ?

Fredrik Dunge : 3:07 They also are fairly close to big stable and prosperous regions, Europe can extend it's hand to the Sahara fairly easily and Australia is part of of the Commonwealth.

downbntout : Eucalyptus?! They burn like fireworks and not much grows under them!

Michael Whitcomb : It's very telling that all of the calculations are metric, but the cost is calculated in DOLLARS! EU can't pay for it. UN can't pay for it. Africa/Middle East won't pay for it. Let's get the Americans to pay just like they do for Europe's defense, and foreign aid to all and sundry.

killgaz motron : Lets cut the shit, we have the answer and we have HAD it for a while. And the tech has made MASSIVE improvements with great things in the pipeline for its near future, The answer is nuclear energy, and electric cars. Stop fussing around with ridiculous globally diverting mega ideas that will never ever come to pass. Build more, newer nuclear power plants (and shut down or remodel the older ones) and give people tax cuts and vouchers to go towards buying electric cars at far lower cost with benefit to the electric car industry so they can expand, improve and produce cheaper vehicles in the future. Also give massive incentives for cargo hauling options to be run electrically aswell, from cargo trains to long haul trucking.

baikia777 : It's better to replanting a deforestated area. That way you won't have any worry to change global environment in a weird way since that area is originally a forest anyway. For example in the amazon or Indonesian/Malaysian forest where deforestation happen in the largest scale. But the challenge is to change the mindset of the local people first.

Tristan Grubb : How about just using nuclear power until we get fusion on line? I mean, if you guys are really serious about ending man made climate change.

Ivan Pereira : Guys you don't understand winds carry dust rich in phosferous from Sahara to Amazon witch is essencial to Amazon rainforest health. Basically this ideia would get no where

Brad Haaf : When where all shuffling into our underground cites it would be nice to have an AI to search prospective citizens comments on climate change since we probably won't be able to save that many, they will definitely be on the short list to be denied. If fact we should start that list now.

Jacob Votava : You couldn't have a homogeneous group of trees, the first disease to go through that area would obliterate them.

Michael Whitcomb : Histrionics end, and the actual topic starts at 2:02.

The Guru of Kang : 3:18 Are you people crazy ? You are going to use one tree specie : the Australian Eucalyptus grandis to "green the desert" while it burns as hell ! How silly, are you all city boys ? You understand nothing of biological systems ???

Dichtsau : yea yea, climate change, but germany just becomes colder. in the past we had at least 6 weeks of +35°C, now we have 3 days of +39°C and then it's cold again.

TONY Bee : A fully grown eucalyptus draws about 350 liters of water per day, we had to cut most of the trees planted along the river banks to get the rivers to flow properly as the trees had dried out the rivers and streams. So you mess with nature at your peril.

Avenue X : Meanwhile, the international community is fairly easygoing with the Amazonian basin being cut down. Weird.

Gegengrupenfuhrur : Use more nuclear power. Particularly thorium.

Jai Bhimadevi : No. We can't. We're only accidentally capable of large-scale climate alteration; we might be *clever* enough to fix it if we were also *wise and mature* enough for the sustained and intense effort required.

陳曉邨 : EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS TO COOPERATE SAVE THE EARTH We hope everyone can do something to save the EARTH. Don't be too late @hMP0

Anon C137 : The good news is that global warming is not man-made

Enrique : Great Idea.... while deforesting the Amazon Rainforest.. we are going to terraform the Sahara...

Kristine Schilling : but.... winds from the Sahara carry sand and dirt across the Atlantic to the Amazon basin. It actually assists the Amazon basin. If you plant out the Sahara, you are going to mess up the ecology of the Amazon. You are talking about totally changing thousands of miles of ecology. There are flora and fauna in the Sahara and the outback that you are not taking into account at all. ***EDIT** you do discuss this later in the video. Thank you. Rather than terraforming the sahara and the outback, why not just stop destroying the forests we already have, or increase the size of the forests we have all over the world. You could easily expand the redwood forests and the Appalachian forests, the Congo, bring back regions of the Amazon, add forests back to regions of Russia and Europe. Another option is micro climate forestation. Add forest areas to small localized regions all over the world instead.

Gewgulkan Suhckitt : Charcoal lasts practically forever. You can dig a hole in the right place and find charcoal that's been there for thousands of years. It sequesters carbon. It improves the soil. Used properly it can turn infertile soil into fertile soil. In this context, charcoal is often referred to as "biochar". People tend to have a knee jerk rejection to the idea of helping the environment by creating biochar because it involves burning stuff and creating smoke and carbon dioxide. It's a messy, nasty process. But if you use a quickly renewable source like certain types of grass or bamboo/cane (which are also types of grass), you can have a long lasting net reduction in atmospheric carbon dioxide. The math works out. The carbon that plants contain that becomes biochar comes from atmospheric carbon dioxide. It doesn't come from the soil. It comes from the air. The carbon dioxide you create from creating the biochar ends up being used to make more biochar when it's incorporated into plants. What's really great about it is that it doesn't require industrial equipment. Farmers in undeveloped countries can do this. Gardeners can do this in their back yards. You can create charcoal using 55 gallon steel drums or even just a hole in the ground (the hole in the ground method is a lot more work though).

Nelson Figueira : maybe would be better if every person would plant a tree where they live . a decentralized new forest :) you would achieve also millions of trees

Gangerolf : Since plants need less water when its got high levels of CO2 I say just put out more CO2 and the deserts will bloom counteracting the global warming. Its what many scientists have said for decades. Instead reducing CO2 will make the deserts grow larger with more heat warming the globe, Its nice with another of these unscientific presentations saying that CO2 is bad.