Smosh is Homeless
Smosh is Homeless

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You guys thought we were DONE? Oh no, you can't stop us this easily. Expect more videos starting this week on SMOSH, SMOSH PIT, and SMOSH GAMES. Just in case I lose control of this channel, follow us all on Twitter and Instagram! I'm not going to list all of our handles here because that's annoying and I know you know how to use the search function. Expert iPhone Cameraman - Josh Mattingly Expert Boom Operator - Pamela Horton


Mike-Daddy : I’m gonna love low budget Smosh

coolcoolmm m : Who is here because of matpat

ArcadeSandwich : Now that you have no rules continue Smosh like it used to be! Invite Anthony to see if he would like to rejoin, and keep the rest of the crew, the jokes and comedy will get better as they don’t have limitations. Also bring back the shut up intros as those made smosh, smosh

Driftveilldraws : defy media shutting down could be the best thing that would happen to smosh, they would have to go back to their homemade roots

Ultra instinct Goku : Who are all these guys? I remember a while ago it was just Anthony and Ian

炎Kuraiji : *SMOSH IS BACK TO THE OLD TIMES..Just need Anthony*

First Name Last Name : Check out mat pat's (the game theorist's) video on what happened after this one, he was also affected by this

Midna Lazuli : This wasn't considered "Homeless" back in 2005 to 2011.

DonoTheGamer : Not anymore, you’re not. Welcome to the Mythical Fam!

Lewys Cousins : Anyone else here from Matt Patt's video?

Nux Taku : This was the best Smosh video in years.

Fatalfish73 : things when downhill since smosh was owned by a company

Calamari : I'm Actually happy this happened because now they aren't restricted by Defy's filter

Akashi Sejuro : Smosh is anthonyless!

Skapooka Akoopaks : whos watching because of Mat pat' s video

FutureMe : Smosh is Homeless... but Ian is still THICK

sujisucks : i agree with the shut up intro thing, but i disagree with erasing everyone but ian and bringing back anthony.

Kelpo : Who tf are all these new people

Joshua Solis : “We did everything great” You became a company and lost a great member of smosh, Anthony was smart.

Jawunleashed : Them: "Josh is behind the camera." Me: "HOW THEY KNOW MY NAME?"

Fernando Contreras : How to pretend everything is fine while everything is actually on fire

Ulquiorra Cifer : Anthony did a video on Defy Media, and it was very informative. I recommend watching it

Daredog3000 : Fire them all get my homie Anthony back and boom perfection

Dilly Mackey : I have been watching Smosh for like... a long time. And I'm looking forward to be seeing the independently-released new content.

ArcyTheAtrocious : Is Anthony considered home for only two guys?

Z E V : All Smosh Channels Main Channels: Smosh Smosh Pit Smosh Games ElSmosh SmoshCast Personal Channels: Courtney Miller Olivia Sui Noah Grossman Shayne Topp Smosh Keith TheJovenshire AtomicMari WesIRL DamienHaas keithleaktv Recurring Smosh Games Members’ Channels: Sohinki Lasercorn Inactive Channels: Super Head Esploder-X AskCharlie Shut Up! Cartoons Smosh France Smosh Games Alliance Secret Channels: AnthonyTwerks ianthecutecat PissedOffDad1969 Former Member Of Smosh Channels: AnthonyPadilla Anthony Padilla 2 Former Member Of Smosh Games Channels: Nerdsworth Ra Nerdsworth bozey bozington Deleted Personal Channels: WesTheEditor cmpinkluvr Please like, this took me forever.

Ethan Hanratanagorn : *looks at smosh crew First time

by Alexmer : Y ANTONHY ???? :-( Regresen Porfa :(

ODGAMER 27 : Should hsve stayed as two guys and some editors

Commenter Satoshi : "We did nothing wrong." ... *Well yes, but no.*

Regina C. Jackson : literally all i ever wanted was low-budget smosh

Mr. Stupid : 2:46 can’t stop us......

Elsie Randeris (2027) : Courtney is so freaking gorgeous I wish I was gay😍

Help_hope_gaming : whoo is watching in 2019

jesus christ himself : Invite Anthony back but still keep the new guys

Bilbo Baggins : So you're allowed to be creative again?

SpRiNt GaLaXi : Hello not very god inglish aaa wat va a pasar con ElSmosh

Reality Hurts : SMOSH SUMMER GA- nevermind. we're homeless now

Ahmed Ishfaq : They lost their job oh yeah yeah

RaCC00nPlayZZ : I miss food battle pls do it again!!!

Razza Anonymous : The fact that Ian (THE CO-CREATOR OF SMOSH) didn't have access to all the Smosh channels until now, just shows you how far removed the creators actually were from their own content.


Anh Nguyen : I volunteers tribute YOU CAN LIVE WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!! 12 rooms lol jk

Brian Diaz 10000 subscribers without any video : Bring Anthony back please

Roselynn ;D : Watch MatPats Vid

CoolerThanU : Yesss low budget smosh is gonna be really cool, like your old videos. And maybe Anthony could be there too? Just as a guest star or something.

Danny Mann 9/11 : I dunno, This smosh is okay But the Ian and Anthony smosh, is top tier.

Joe Wehrs : Be a part of Rooster Teeth!!!!

DarkPig Studios : I MISS ANTHONY!! bring him back plz