Smosh is Homeless

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Smosh : Thank you guys for all the support and concern for us over this past week. While we are staying positive, the fact still remains that our parent company closing left a lot of awesome and hard-working people out of jobs. One of my main goals for finding Smosh a new home is getting everyone in our Smosh family (in front of and behind the camera), back to work. These deals do take time, so please be patient with us. Regardless of the circumstances, we're pretty excited for what's to come. Thank you Ian

Nux Taku : This was the best Smosh video in years.

coolcoolmm m : Who is here because of matpat

DonoTheGamer : Not anymore, you’re not. Welcome to the Mythical Fam!

ArcadeSandwich : Now that you have no rules continue Smosh like it used to be! Invite Anthony to see if he would like to rejoin, and keep the rest of the crew, the jokes and comedy will get better as they don’t have limitations. Also bring back the shut up intros as those made smosh, smosh

Ultra instinct Goku : Who are all these guys? I remember a while ago it was just Anthony and Ian

Smosh Pit : We got this!

Driftveilldraws : defy media shutting down could be the best thing that would happen to smosh, they would have to go back to their homemade roots

SirDuck 98 : Check out mat pat's (the game theorist's) video on what happened after this one, he was also affected by this

Lobster Bob : Who tf are all these new people

sujisucks : i agree with the shut up intro thing, but i disagree with erasing everyone but ian and bringing back anthony.

Hrithik : Just go back to your old style and get Anthony back (Edit: thanks for the likes, I hope Anthony sees this and realize everyone wants him back.)

Lewys Cousins : Anyone else here from Matt Patt's video?

Fatalfish73 : things when downhill since smosh was owned by a company

ODGAMER 27 : Should hsve stayed as two guys and some editors

Midna Lazuli : This wasn't considered "Homeless" back in 2005 to 2011.

NARV151 : If this means going back to a grassroots, less structured style I think that could actually be pretty exciting.

Skapooka Akoopaks : whos watching because of Mat pat' s video

Calamari : I'm Actually happy this happened because now they aren't restricted by Defy's filter

Rygaardgames Klips : Is Anthony joining back now

Akashi Sejuro : Smosh is anthonyless!

Roselynn ;D : Watch MatPats Vid

Xorus Xorusovich : Who else watched that girl’s white pants the whole video?

XxSantyGamer05xX : el unico salvador seria Anthony que vuelva :(

Banjo : Who tf are these clapped idiots I literally Didn't recognize anyone except for Ian where's the old crew "Anthony , Mari, Lazercorn and the rest"

FutureMe : Smosh is Homeless... but Ian is still THICK

wolfgirl22100 : I feel so bad for them they really didn't deserve it. I will always be fan and wish you the best of the luck in the future and you have my support ❤

Dilly Mackey : I have been watching Smosh for like... a long time. And I'm looking forward to be seeing the independently-released new content.

Ethan Hanratanagorn : *looks at smosh crew First time

ArcyTheAtrocious : Is Anthony considered home for only two guys?

Smosh Games : YA BABY!

Backwards : whoo is watching in 2019

jesus christ himself : Invite Anthony back but still keep the new guys

HauntedGhoul : FREEDOM!

ahmediya 51 : They lost their job oh yeah yeah

Lasercorn : Smosh Guerilla Style

Spank_That_Udder : Ok first, please try to attempt to make a video without the new crew. Just Ian and Anthony and the possibility of occurring characters such as Ian's mom or Ryan Todd. Get the old style back together again, I understand how you attempt to connect with your audience but trust me having the old thumbnail will change a lot. I miss Smosh and I want it back. We all do.

Top Souls : Me he hecho una paja tan grande con este vídeo que me ha salido un poco de sangre. Ya puedo crear otro HOMÚNCULO, Gracias!

GAMER KURT : Guys we need to save PewDiePie from number 1 Save pewdiepie

AN VLOGS : Lets make smosh great again👌

The Crazy Gamer : Low Budget Smosh looks good 😂😂 but all seriousness hope you all do fine in the future.

Ryangames [gd] kawaiwatermelon : NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! (○,n,○)

Aaron Jardel : Omggggg disculpen mi español, pero el canal de anthony sale en los recomendados del canal de smosh :ooo

MotoStyle : Олды тут?

The Chess Reviewer : Is this a skit of not?

Olivia Sui : In the famous words of Miley Cyrus, “And we can't stop And we won't stop We run things, things don't run we Don't take nothing from nobody yeah yeah”

Jawunleashed : Them: "Josh is behind the camera." Me: "HOW THEY KNOW MY NAME?"

Infiniti21 ot : When... When is Anthony coming back?

Hard Roxas : If you guys needed tô fire someone, my first choice would be Damien.

cole schissell : Bring back Anthony