Smosh is Homeless

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Smosh : Thank you guys for all the support and concern for us over this past week. While we are staying positive, the fact still remains that our parent company closing left a lot of awesome and hard-working people out of jobs. One of my main goals for finding Smosh a new home is getting everyone in our Smosh family (in front of and behind the camera), back to work. These deals do take time, so please be patient with us. Regardless of the circumstances, we're pretty excited for what's to come. Thank you Ian

Nux Taku : This was the best Smosh video in years.

Ant Plasma Playz : How to Not be Homeless 1.Bring Back Anthony 2.Bring Back Shut Up Intro 3.Just Ian And Anthony 4.Create A Game(Food Fight) Edit: Inspired By Another Commenter

Álvaro Rubio : Just a a few friends and a phone camera is a hundred times better than all that big budget, hollywood crap.

marshell Clark : Things that made Smosh awesome The “SHUT UP” intro Just Ian and Anthony Bring Anthony back plz

ArcadeSandwich : Now that you have no rules continue Smosh like it used to be! Invite Anthony to see if he would like to rejoin, and keep the rest of the crew, the jokes and comedy will get better as they don’t have limitations. Also bring back the shut up intros as those made smosh, smosh

NARV151 : If this means going back to a grassroots, less structured style I think that could actually be pretty exciting.

Ispeakhilarious : I can feel the sadness in your laughs

Julio Hinojosa : This isn't Smosh, this is souless videos being shot down by a shady parent company, Ian and Anthony are Smosh

ZakeDaCake : I see that homeless people still make better videos than me.

Driftveilldraws : defy media shutting down could be the best thing that would happen to smosh, they would have to go back to their homemade roots

Hrithik : Just go back to your old style and get Anthony back (Edit: thanks for the likes, I hope Anthony sees this and realize everyone wants him back.)

Chimichanga : Um so.... anthony anyone? :)

brekumoro. : i agree with the shut up intro thing, but i disagree with erasing everyone but ian and bringing back anthony.

Luka Kantar : To be honest this is a good thing. Now Defy doesnt control them as they did before

ODGAMER 27 : Should hsve stayed as two guys and some editors

The Crazy Gamer : Low Budget Smosh looks good 😂😂 but all seriousness hope you all do fine in the future.

Rygaardgames Klips : Is Anthony joining back now

kaylee : why is everyone saying just ian and anthony. like i’ve been a fan since it was just them but also i love smosh squad? honestly i think it’s just disrespectful to the new smosh crew. (they’re really not new)

Chief : Ian and Anthony > Ian and the whole cast

Spriggan Panda : A lot of the comments are about Anthony and the old days of Smosh. For me, I did love the old days of Smosh but I love the new things they've been doing and the new people they've brought on. Personally, my favourite channels are Smosh Pit and Smosh Games because we get to see more of their personalities and I could watch them interact with each other all day. If they continue with their current format or go back to the old days on the main channel I don't care as I enjoyed both but I hope that Smosh Pit and Smosh Games don't change too much and that we get to watch them all have fun together.

Lasercorn : Smosh Guerilla Style

Oggy le chat bleu : If you guys are homeless...Then where are you in the video o_O

Adam Felker : Smoah was good with only Ian and Anthony after that it was straight shit

josh 22963 : Who are all these ppl

《4NDY》 : Anthony went to get milk guys He'll be back i promise!! 😭😭😭

DoggoDoesThings : **a u d i b l e s i g h**

Pandatomic Dani : Okay, everyone say "oMG bRIng BaCK AntHOnYY1!1!1!1!1!1" or "FIRE EVERYONE BUT IAN" and other stuff like that, chill out please. Anthony is his own person and his decision to go solo was perfectly fine. And as for the smosh crew now, there is such thing called change. Many content creators go through changes in style and subject matter and smosh is one of them. Just respect their decision and their efforts especially while they go through this rough patch. I've literally been following and watching smosh since I was about 10 and I'm still loving their content. I get that it's difficult and a lot has changed but change is necessary for growth.

Mizhidor but i just lost my 69 subs frick you : Damn i stopped watching Smosh for a while and i don't know a single one of this guys

Cr0wGaming : Because defy media is gone, why not get Anthony back?

Smosh Pit : We got this!

Mootaku The Nerd : im kinda mad at the people who just want it to be ian and anthony because i personally think it should be all of them including anthony also some people like smosh the way it is now. SUPPORT TO SMOSH!!!!

Fatalfish73 : things when downhill since smosh was owned by a company

RC : Can't wait to see more videos from y'all. Sorry to hear about what happened with your parent company. But i know that won't keep the Smosh crew down, y'all keep grinding and making great content.

Xorus Xorusovich : Who else watched that girl’s white pants the whole video?

Mari Takahashi : GTS, Board AF, Smosh & Order. Lezzgo 🤘🤘🤘

stilltypical : You can tell how happy they are lmaoo

Blueout23 : since you guys have more freedom now, bring Anthony back for a cameo. or just back

Juan Chavez : Can you guys in the comments stop trying to force Anthony back into smosh, hes also human if you guys forgot

soyon manlai : This is the worst of the few events of 2018, first death of Stan Lee, the shut down of Smosh and Warp zone.


Mr Banry : her panties....

Bradley Unknown : Lol i only came back to see whats going on because of anthonys video

Matux Animation : *W* *H* *E* *R* *E* *is* *ANTHONY?*

Jawunleashed : Them: "Josh is behind the camera." Me: "HOW THEY KNOW MY NAME?"

Sergio The One : If Ian takes control of Smosh again, and has access of all channels, I’m confident things will be ok. I’m glad you all are staying together. WE’RE HERE TO SUPPORT YOU!

doobydummy lol : your vids were always bad so no

Emerrias : I only recognize Ian

Aditya Sanjeev : Now that you're free from your evil masters you should bring back anthony!

panda GAMING : Bring back Anthony