This guy made a bioplastic knife from Potatoes from scratch in his kitchen

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不気味な熊は気性が荒く攻撃的であるがASMRで落ち着く習性を持つ・・ 熊の攻撃を防ぎながらジャガイモから包丁を作る男と熊とジャガイモのドキュメンタリー動画です ※この動画はジャガイモから土に還るバイオプラスチックを 作り、その強度を調べる実験を兼ねた科学ドキュメンタリー動画です ※asmr用バイノーラルマイクで録音してみました。 熊にマイクが内臓されています ※動画は安全に十分な配慮をして制作しておりますので 絶対にマネしないでください


Subwoofer : alright, we've seen him cut a cucumber with a potato. *but can he cut a cucumber with a cucumber?*

milk : *now we know why he needs the knives*

Kamek Magikoopa : We need an update on the Demon Bear and his Origami Army.

Caitlyn Liew : This guy could honestly be a serial killer and I wouldn't be surprised.

OddLilPotatoe : People who havent been near this channel would probably think its clickbait...buT tHeN hES aCtUaLlY uSINg poTATOEs aNd fOr soMe reAsOn iTs blUe

softgoddessTM : please no music

OverdoseOfAnxiety : The slime community has gotten a lot more serious.

mikayuu trash : i feel like this music actually turned the video darker

とある星 : 警察官「凶器を何処に隠した!」 圧倒的不審者「食べました。」 警察官「なに!?」

Any Ratac : 3:30 when you wanna show off your mad origami skills but your YouTube channel revolves around making knives out of ridiculous materials

jsjeuxh dueujrnf : Police 1:What weapon did the killer use? Police 2: a potato knife sir Police 1: ... Police 2: ... Thanks for likes.

Fizz Pop Productions : But can he cut *a knife with a knife?*

jerungbiru55 : MAKE A KNIFE OUT OF CUCUMBER!!!

Lupinel : 多分じゃがいもが一番驚いてる

Ismæl MR : 6:46 he just made cocaine out of a potato

Vyruss57 : Imagine trying to rob him and he pulls out a knife made from green beans

ミカンみかん : サムネを見て思ったこと ポテトがどうやったらそんな色になるんだ∑(゚Д゚) その後 ほうほう(*´ω`*)

Vivika : this entire channel is a fever dream

O x e j i n : our man can cook too and he does asmr

パーカーの人 : 食べ物を食べ物で切る気持ち... じゃがいも【お...おい同士よな...何をするつもりだっ!】 じゃが包丁【......タヒね...】 じゃがいも【う...うわぁぁぁぁ】 ザク

Kat Beb : The storyline with the bear is very intriguing

Ellie Klutts : Ok yeah potato knife and whatever but I’m emotionally invested in whatever kind of madness that side story with the teddy bear was about

ur dad : *see's thumbnail* Blue potato e

,ゼニーズ : ヨウ素デンプン反応で色つけると思った 笑

I'm David Hasselhoff : Ireland wants to know your location

rattyeely : Everyone's complaining about the music but honestly that made the encroaching horror of the bear all that more jarring and suspenseful

に こ_ : BGMがない時の謎のゲシュタルト崩壊感好きだわ

M R. : 芋で芋切る人初めて見た

One Breadstick : Please mKe knife ... 卵でナイフを作ってください。

もしもしかめよ : なるほどすごいポテトから…てか折り紙技術すげぇー!!!そしてクマとの戦いが壮絶すぎて好きです

Captin Wafflez : Hmm yes a very traditional potato knife video, with the music and the bear story it brings me back to when my grandma and me made my first potato knife

U.V. Rey : I feel like there's a story behind this that I haven't been told

Crywank are possers : so, this is technically a cooking tutorial

juli syah : it's almost 04:00 am, what am i doing here?

martin weatherby : A chem major with a hobby in knives...and starting to crack with the cows and other animals....😎

ミイ : The music is used in many japanese cooking videos, it was meant to be a parody

_ふんふんふふーん : クマ撫でるとこ耳ゾワッてした

Marie Sinu : Oml I can Imagen the headlines " WOMEN KILLED BY A POTATO KNIFE" - Is anyone safe? 🤔😩

Qz Rei : My favorite part is where he unveiled the demon in disguise as a bear, and then they did the demon dance around the caged demon-bear and the cow had a third eye and I was like, "yes. this is where I am meant to be". The potato knife was pretty cool too.

おおぎれな : おっ!BGMついた!いいね!でりしゅキッチンぽくて!って思ったらすごい止まった瞬間のこのこの感じすごい。語彙

グリーントルまりんちゅ : 0:23 そこで取るんだ…知らなかった(´-ω-)ウム

rあおりんご : もう片栗粉でいいじゃん、ということは言ってはならない… 青臭い香りも含めて芸術の刃

SAMURAI OJ : 耳のやつムッチャくすぐったいwww

soul less wandering : Everyone in prison be watching this

skullsey bones : He just made bioplastic from complete scratch... I'm both amazed and terrified by his skill??

Chloe Ruback : I actually really like this background music it made me feel happy for a little bit, which was really nice!

amazon opera : Oh……! What a beautiful color knife ♥️🎵 Just looking at it 、I`m feeling like in deep deep blue sea……😀🍧

うさぎ うさぎ : 発想がすごいし、それを実現できるのも凄いよね

りんかあんな : すげぇ ポテトがきゅうりを切っとるwww