VULFPECK /// Dean Town
The definition of funky bass Vulfpeck

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VULFPECK /// Dean Town buy on bandcamp → Jack Stratton — kick & snare, mixing, video Theo Katzman — sock cymbal Woody Goss — wurlitzer, composer Cory Wong — guitar Joe Dart — bass Tyler Duncan — engineer, camera Devin Kerr — mastering


fidan2fast : Guy: I play in a band Girl: oooh, that's hot... What do you play? Guy: uh... Oh... The lamp

Vitor Lins : Camera man is also a hero in this video

Rogue Nero : "Do you have a lead guitarist?" "Uhm no...But we have a Lead Bassist!"

E French : I don't always listen to Vulfpeck...but when I do, so do my neighbors

Y : That bassline got me pregnant, and I'm a guy.

sgkfilms : Bassist and guitarist are so tight you could put a piece of coal between them and by the end of the track it would be a diamond.

macdonmr : If you google 'tight' there should be a link to this video.

Rene P : The keyboard player smells the funk at 1:12

Wave Clear : Lyrics: Yo

Steffan Shinpad : Today I discovered Vulfpeck. Tomorrow I leave the house with a new walk, full of funk....

Bertrand PORTET : To all dean town lovers : jack stratton has uploaded the isolated tracks of every instruments on this masterpiece.. just search « Vulf stems » on google, other songs have been released too!

Ivanka Bukač : 144p is the way it's meant to be viewed.

Dog : guitar dude is funking so hard 0:59 and he isn’t even playing yet.... must be really groovy inside that room

Bert : Bass guitarist has the moves of a rooster with plenty of food at his feet, but he ain't hungry, just leaving it for his hens. So tight.

Dr Chef : That bass is so hard that now I'm the father of my uncle

pvnova : I've got a fever and the only prescription is more bassline.

James Lopez : Saw the gents today, and holy my oh my, they're absolutely phenomenal in concert.

bigruckus45 : Cat: Don't touch the floor. The floor is funk.

Björn Morén : That bass line has its own zip code.

Narvalo : bass guitarists : "What type of Bass line do you want ?" Vulf : "Yes"

Infinite loop : Here from Wintergatan Wednesdays. 🤗👍🏻

Ryan Weiss : Anyone notice the cat chilling up behind the bass player? His air licking chops are nuts!

Joshua Snell : Nobody's mentioning Jaco Pastorius, so I'll just go ahead and do that. Jaco Pastorius.

TeamHaruka : I must have watched this 50 times by now, and have only just noticed the cat on top of the wardrobe at 0:36

Wayne Ashworth : Set faces to 'Funk'


Balya Brain : Joe: *plays the fender bass* Fender bass: "stop it joe, it tickles me"

Zaginam Czasoprzestrzen : 2:18 that face expression, lmao

AwesomeThunder16 : Theo Katzman on the fender lamp

Joe Pebworth : That's one take? Video and audio? Noice.

A Beare : Anyone else notice the cat?

VCedraz Ribeiro : Rumour says it went on indefinitely after the video was cut, they are probably still jamming right now

Όργανα και Φίλοι : *z o o m i n g*

B Bistak : drummer on lampshade -- I'm laughing with my head bobbin!

coloreo666 : Guy at 0:31 looks like the Angry Videogame Nerd. Just sayin'. PS: He be rocking the shit outta dem cymbals!

Chance McGinness : Thanks for taking me somewhere else besides my mind for a minute 🤘🏼🙏🏼🏝

Beast Boy : I love how much they all love Joe Dart's sick bass licks.

Hänger : bass and guitar so tight they sound like an octave pedal <3

Jason Achilles : I have never done drugs. That Rhodes tremolo just changed that...

ShademanTheGreat : I heard him throw in a dash of “Do That Stuff” by Parliament. All good recipes have a little flavor that you recognize from somewhere else.

Mrs. Featherbottom : If you play it back at 0,75x speed, you can really hear how tight they are playing it... GOD

Multiapplecat : This sounds like it would be on the main menu of a car racing game like Gran Turismo

n ODD y : is he playing a lampshade with a chopstick?!

thedudebros : This band would be my #1 choice if they ever needed a band to make the soundtrack for a Starsky And Hutch remake. Just sayin..

m8an8or : I’ve always loved weather repo- Oh wait typo that doesn’t say teen

Gabriel DuBois : Q: what do you love the most about Joe Dart? A: his fingers in the first part of Dean town

frank alfar : Brilliant , funk , some sneaky Pastorious , disco-nected groove music= 🔥

GDH1981 : Got to love the funk face on Cory Wong at 58 seconds and he’s not even playing his guitar

Prashant Gnawali : My neighbor called the cops because I was playing this too loudly. . . . . . My neighbor got arrested.