VULFPECK /// Dean Town

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pvnova : I've got a fever and the only prescription is more bassline.

Brent Crude : In metronome factories, they use Joe Dart's Dean Town bassline for timesetting and quality control.

Chris Neary : Very impressive, but... Oh shit, wrong bass player

Bippity Dippity : The lamp drummer is totally Trevor from GTA 5.

AwesomeThunder16 : Theo Katzman on the fender lamp

caffeineadvocate : That lamp sounds amazing.

darkySp : "So, what do you do for a living ?" 0:30

Jeffrey McGill : 0:56 is the coolest moment in music history

Ooble Dooble : What The Funk

Wade Wilson : These guys look they play Magic: the Gathering and D&D during their spare time.

therealmrfishpaste : Vulfpeck reporting the weather....

leñe : With those hands Joe Dart has to be the king of foreplay

William Cameron : I wonder how many people get the reference to the Jaco Pastorius tune "Teen Town"

Pond Man : I never heard a group where I like all of their shit. This is that group. I love vulf

Evan Neff : Bassline is so slick that everyone in the band got bassface.

Kevin Deighton : Having spent years picking sixteenths hard down on the bridge pickup of a jazz bass I can tell you two Joe Dart facts: 1) He has major callouses on those picking fingers. 2) He breaks strings pretty regularly.

lextrader : Do you need a beard to be in this band

John Belser Music : Love it all but 2:05 is when the butter starts to melt just right

Vincent vom Kothen : You guys really should produce more dank funky stuff like this please

davidofpiano423 : Everyone's got bass face 'cept Joe... hilarious

Robbie Green : *intense zoom on hand*

TheNamelessBassist : The subtle muting on the bass at the beggining and around 00:06 where he let go and go back to muting changes the dinamic so hard for me, it's incredible.

Paco Jacstorius : Why does lampshade man look like he's in pain

Jesus Christ : I didn't know that i watched this videos 3M times......

Jeffrey Halvorsen : That was, without a doubt, some of the most sexually attractive bass playing I've ever heard. Dang, Joe.

Sweeneytv : So..... I'm mad. Explain yourselves. Where have you been for the past 25 years of my life? And I'm just finding out now? I guess I blame myself. But this is smooth and funky as fuck. Nice job.

Dog : guitar dude is funking so hard 0:59 and he isn’t even playing yet.... must be really groovy inside that room

Bradley Carter : Even tho it seems like WG is just coasting along with those syncopated chord fills I would just like to point out that Woody WROTE this one. Arguably the signature Vulf tune.

Snowspader : I musta watched this video 100 times by now and I only just noticed the cat over Joe's head 0:40

The10000lbGorilla : No one has ever played the cymbals with that much stank.

Leila Nevarez : Is that a raccoon on the corner behind the bassist? Had to ask...

Isaac Barry : 1.25x speed holy shiiiiiiiit

LuKIN207 : where is the 10h version ???

BassByTheBay : I hope the bass player's mom hasn't seen this video because that bass line is _nasty_ .

Timothy Lloyd : I just noticed... IS HE PLAYING WITH CHOPSTICKS?

Stefano B : This track just kills me.... RIP Daftpunk

Isaac Hidalgo : Ya like jazz?

jeeshwa123 : Thanks autoplay, don't know what this has got to do with the Stray Cats, but I'm glad I'm here. This kicks ass.

Gabriel Terrizzi : Joe Dart's right hand is going to burst into flames if he keeps doing that.

macdonmr : If you google 'tight' there should be a link to this video.

lecocksportiv : I just found out you guys yesterday and you went straight to my favorites. Pure Groove! Love it 😍 Greetings from Portugal 🇵🇹

Salome Scala : i am getting horny!

Kirk Prospector : Elrond rocking that cymbal

knerf999 : I wish you were my upstairs neighbours.

Mark B : everyone has bass face

Sean Hoke : 461 people got off at the wrong stop

Marco C : My fingers just wont do that...

REDMACX : I came from wintergatan

Rio O'Neal : The timbre from Theo's chop sticks is making my socks all damp.

Pedro Aylwin : mclovin giving it all on the guitar