VULFPECK /// Dean Town

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pvnova : I've got a fever and the only prescription is more bassline.

AwesomeThunder16 : Theo Katzman on the fender lamp

Chris Neary : Very impressive, but... Oh shit, wrong bass player

Y : That bassline got me pregnant, and I'm a guy.

Timothy Lloyd : I just noticed... IS HE PLAYING WITH CHOPSTICKS?

caffeineadvocate : That lamp sounds amazing.

Hänger : bass and guitar so tight they sound like an octave pedal <3

Vitor Lins : Camera man is also a hero in this video

Bippity Dippity : The lamp drummer is totally Trevor from GTA 5.

Kevin Deighton : Having spent years picking sixteenths hard down on the bridge pickup of a jazz bass I can tell you two Joe Dart facts: 1) He has major callouses on those picking fingers. 2) He breaks strings pretty regularly.

Brent Crude : In metronome factories, they use Joe Dart's Dean Town bassline for timesetting and quality control.


Wave Clear : Lyrics: Yo

darkySp : "So, what do you do for a living ?" 0:30

BassByTheBay : I hope the bass player's mom hasn't seen this video because that bass line is _nasty_ .

Evan Neff : Bassline is so slick that everyone in the band got bassface.

leñe : With those hands Joe Dart has to be the king of foreplay

Ivanka Bukač : 144p is the way it's meant to be viewed.

Dog : guitar dude is funking so hard 0:59 and he isn’t even playing yet.... must be really groovy inside that room

Bradley Carter : Even tho it seems like WG is just coasting along with those syncopated chord fills I would just like to point out that Woody WROTE this one. Arguably the signature Vulf tune.

davidofpiano423 : Everyone's got bass face 'cept Joe... hilarious

John Belser Music : Love it all but 2:05 is when the butter starts to melt just right

Jesus Christ : I didn't know that i watched this videos 3M times......

macdonmr : If you google 'tight' there should be a link to this video.

Paco Jacstorius : Why does lampshade man look like he's in pain

The10000lbGorilla : No one has ever played the cymbals with that much stank.

Lau Saili : If you don't like the cymbal drummer's facial expressions you're probably not a real friend of mine.

Sweeneytv : So..... I'm mad. Explain yourselves. Where have you been for the past 25 years of my life? And I'm just finding out now? I guess I blame myself. But this is smooth and funky as fuck. Nice job.

Pipe Guy : An instant funk classic. Absolutely stanky

LuKIN207 : where is the 10h version ???

Peter Lee : If this isn't what women want then I give up

jeeshwa123 : Thanks autoplay, don't know what this has got to do with the Stray Cats, but I'm glad I'm here. This kicks ass.

n ODD y : is he playing a lampshade with a chopstick?!

Beast Boy : I love how much they all love Joe Dart's sick bass licks.

Inoqut Kristensen : Where do I find the repeat button?

Jeffrey Halvorsen : That was, without a doubt, some of the most sexually attractive bass playing I've ever heard. Dang, Joe.

Isaac Barry : 1.25x speed holy shiiiiiiiit

Zaginam Czasoprzestrzen : 2:18 that face expression, lmao

Rene P : The keyboard player smells the funk at 1:12

Trevor Hatley : This is my favorite song, ever. I really dig the synergy and togetherness that they play with. It's something I've never seen before. The most exciting part? All of these guys are young, have low egos, and don't abuse drugs. In other words, we will most likely have Vulfpeck releasing new music for many, many years. I expect these guys to go down in history as one of the all time greats.

Tanner does things : vulfpeck is one of the most consistently amazing groups i've ever heard

Όργανα και Φίλοι : *z o o m i n g*

Judah B : Instantly came after the first second

Jason Achilles : I have never done drugs. That Rhodes tremolo just changed that...

Beau Stephenson Music Channel : This just makes me wanna throw on my boogie shows, cruise main in a '73 El Camino, and start a curfufle with the fuzz.

Leila Nevarez : Is that a raccoon on the corner behind the bassist? Had to ask...

maximum aaron : that bassline was fire FIRE!!!!!!!!

Salome Scala : i am getting horny!

bnp777 : super badass sweet daddy JONES right hurrrrr !!!

badaboum223 : I've been steady masturbating to this bass line since october 11th.