Asian Bachelorette 2

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AmandaRachLee : Okay, whose soul did y’all have to sell to get Kev Jumba???!!

Silvia Song : No balls. Try to get Eugene from the Try Guys

Ann Le {Anneorshine} : Awww Beth did such a great job! This was hilarious to watch!!!

talkandramble : I love the shade they threw at Harvard for Asian American discrimination

Meme Insider : Nguyen

Jake - The Korean Dream : This squad was so funny! Bring Ryan Higa next time!!

Jovena Akane Chia : look at BGA, going on reality programs to promote their song, a true kpop star

Goodness Gracious : This is so much better than the real bachelorette

D D : Watching this after finding out bethany is dtrix's girlfriend lol

LeilaniHapa : "But I guess people DO wanna see witty, hunky, romantic, multifaceted Asian men on screen. Who knew?" Definitely throwin' shade at Hollywood lol. And was that a Crazy Rich Asians reference?

Gina Darling : How many times have we put eyeliner on David since he started YouTube? Ahhaahhaha

Aly : Wait that Canadian guy sounds fully Aussie!!

vivalastina : "JuST kiDdiNg i Can SiIiiiiiiIIIIIiiiiiiIIIInGGG~" nearly fell off the elliptical right now hooooly

mct : "everyone is SO OLD" that got me laughing way harder than it should've

Katana bits : Daeyang and Jeungri😂 that reference thoooo. Vips anyone??😋

Angie Wang : WELL YOU LOOK LIKE A BTS REJECT. Me: that was a compliment, right?

Gol denchil d : 3:30 that asian squat though

A T : That Cambodian with the donuts lol 😂😂😂

Marioma : A bts reject. HAH.

Walla Ned : OMG KEVJUMBAAAAA. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. KEVIIIINNNNNN. AGGHHHHHHH

Amanda B : dude get eugene next time

TRENDING VIDEOS PROD. : Should get Lily Singh, Ryan Higa, Eugene Lee Yang, Rice Gum, Jet Li, Jackie Chang, and Bruce Lee on the next one!

Adrienne Ly : tbh this wasn’t as funny as the first one


mynametrong : Where can I audition for Asian Bachelorette 3?

Kodekrakkerz : Gee, I was low-key bummed out when there wasn't any "Crazy Rich Asians" reference during the "hometown visit" segment... Anyone else feel the same?

Aiyah M : OMG!! No they did not get BGA on here!! I'm fangirling so hard rn... Also, I am deceased. This is literally the funniest thing I've ever watched. I literally can't breathe lol 😂 “You look like a BTS reject with discount store eyeliner” Actual effing gold!



RageElixir : "If there's a Will, there's a Wang" LMAO

Marian Gallardo : at 6:49 HE SOUNDS LIKE ZUKO


Dhanhyaa Mahen : That kid from Tropic Thunder grew up?

YouTube Official : We need Ryan Higa on the show

Linda Thao : YES TO SEASON 3 AND KEVJUMBA!!! 💖😍😍

Genesis Vargas : HA! BgA members just had to ha!

Snehal Raut : No ones gonna talk abt Bethany?

Rman Nayr : WHERE'S NIGAHIGA??!!

LukeIsChilling : Wait so you have a actor that played in The Maze Runner??!?

Jimmy Zhang : Lemme jump on Bachelorette 3

-; adriana ;- : 3:29 *The iconic asian squat*

bts fan click this bts : Whant more

Ted Haggard : Malaysia a monarchy?

Chevelle_bear : 6:15 ayyyyeeeeee Cambo 👊🇰🇭 Doughnut mess with us! (Seriously though I have 4 relatives that all own a doughnut shop)

Maya Lee : KEV JUMBAAAAA HAS RETURNED AGAIN. LOOL "the most important part of marriage is money"

Natalie K. Kim : The store stereotypes are 101% correct. I was dying at that part. Love this, especially being Asian too. P.s it is at 5:50

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Chelsey Yang : This really got to me this time lmao. I NEED MORRREEE

green tea : Lol that was funny but I’m still wondering WHERE IS THE ASIAN BACHELORETTE?? I only see Asian bachelors here. 🤔