Perfect Egg Rolls Recipe Tamagoyaki - Eugenie Kitchen

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sphiedd : incredible how a video makes me interested, sleepy and hungry all at the same time.

AlyMation : your kitchen is more relaxing than my entire house...

SM : That hiccup at the end awwe and then she looked at the camera with a guilty look in her eyes. Lol too cute !

Rush Fudge : I failed miserably, so I made it into scrambled eggs. yay

jessi CuRLz : the way she says "chopped " is so cute lol

Nabiha Datoo : Aaaahhhh I really want some eggs right now and it's 3:30am why am I watching this

Earth Devil : Why do I feel like a toddler after watching this video?

karen wangari : atleast this one ican aford everything

Nerd Boy : "Quick and easy"  Me: Spends 1 hour trying to roll the egg

I DON'T SARANGHAE YOU : I have everything except the milk NOOOOOOO

Saroj Chaulagain : i liked it when u said "chopped" 😅

Cesar GYE : This video should be an ASMR, so relaxing

Nihilist : I tried to do this.... yeah, that's all about it.

FATIMA AZA : so nice ... and how cute is your speaking style :-)

和食の技術チャンネル : I always see you happily. It is easy to understand and tasty

David James : Looks great, great technique but cold eggs? I like my eggs piping hot, no thanks.

Riley N : do i have to use carrot

Talia Bodi : Why am I here... It's 2:24 am... I'm never going to make one of these... I need to reassess my life choices...

MPOnline : Please do check out my street food version of bread omelette

Николай Стариков : ================================= This experiment is super--- #GoldenEggg =================================

Okiyuko - : omg she hiccuped and looked at the camera like ?!

itjustworks : had to watch the video like 3 times to understand the recipe I was way to distracted by your cute accent

Nana Esi Okyere-N. : I just kept gushing - you're so cute! 😆 and it's quite magic to me how not a single piece of egg was left in the pan - I'm never able to do that :( but it's okay, I've learnt how to do it now (the applying of the oil with the brush) :)

karanpreet singh : music creeps me out

Gray Au : Egg cholesterol isn't bad for you in moderation. Your body uses it to build cells.

Siddharth : Choppe-duh

Rosa Chernand : Adorei, vou fazer.

Jason Lee : This video makes me want to eat an omelet and then take a nap

SavvyMis : Love how you showed the ingredients. The egg rolls look awesome and delicious. This looks like something super fun to make with the kids. Thank you.

humixmusic4lyf : This was so cute, and I never thought about adding chopped carrots. Usually so cheese instead (no salt needed wither in that case).

Aisha Rajhi : 👍🏻👍🏻

daisy kate : Yummy recipe..although I did not try it...

King Diola : This needs cheese...

Rom Khang : I always break the eggs while it's cooked

Evgenia : looks very yummy, but the eggs cooked so quickly? they look a little bit rαw to me, but i dont know , maybe its my mistake,

Swiss Zurich : کوفت بشه چقدر خوشمزه و زیبا😛😛

khaled mostafa : Some Help .. it brakes every time in the frying pan .. please , Tell me the details .. and How can you do it exactly ??

ΑΙΚΑΤΕΡΙΝΗ ΔΕΔΕ : I don't know if I will make it, but I liked the way and the method. Congratulations Eugenie !

Tempted L9 : Add in half cup of miuuulk

Super Food : Ik heb het ook gemaakt alleen Een beetje mislukt.....

Eggroll 177 : OMG I LOVE UR ACCENT AND ITS LIKE 2 AM IM HUNGRY and I for sure wanna try this looks so good 😭

Loolul : carrot chopped-Du!, Onion chopped Du! springOnion chopped Du! :p

Shyne Anha : I love your voice.. very soothing.. also I love the fact that there is no loud music or anything..!! I'll definitely try making some egg rolls soon. Hope they turn out fine.. m a bad cook lol.

Lily Vuong : The music makes everything feel eerie and unsettling. It's like I'm in some house haunted with creepy dolls...

anjum syeda : so nice..... what a lovely folding egg roll . thanks for the video

fazeeralatiff : I just tried it today. Family liked it. I did one small mistake. instead of cooking over a low flame I did it over a medium flame. The exterior was slightly browned. Thanks a lot. well done. want to see more.

Fader Official : The music scared me

Tamil Sakthi : Super idea

Ella Buenviaje : I really like this recipe because the egg alone really tasted good. (I tried cooking it but it was a fail because i cut the carrots to big) You guys should give this a try it really tastes good. I'm legit going to try again. You just earned a subscriber :)

Synx Syahiran_ : Who cooks it with a rectangular frying pan..