Perfect Egg Rolls Recipe Tamagoyaki - Eugenie Kitchen

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SM : That hiccup at the end awwe and then she looked at the camera with a guilty look in her eyes. Lol too cute !

AlyMation : your kitchen is more relaxing than my entire house...

sphiedd : incredible how a video makes me interested, sleepy and hungry all at the same time.

Rush Fudge : I failed miserably, so I made it into scrambled eggs. yay

jessi CuRLz : the way she says "chopped " is so cute lol

Earth Devil : Why do I feel like a toddler after watching this video?

karen wangari : atleast this one ican aford everything

2.3M Saroj Chaulagain : i liked it when u said "chopped" 😅

Cesar GYE : This video should be an ASMR, so relaxing

David James : Looks great, great technique but cold eggs? I like my eggs piping hot, no thanks.

FATIMA AZA : so nice ... and how cute is your speaking style :-)

和食の技術チャンネル : I always see you happily. It is easy to understand and tasty

Nerd Boy : "Quick and easy"  Me: Spends 1 hour trying to roll the egg

Riley N : do i have to use carrot

Николай Стариков : ================================= This experiment is super--- #GoldenEggg =================================

itjustworks : had to watch the video like 3 times to understand the recipe I was way to distracted by your cute accent

MPOnline : Please do check out my street food version of bread omelette

Talia Bodi : Why am I here... It's 2:24 am... I'm never going to make one of these... I need to reassess my life choices...

Nihilist : I tried to do this.... yeah, that's all about it.

Gray Au : Egg cholesterol isn't bad for you in moderation. Your body uses it to build cells.

Rosa Chernand : Adorei, vou fazer.

humixmusic4lyf : This was so cute, and I never thought about adding chopped carrots. Usually so cheese instead (no salt needed wither in that case).

Alan Bright : That music... I feel like I am sleeping in crib and there is this musical toy hanging over me and rotating playing this music and some Japanese woman trying to make me hungry n sleepy at the same time

khaled mostafa : Some Help .. it brakes every time in the frying pan .. please , Tell me the details .. and How can you do it exactly ??

Okiyuko - : omg she hiccuped and looked at the camera like ?!

anjum syeda : so nice..... what a lovely folding egg roll . thanks for the video

Jason Lee : This video makes me want to eat an omelet and then take a nap

karanpreet singh : music creeps me out

Aisha Rajhi : 👍🏻👍🏻

Lily Vuong : The music makes everything feel eerie and unsettling. It's like I'm in some house haunted with creepy dolls...

Siddharth : Choppe-duh

dejected mass : thought it was really clever how you pull the egg omelette out to the centre then add more egg mixture in and it cooks together making it bigger so it can be rolled some more. thats genius

Super Food : Ik heb het ook gemaakt alleen Een beetje mislukt.....

daisy kate : Yummy recipe..although I did not try it...

ΑΙΚΑΤΕΡΙΝΗ ΔΕΔΕ : I don't know if I will make it, but I liked the way and the method. Congratulations Eugenie !

Tempted L9 : Add in half cup of miuuulk

Nana Esi Okyere-N. : I just kept gushing - you're so cute! 😆 and it's quite magic to me how not a single piece of egg was left in the pan - I'm never able to do that :( but it's okay, I've learnt how to do it now (the applying of the oil with the brush) :)

Evgenia : looks very yummy, but the eggs cooked so quickly? they look a little bit rαw to me, but i dont know , maybe its my mistake,

SavvyMis : Love how you showed the ingredients. The egg rolls look awesome and delicious. This looks like something super fun to make with the kids. Thank you.

Gessianny Kelly : ameiiiiii num estante a pessoa faz super fácil ❤❤

Ella Buenviaje : I really like this recipe because the egg alone really tasted good. (I tried cooking it but it was a fail because i cut the carrots to big) You guys should give this a try it really tastes good. I'm legit going to try again. You just earned a subscriber :)

Tv Marginalia : this video is very relaxing

Ti Ha : Was she bout to vomit that stuff up at the end?

Ti Ha : Does this come with a happy ending?

Sapanas recipe : nice....

Anitha Rajagopal : വെരി ബോർ മുട്ടയും പാലും

HelloJosieLiz : So creative and looks delicious. I love this !

Jelennie Leonardo : i'm gonna make this, rigth now.

Rouben : I love your videos

tabassam nazir : so nice