White Like Me - SNL

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Billie4Mozzarella : His walk killed me

Shanette Quao : EDDIEEEEEEEE

Surah Online : So THATS what happens when I get off the bus!!! 😮😮😂

R.D Bergman : I miss funny Eddie.

thchillz : He looks like Geraldo Rivera!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im2hastyle : This HAS to be the original model for Ned Flanders lol

Tamu Malone : Decades later I still need my inhaler😂😂😂

Tamu Malone : Decades later Eddie still looks good

Jacob Gonzalez : 4:58 Look at young Charlie Murphy (His real brother and cast member of Chappelle's Show comedian/actor. I can recognize that smile from a mile away. R.I.P. borther

Adèle-Muguette De La Bernaque : He looks like Ned Flanders!

M I : White dude here, can confirm.

elijah pulotu : 3:12 white dude couldn't even clap on beat 😂😂😂

Chewable Jim : I'll take "Sketches That Couldn't Get Made Today" for $500, Alex.

playafromthehemalaya * : What a silly neegro

PTRS 41 : Back when snl was funny.

Mexican Lysol : 2017.....ain't a damn thing has changed Eddie

G13 INSANE 13D : How I never seen this :D damn this is legendary! gotta love E.M.

Hop Skip : I'm just in tears, the hallmark card training had me done from the start lmbo

Tez E : We STILL TODAY have a very long way till all men are treated equal.


Kiri Blakeley : The bank scene isn't so far off. Today's venture capital atmosphere. Disruptive grilled cheese?? Sure, here's half a billion...

W.A. watson : "When they walk they keep their butts tight". It prevents over heating.

Hallic0Hicks : 5:00 CHARLAY MURPHAY!!!!!!!

treedevil : "and I read a whole bunch of Hallmark cards" broke me 😂 😂 😂

•Chickens8 • : 3:04 how white (or musical obsessed) am I for immediately recognizing that the song is “Cabaret” from Cabaret?

Bob Ross : im white but this was really funny

Dee Rob : 33 years later and still hilarious!

Andy Ace : I always hate it when I have to wait for the black person to leave the bus before we can have our win and cheese soiree.

David S. : They're on to us.

Nähwichtel Nähen : aha being a black who gets white make-up is ok, being a white getting some black make up for a skit is scandale shame..... still this is hilarious

Mike Smith : All time classic. Makes ya think and funny.

brandon boulton : What every SJW thinks white males experience.

TheTomtah : It was good but he didnt clench his butt enough.

mattclarknyc : Wait, I don't have to pay for anything? Apparently, I've been white all wrong.

Travis Bickle : 5:00 RIP 😭😭😭😭😭😭

John Bertrand : The pure essence of comedy. Nothing is funnier than the truth exaggerated. Murphy at the top of his game here. He doesn't try to dominate the bit, but plays it low key at lets the situation around him draw the laughs. Shame we can't look at ourselves today like this.

Elizabeth Quinn : The bank thing came true. I remember watching this as a kid.

DeeRock : Gosh.. That walk is killing me .. hahahah

Matthew Anderson : Liberals actually believe this

Antonio Ramirez : “What a silly neegro” hahaha i was dying

Wolvemir : Oh my LORD this is good 😂😂😂

MenInBlu3 _ : Now do this same thing except a white guy in black face! Excuse me? Oh yeah that's racist lol. Sorry I forgot the double standard :)

Brad Weisman : This is absolutely hilarious 😂

Sandeep Srinivasan : Eddie Murphy😂😂

Dr. Merkenstein : He looks like Tom Selleck

jay sullivan : 90% of BLM thinks this skit is a documentary.

J Wallace : We've got a lot of make up lol

Laughing Man : 30 years later, and nothings really changed. Except for now white people don't seem to get how good they still have it. I grew up in middle class family, and have had all of societies advantages, but I am the victim! I'll take zero responsibility for my life I'll just blame a minority for my problems! It's not my fault I am a loser, someone else is to blame!

Александрамичаеливна викторинакодрова : they've figured out our secret!

Santrice McPherson : Still funny decades later lol