White Like Me - SNL

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Eddie Carlson : He looks like a white Eddie Murphy

DiomyYunsa : Rip charley.. I still miss you. 😢😢😢

D.B. RACKSTRAW D.B. RACKSTRAW : its apollo creed !

EngiMeer : all men are not truly equal ... some may be black and some may be white! but niggas keep fucking shit up for everybody! and as long as you have a nigga mentality, I don't care what color you are, you are always gonna be a nigga to me that keeps fucking shit up!

Adam Brady : What happened to Mr. Church?

Muffin Lion : 5:01 darkness everybody, darkness is spreading, darkness's

Kingsir da boss : There's NO amount of make up to make Eddie Murphy look white!

elijah pulotu : 3:12 white dude couldn't even clap on beat 😂😂😂

Edie : I wish whites gave other whites things for free, actually they're greedy fucks who don't help out other people except their own family. That's why there's no White Community. There can be a whole neighborhood of white people on a street and no one talks to each other. Or they fight.

Jerry Riddle : If they did something like this today, I'm pretty sure they'd be off the air

Elmnopen : I used to think this was hilarious. Little did I know it would pave the way for the black racism that is so prevalent today. what if a white men put on blackface and made his lips huge in his nose big and accentuated the differences between blacks and whites. what if he was eating watermelon and fried chicken and talking and bad Ebonics. Fuck all of you racist assholes

DevilDarkOtaku : Since this was showed on tv, we are not sure who is who and ride on bus are not the same, and evry time i go to the bank i have to wash my face in front of the guy to take my free money ! THANKS EDDY !!!

Eddie Porter : 🙁he still looks as a darker creole in he's get up... HOW 😤Disappointing! If it was real life and His get up. 🙁he could not pass for a full blooded Anglo American that is a pure European decent because OF the skin tone, in my book 😠I should know... YES!!! I'm Ranting, even That is a long story in itself 😬 it's irritating! Venting in my commentary. And "FOR" the Love of GOD - DON'T take WHAT I said Personally😶😐😐

Tadesan : I never realized Eddie Murphy wasn't funny. Huh

Alt Centrist Lilly : no matter how much makeup or plastic surgery most blacks get they would NEVER be able to pass as being anything but black

Stephanie Ervin : 323 southern racist can't stand it

pcbgatlas : he looks mexican, at best

0sum gamezzz : I never realized how tight my butt cheeks are when I walk

Rafael Saenz : Nothing but the truth .fuck RACISM!!!!!!!!

Danielle Scribbins : Id like to see this skit. Roles reversed.

James Sm : This is how antifa and blm view white privilege.

David Cowdrey : From now on I'm going to make an effort to keep my butt real loose when I walk. You might want to walk ahead of me.

MrHoldbrook : Damn, Saturday night live used to be funny!!

Rasun FrmQns : It was dry at points but the the ender was one of the funniest lines ive ever heard

Durodes Duvo : I think this is making fun of how ridiculous the perception of white privilege is.

Don Barzini : back when liberals had a sense of humor

Sam Pan : White face. Not cool. When will black people stop oppressing white people?

joshua bapp : White face is offensive, sickening, racist, and it is appalling. How dare he. BTW I've seen this way over 20 years ago. But something can't be bad for one race, but good for another. SNL should have ended that very day. Double standards are fucking bull shit. Eddy Murphy should been MADE to apologise. Stupid racist bitch. Doesn't surprise me a "guy" of Eddie Murphy color is a faggot most men like him take it up the booty in hip hop and his silly bitch as picks up transvestites. Smdh.

Keymo Suenos [Author] : If you liked this video, check mine out.

The Crypto Jihadist : Sadly people think this shit actually happens. Mostly BLM.

Xaeravoq : that nigga look black af even w makeup

Crab Soul : that was Charlie Murphy at the end nice.

marcus. : "...and eye read a whole bunch of hall mark cardz"....😁 LoL #classiccjunt

MOLE : There is a film with a British comedian who became white for the film it's actually a good film I think it was offered to Eddie Murphy first the film star Lenny Henry called true identity. As for this you can never disguise the black shape nose or bigger lips

TinyBeast : Then: this is so funny Now: OH MY GOD HE IS RACIST

Shailesh Saigal : epic... just freakin epic

Seymore Hynee : still not whiter than Bryant gumble !!! d;D

1988Steez : 5:01 Charlie. :'(


Daniel : is that Jim Downey playing the cashier?

janine ruffo : So unrealistic!! This stuff does not go on.

Gaspar Tiznado : Yeah, whitewashing's not racist at all. XD

BLACK CUBE MYSTERY : Yeah... I wish being white was that great...


Billy Boid : Had races been reversed in this piece, so would the likes and dislikes for this video. FACT.

Jam Ma : He looks and talks like Geraldo Rivera... who is also pretending to be white.

Douchy McDouche : So blackface is racist, but whiteface is hilarious? People are such hypocrites.

LPWF Turtle : I can confirm the bus thing

Fraydizs : 4:18 metaphorically murdered me... im deceased someone bring me back to life please

Alien Chola : he was 23 years old when he filmed this. He started at SNL at a young age