White Like Me - SNL

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Billie4Mozzarella : His walk killed me

Warrior Mindset : What a silly negro!!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

DeeRock : Gosh.. That walk is killing me .. hahahah

jdbg1 : Fuck they're on to us...

Adèle-Muguette De La Bernaque : He looks like Ned Flanders!

TheTomtah : It was good but he didnt clench his butt enough.

bertrach : Haha... he doesn't look white, he looks like Geraldo!

Hallic0Hicks : 5:00 CHARLAY MURPHAY!!!!!!!

John Harris : Go to a library and check out the book "Black Like Me" - it's title taken from a Langston Hughes poem. It was late made into a movie. White man poses as black while traveling through the south in 1958.

Abhishek Mondal : Looks like Peter Dinklage.

Peeled Apples : His white guy voice sounded like Obama! (And no, I'm not making some ham-fisted political point. It just genuinely sounded like Obama!)

Chrissi : Funny enough his version of a white person is good enough for the american classification standards

ben : by todays standards he still looks completely black

Andy Ace : I always hate it when I have to wait for the black person to leave the bus before we can have our win and cheese soiree.

Dezzy O : is it just me that notices how culturally significant this sketch is today?

Gabriel Land : This is leagues better than anything SNL is doing today. Real locations, risque humor

ilya Kozlov : 5:00 thats charlie murphy :)

uniuser AL : Michael Jackson was watching this back then.

Stephen Unsworth : Why did the British National Anthem start playing at the end?

Daniel Garcia : 5:00 Charlie Murphy!!!

Shanette Quao : EDDIEEEEEEEE

Lone Wolf : 5:00 Charlie Murphy!...Darkness everyone darkness is spreading

Obi Wan Kenobi : the premise was AWESOME. i just wish he had made more out of it. there was a lot of potential left

Arrian Babill : He doesn't like white by any means. Total pathetic simply.

RealationGames : This sketch shows that white privilige is just a ridiculous stereotype.

Morley Turner : he looks like Jimmy fallon when he's white

Son of Baal : This is what SJW actually think

KINGBADASS100 : Did Eddie Murphy really actually do this?

GifKing : "What a silly negro" LOOOOOL

CrunchyNorbert : being white in America looks awesome; I'll book a ticket

Wayfaring Stranger : Make something like this today and everyone's triggered.

Charles Murphy : You have to think a young kid from DC by the name of Dave Chappelle watch this one night and said "I can do this!" This was a Paul Mooney sketch too.

mæstro mÜgre : SNL please remember when you used to speak truth, instead of pushing liberal propaganda.

Kerry-Anne Maloney : That explains Iggy Azalea...

Matt W : The current political climate is based on black lives matter believing this is true.

Ryan Chase : Hilarious, and obviously Chapelle saw it back in the day...

Khalil Jones : RIP Charlie Murphy

john amos : Eddie is the GOAT!!!!

R.D Bergman : I miss funny Eddie.

Lee Sowden : ye sorry I forgot eddie Murphy been oppressed all his life

Stephen Clark : This is why I don't get mad at people doing black face. Eddie Murphy did white face, Dave Chappelle did it, too and it's hilarious. I'm not in the least bit offended, why would I be? It's a funny sketch. It just helps to highlight just how racist many SJWs really are.

xang pee : why is it at the end when he says all men in this country they start playing God save the Queen 😂😂

Treblaine : In the 80's the bank loan one was a joke... in 2000's they actually freaking did it with the subprime mortgage crisis. (In a nutshell, they really did give huge number of loans that they knew they could take forever to pay back and fully expected them to never be paid back at all.)

Kool Keith II : Eddie is a genius

Scott Gibson : I got pulled over the other day for driving in the multi car lane with no passengers the state troops ask me why I did what i did and told him I was late for work, he never ask for my license or registration, he said you better get going or your going to be late. True story, white privilege is alive and well.

Leandro Milagroso/D Creature : ROTFL Eddie is GREAT. He's been a funny man for years, before I was born lol

Joseph Burgard : guess SNL was still liberal cancer, even back in the 80's!!

William ckemons : Fuckin funny

SomethingRules : CHARLIE MURPHYYYY!!!!!

Mellory Lopes : isn't this the same as that movie 'Black like me' where a white man paints his skin black because he wanted to know how it feels like to be black. Or the movie 'Soul man' where a student paints his skin black to get a scholarship for Harvard.