How the Inventor of the Rubik’s Cube Cracked His Own Code

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mugensamurai : A time when toys did more than just spin fast.

NadeKing : so how he cracked his own code?

Alkri kim : It is so good old man

FastCubeMaster : Good video! Definitely interesting to watch this being a cuber myself.

50 subs with no Videos : Who here can solve one?

Frost97 : *When I was a kid,* I thought the Rubik's was made by Chinese, because the instruction is in Mandarin.

Moose'd : Interesting video but you never actually gave the information that the title entails. Ik there are plenty of tutorials out there for solving them but learning how the inventor himself did it would be particularly interesting...

asddap : So... how did he crack it?

It's RichieD : Last time I was this early. Great Big Story did not exist to bring us such Great Big Stories.

YoMan : This thing took me 2 years to solve it. Someone makes it in 8 seconds(

AlittleYorkie : Haha I still can’t solve the rubik’s cube no matter how much I try. EDIT: So many people are giving me tips on how to complete it. Thank you to those people but I didn’t mean my comment as in that type of way. I’ve only played with a rubik’s cube like twice in my life and don’t have a goal to actually complete it- that would be cool though😂

Fake & Original Name : *Bucket List of a Sad Person (aka Me)* 1.) Learn How to Solve a Rubik's Cube

MYZTIC GAMING : "My house in Budapest my hidden treasure chests golden grand piano my beautiful Castillo"

Zaxor Von Skyler : That quote at the end was very inspirational and just what I needed to hear today!

Dinorami : As a speed cuber, figuring out what seems like obvious things on a cube is actually pretty difficult. It’s hard to imagine what he had to go through.

Slow Mo Stuff : 1:33 U3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Cup Noodles : I want to thank you for Mr. Rubik, even though he is not that famous, he made a lot of contribution in this generation. I'm a cuber and i really appreciates his idea of making the cube. May God give him more knowledge and health.

Grant Lapointe : Any speedcubers here? My average is 20 seconds

Kreno GD : I'm from Hungary! :D

Rafa De Francisco : His voice is so low is kinda disturbing 😅

BrownieBearYT : Instructions unclear. Broke Rubix cube instead of code.

Daniel Rodriguez : Rubix Cube > Fidget Cube

Benedek Boda : Where are all the fellow Hungarians at?

August Lin : 1:30 U3 lmao never want to do this when speedcubing.

Mercury : Okay, but how? Imparting that information to us is not in the video :/

Huper : 1:31 yeah we could solve it with a U' but let's do a U3 instead!!

salty fifa : On Christmas I'm celebrating my Rubik's Cube 6th Birthday being unsolved 🎉

Cupapet93 : I love your channel but, please be more informative!

Dennis Y : Invented the cube but the company makes the worst cube

Moofy : My best is 17 seconds

Fenly Gaming : Any non cubers?

Eddy : And in 2017 our best invention is the freakin fidget spinner What did the world Become

Andrej Nikolov : I learned the cube in just 2 weeks. What about YOU?

Ozvel Sanchez : Any CUBER?

Aleksi Nuutila : I was suprised to see an interview of him. I thought Ernö Rubik doesnt give interviews.

RookieN08 : I never understood how people invent algorithms to solve puzzles. I mean learning how to solve puzzles is difficult enough but inventing the algorithms? Man, it's like Issac Newton inventing calculus while many students today are still struggling with it.

Bray : The good thing is Ernő Was Hungarian :3

Ken : Got baited by the title. Feels bad.

Prachi Patil : Just saying... I'm an Architect 😇

IceWalkerHD : Without him, i would not survive my exams as my parents took my phone away and rubiks cube help me out and now i am able to solve many differant type of cube from 2x2 to 7x7😊😊😊

TheReal3XPL017_ : Cringyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (for cubers)

SkyCowz04 : He is a real legend. I salute you, Mr. Erno Rubik

Padre Oink : 1:31, Feliks crying. U3 xd

Dan101 : People are saying to take the stickers off but what about just disassembling the cube, it's faster than taking the stickers off unless you are that person who doesn't know about cubing so you can't disassemble one....

GamersMark3 : “I have a friend that can solve it in 3 seconds” *INSERT MORE CUBING MEMES*

Kounter : 1:31 was that a 3U... bruh

Chainsaw E.B. : I love to cube my PB is 8.49. With CFOP

4TheLoveOfCubing : Love this man, he helped me get so many friends because of my cubing talents

PIK YOKE WONG : This is so inspiring.

0MindSwept0 : This is hardly how he cracked it, more like how his cube cracked everyone else