How the Inventor of the Rubik’s Cube Cracked His Own Code

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Moose'd : Interesting video but you never actually gave the information that the title entails. Ik there are plenty of tutorials out there for solving them but learning how the inventor himself did it would be particularly interesting...

NadeKing : so how he cracked his own code?

mugensamurai : A time when toys did more than just spin fast.

50 subs with no Videos : Who here can solve one?

August Lin : 1:30 U3 lmao never want to do this when speedcubing.

Alkri kim : It is so good old man

Milk S H O O K : 1:31 yeah we could solve it with a U' but let's do a U3 instead!!

Whatsapp Status Videos : Any non cubers?

RookieN08 : I never understood how people invent algorithms to solve puzzles. I mean learning how to solve puzzles is difficult enough but inventing the algorithms? Man, it's like Issac Newton inventing calculus while many students today are still struggling with it.

Ken : Got baited by the title. Feels bad.

Eddy : And in 2017 our best invention is the freakin fidget spinner What did the world Become

Rafa De Francisco : His voice is so low is kinda disturbing 😅

Prachi Patil : Just saying... I'm an Architect 😇

SkyCowz04 : He is a real legend. I salute you, Mr. Erno Rubik

asddap : So... how did he crack it?

Josh Huey : I believe the title is misleading. Nowhere in the video does he discuss the actual methods Rubik used to solve his cube. A more accurate title would be "When** the Inventor of the Rubik's Cube Cracked His Own Code". I was honestly expecting to hear him explain how he came about solving his cube.

Padre Oink : 1:31, Feliks crying. U3 xd

GamersMark3 : “I have a friend that can solve it in 3 seconds” *INSERT MORE CUBING MEMES*

TheReal3XPL017_ : Cringyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (for cubers)

Richard de Jager : Last time I was this early. Great Big Story did not exist to bring us such Great Big Stories.

Kounter : 1:31 was that a 3U... bruh

0MindSwept0 : This is hardly how he cracked it, more like how his cube cracked everyone else

TheCubingFox : Omg erno is 73 So young!!!!

Sheila Villanueva : The thumbnail triggered me

FastCubeMaster : Good video! Definitely interesting to watch this being a cuber myself.

yvrelna : The guy who animated that broken up rubik's cube should crack open a cube. There are no rubik's cube that has flat innards like that.

PIK YOKE WONG : This is so inspiring.

PicuPiee : very wise old man :)

Giaco Lobaton : The cubes that have different brands are better than the original

YoMan : This thing took me 2 years to solve it. Someone makes it in 8 seconds(

B T K : Any cubers here?

Myztikal : once, someone told me they could only solve five sides of the Rubik's cube... xD


Hawaiian Jr : Anyone in 2017 still playing with Rubiks cubes ?

AlittleYorkie : Haha I still can’t solve the rubik’s cube no matter how much I try. EDIT: So many people are giving me tips on how to complete it. Thank you to those people but I didn’t mean my comment as in that type of way. I’ve only played with a rubik’s cube like twice in my life and don’t have a goal to actually complete it- that would be cool though😂

Strat Cat : Imagine if the rubiks cube was invented today! It would be a kickstarter projected and all the manufacturing would be done on a 3d print. And, it would come with bluetooth! So you can check the weather!! Don't forget about the inevitable bottle opener on it as well!

Little Peep : My name is erno ribik RIBIK He named it after he’s last name

Trap Guardian : We use Moyu Weilongs and Valks and Qiyi Thundclaps today.

Milan Tom : how I can learn how to solve a cube

Fake & Original Name : *Bucket List of a Sad Person (aka Me)* 1.) Learn How to Solve a Rubik's Cube

HighLife Gaming : 0:23 ‘this beautiful city of Budapest’ Here I’m thinking England is my city

Zela Morre : Fun fact. The Encyclopedia Britannica actually had the instructions for solving a Rubik's Cube printed in it. So that's how you would figured out how to solve your cube before the internet. You'd look it up in an encyclopedia.

Evan Blenkinsopp : The worse part is that he had to use a Rubik's Brand cube... *shudders*

Matthew Kim : Wow! Being sub-20 at solving the cube, I'm impressed they got Erno to talk at all, being the secluded person he is. This was a brilliant video. Thanks, Great Big Story!

MYZTIC GAMING : "My house in Budapest my hidden treasure chests golden grand piano my beautiful Castillo"

Panda Plays : I didn't know that. Thank you so so so much for the video!!!

AwesomeE2 : What does HE think of the

muhammad amin sarabi : without a method you can not solve it, with a method there is no joy to solve it! i do not know why they hold a competition for solving it when we all know they use definite steps to solve it instead of using brain!

Fellita Atmadjaja : Please tell me the font they're using for the text.

Dinorami : As a speed cuber, figuring out what seems like obvious things on a cube is actually pretty difficult. It’s hard to imagine what he had to go through.