Product testing the 3 Second Eyebrow stamp

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Brandon Fields : I’m almost positive I’ve fallen in love with her. She’s got the greatest personality ever ♥️

Barbie D. : I have not laughed this hard in months!

Turbo Turtle : I’m so sorry you live in a car. Your doorbell is cute But not as cute as your new brows.!

Broken Hearted : Girl!!! You are so hilarious and that poor gal at mcd' funny! You should have your own show! Damn girl. The fact that u can do all that with such a straight face tells me u have pure talent. SOOO funny. U r my new favorite. Definitely subscribed.

Jessica de wit : I just love, love, love you! All you watching, you have to see her face skimmer video!!

Susan Ramirez : Your the BOMB!.. lol.... this is messed up!!!!...LoL awesome!!! 💕💕💕💕

Kevin Wilson : hadn’t laughed this hard in. a. looooong. time. thank you.

lindseyval : We NEED a SELF TANNER TEST. Not sure it ought to be in your car... but, I'm game!!

Justin P : Kristen, you're absolutely amazing. I don't know how I literally sat here and watched the whole 35 min LOL... you're just that entertaining. Would love to see you get out the car and ask strangers on the street for their opinions too. They'll probably be more comfortable than a stranger pulling up in a car. 😁

Nixie Knox : Where have you been all my life?! LOL! YOu rock! Will you be doing a follow up on the big, red, silicone lip exerciser thingy?

cindy andrews : Lol those teeth though cracked me up your the best!!

Denise OReilly : LMAO - OMG - A Total hoot!!! LOL - i almost believe in these products compliments of your ever positive attitude to crap!!!

maureen sokora : i love watching this so much!! I'm so sick of politics and this is where I go to laugh...thank you!!!!

Broken Hearted : Oh....and THANK YOU! U MADE MY DAY!! Sexy can't wait! Lololol. Yes! U should get out and mingle . Heeeyyyy. Oh snap! Those girls at mcd's grabbed their coworkers to come see u😁...I am sure of it.

janhoup : I have laughed so hard, I can’t stop !!!!!!!

vfmnx : I laugh so hard watching all your videos! I literally have to stop the video so I can wipe my eyes and calm down!!

Tamara Wiley : Want a side kick?? I will come help you out!!

Pretty fly for a wise guy : This is the best thing I’ve ever found

M. Morrison : OMG!!!! I can't!!! You are AWESOME!

Dave Burkett : Good Lord, would yall just stop already.

bboysfanatic : I think I'm in love.....this is the exact personality I want in a wife!

Elisa : i was dying when she put in those fake teeth omg hhahhahaha

Stacy Wheeler : O...M...G... absolutely hilarious! Girl, you crack me up!! Thanks for the laughs!

robinboberg : Groucho Marx eyebrow!

ALISON Church : You are hysterical!!!! I ADORE you!

Justin P : "SEXY CAN'T WAIT!!!" 😂🤣

Randi Halley : 😂

GypsiGemma : You are amazing! Love it!

Irene Ingenue : I really enjoy your video's. You're hilarious.

Linda Iezzi : Hilarious

Nicole lovesjesus : Where do we buy them?

Christopher Gulledge : This is hilarious Subbed.

Mandi Young : Girl, you look dynamite.

Yogi Slivers : I think you should be my new best friend...your commentary is fantastic!

Beth Burns : 😂😂😂😂😂

Broken Hearted : Lol. 8:53. Best part!!

Aussie Valiant : Bahaha.

Bly Cat : clown eyebrows! I laughed real hard !!