Product testing the 3 Second Eyebrow stamp

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Brandon Fields : I’m almost positive I’ve fallen in love with her. She’s got the greatest personality ever ♥️

Barbie D. : I have not laughed this hard in months!

Turbo Turtle : I’m so sorry you live in a car. Your doorbell is cute But not as cute as your new brows.!

LifeIs WhatYouMakeIt : Girl!!! You are so hilarious and that poor gal at mcd' funny! You should have your own show! Damn girl. The fact that u can do all that with such a straight face tells me u have pure talent. SOOO funny. U r my new favorite. Definitely subscribed.

Susan Ramirez : Your the BOMB!.. lol.... this is messed up!!!!...LoL awesome!!! 💕💕💕💕

Jessica de wit : I just love, love, love you! All you watching, you have to see her face skimmer video!!

robinboberg : Groucho Marx eyebrow!

janhoup : I have laughed so hard, I can’t stop !!!!!!!

bboysfanatic : I think I'm in love.....this is the exact personality I want in a wife!

M. Morrison : OMG!!!! I can't!!! You are AWESOME!

Tamara Wiley : Want a side kick?? I will come help you out!!

Denise OReilly : LMAO - OMG - A Total hoot!!! LOL - i almost believe in these products compliments of your ever positive attitude to crap!!!

LifeIs WhatYouMakeIt : Oh....and THANK YOU! U MADE MY DAY!! Sexy can't wait! Lololol. Yes! U should get out and mingle . Heeeyyyy. Oh snap! Those girls at mcd's grabbed their coworkers to come see u😁...I am sure of it.

Stacy Wheeler : O...M...G... absolutely hilarious! Girl, you crack me up!! Thanks for the laughs!

Kevin Wilson : hadn’t laughed this hard in. a. looooong. time. thank you.

GypsiGemma : You are amazing! Love it!

Irene Ingenue : I really enjoy your video's. You're hilarious.

vfmnx : I laugh so hard watching all your videos! I literally have to stop the video so I can wipe my eyes and calm down!!

Beth Burns : 😂😂😂😂😂

Mandi Young : Girl, you look dynamite.

Elisa : i was dying when she put in those fake teeth omg hhahhahaha

ALISON Church : You are hysterical!!!! I ADORE you!

Christopher Gulledge : This is hilarious Subbed.

Yogi Slivers : I think you should be my new best friend...your commentary is fantastic!

Aussie Valiant : Bahaha.

Bly Cat : clown eyebrows! I laughed real hard !!

LifeIs WhatYouMakeIt : Lol. 8:53. Best part!!