As soon as it's November

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EpicDonutDude : Christmas memes are a little early this year

Jesus Christ : I hate Christmas music!

Chance Browning : why is this only 25 seconds? this is a masterpiece

pitro91 : Christmas in front while Black Friday is happening in background

MisterDutch93 : This works way too well.

Paige Roberts : Me when I pass my class with a 75.14%

Jaylin meme specialist : This is Christmas don't catch you being bad now

maxflow : My God. THIS is america

sum dude : Michael Buble is defrosting as we speak

AliC202 : Remember when everyone was taking about how woke this song as and everyone would wake up?

Daniel Cook : Yep, I'm here from reddit.

Killian Paenen : This is... beautiful


Pantsthaniel : Chief just called, this officially is it.

Factologist : Just in time for another mass shooting !! Ahhh the irony...


Benjamin Rosseland : This is the greatest christmas meme this year.

juanthestabber : We will meme this song till the ends of time.

salmorgenstern : Did Sarah Sanders and the White House produce this because it feels doctored.

Magnusson Productions : Meanwhile, Black Friday in the background...

Anthem : True, This is America

Maybe Rayy : This is a work of art.

Newby ton : Nutting drops to 0

Samantha H : Christmas came early! This is such a gift!

Wholesome Lad : Why do these mix so well?

jeff55v : I don’t get it. What’s the original video?

Megaloceros : Delete this

Maya Aguilar : Category: *Gaming*

UrUsualFanboy : Merry Christmas

Snoo Lee : Donald... Donald... Donald... getting memed. ha

LostRightShoe : I live in PH. This shit happens September 1st.

Sachin Bhalla : Decent stuff my dude

꧁Charky32꧂ : I need a meme where a murderer is dressed as Santa Claus and says to 3 little kids”Free Vbucks in the White can”

Tommy Gibblers : people who put up christmas decorations before thanksgiving are psycopaths

Francisco Ponce : You evil genius!!!

AdrenAlin Studio : Holy shit why XDXDXD

Blendlogic : END ME NOW

Jim Hoefler : Somebody make it longer

RKE Photography : MORE.

theoriginalratboi : This has made my day. =)

Knubja : *December

Some girl from Canada : I wish they did the full song 😆

NYJetsDude03 AKA Alex : Bruh! 😂😂😂

Seth smthin : It's December, time to KYS

CURIOUSSERA : Make that October!! Lol

makuta24 : I hate how much it fits and how true it is

Mike s : It’s almost Christmas Santa don’t catch you slippin up

Jennifer : Well done.

Mlg trek 334 : Christmas is Santa

Jason Shifflett : Well, you done made it, my man.