Eating a Popeyes biscuit be like

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Karp151 : why would he kick down his biggest fan?

J Blade : bruh you could hear the biscuit hit the floor

Danny AP : Because we all bleed to death when choking...

JayWGeek : I lost it in laughter after I saw I'm Going Home. Lol.

Nothing : *sees the water bottle* *knocks out the water bottle* *grabs the bleach*

AJ : This video was brought to you by Popeyes 😂

Sabih Bin Masood : I'm going home

Vincent Henderson Jr : Yoooooo! I died when he grab the bleach.💀💀💀😭😂

Darrion Brown : I don't be playing with them Popeye's biscuits I be putting jelly inside them mfs, honey on top and a sprite stay on standby fym😂

GiggieGummiBear : They ARE tasty but LOOOORRRRDDDD HAVE MERCY they are Sahara desert dry

skyhero223 : I knew it was a wrap when I HEARD the biscuit hit the floor hard as a hockey puck

NO Hi : when she tells shes not on her period and you dive in 0:48

Spuck dafuk : this one should lead into the one from yesterday lol

Matthew Dufner : lmao you're my new favorite YouTuber.

The Hallowed Knight : That lip smack in the beginning! lol

raibells : That's why you add honey to it. That way, your death will be sweet.

Declan O'Hare : When the biscuit too dry and the bleach bottle empty so you gotta go home

Shadow Spector : "I'm going heme."

jdoggmusicman : Hahahahaha man this is my favorite vine comedian right now had to subscribe these videos are too funny and he got his own style he don't look like everybody else

Thomas Meissner : Bruh when you threw the hamper 😂😂😂😂

Danielle Williams : Lmao why did he knock stuff over 😂😂😂😂

QUACK DUCKER : He transformed into Howtobasic.

no name : Just imagine someone walking in on him recording this 😂

Dominic Flores : He became lucifer after he died😂

Sammi Jay : I'm sorry but that's the KFC biscuit!

Foreign Kidd KGK : 😃 lol at first I thought he was transforming cause how he was throwing the stuff around

Spiderprank7 : He wrote iam going home 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Danielle Williams : You throwing things was pointless, but that's what made it hilarious lmao

Jaiyジャイ : Thats why i eat my popeyes biscuits at the hospital 😂😂 Gotta be prepared lmao

Jericho Welsin : When bae chokes you.

DingleBerries : Cant even write a proper "O" 😭

BluesManSteele : Kfc biscuits are way worse than popeyes

Kellastico : LLLLLLLMMMMAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOO!!!! I’m literally CRYIIING!💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

shymickey6 : You should include kicking over that fan in every skit.

Human Creativity : The biscuit was dry it cut the inside of his throat and he started coughing out blood.

Chaotic Madness : This isn't even an exaggeration, deadass that's what it be like

Tony 74 : That's a shame this guy is a better actor than some of these so-called A-list actors😂

Manuia Matata : 0:21 Top 10 greatest anime betrayal

Ace Breao : This is what it's like when chicks swallow the nut

Npurp x.v.o : Trueeeeeeee😂 you can see the dryness on the outside

crud nom : XXXDDD I lost it when the paper read "I'm going home"

NX berry : There's no popeyes in my city, what's the joke about the biscuits here? they taste bad? or too thick or something?

TheFridayVerse : This takes place before the Hell one I guess lol

Person With a Name : Bro Popeyes biscuits aren’t even dry, that’s kfc. 😂😂

Brig haM : Are they really that bad? Lol

JackalJ01 : *Recovers* *Eats another biscuit*

Sinister : Crusty ass handwriting bruh

Geric Sambo : YOU NEED TO POST THE ONE FROM CHICK-FIL-A !!!!!!!!....I know it's on FB, but need to see it on here too !!!

TJ : When he staring throwing things and kicking it got me dead asf💀💀💀

Dennis Lamantia : omg Lmao best one yet