U.S. Military Rifles since 1776

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Please read before commenting: A very basic overview of some of the main U.S. military rifles since the 18th century. We mainly look at the evolution of the technology in primary issue rifles or rifles similar to them that I happen to own. Since I chat unscripted without a leash for 35 minutes, you can imagine that I have a little clean-up to do. :-) I'll add needed correction here in the description below. I won't add much elaboration, as this is not meant to be a video about the entire history or everything about these specific firearms; it's more of a basics video, as I state at the beginning, to give folks something of a picture of the major stepping stones in military musket / rifle development through the last 200 + years. Some clarification or further BASIC information: 1. The Brown Bess is a smooth bore musket, like most shotgun barrels. I mistakenly call it a rifle in the video. I don't think I mention it, but the 1858 Enfield used in the Civil War has a rifled barrel, as do all the firearms on the table after the Brown Bess. 2. The tubular magazines of lever guns are not safe with pointed bullets. Think about it. :-) The 1895 Winchester lever gun solved this by not using the tubular magazine, but with most lever guns, we were limited to flatter-nosed bullets. The bolt gun, with rounds stacked on top of one another, allowed as sharp a point on the bullet as we wanted. 3, For some reason (Brain fade), I failed to show you how the Garand loads. Guess most of you have seen it in the movies, at least, and hopefully, in our Garand videos. :-) 4. I believe Eugene Stoner was developing the AR-10 even before the '60s, but the AR15/M16 did not get into soldiers hands until the '60s, I believe. We have videos on all these firearms. Please search from the home page for any of these firearms, and you'll find at least one video, I believe. ------------------- ------------------------

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james wilkes : Bob Ross of the gun world

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Jay Sebial : - It has terrible sights - nails a 2 liter jug like it was nothing

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TheyRiseBand : 25 years ago, or so, in junior high (now called middle school), our American History teacher brought in a flintlock rifle. He fired a wad out of it (no ball, obviously), as a demonstration of the technology available, at the time. He did this in the school parking lot. My, how times have changed. Now, ATF, SWAT, and Homeland would be called, if he showed up on campus with one.

Waves 雅各 : Imagine someone breaking into his house, Dear god, He’d probably hang the body up for another target😂

Dat Boi : His aim is Frightening never wanna mess with him

Godspeed : I love how he laughs after taking a shot. It is the joy of the shot that binds us.

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Age of Reason : 3:12 Best imitation of comment section in YT history.

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Baconlord 906 : The M60 and M1 Garand are my favorites

Ryan Lengacher : Since playing red dead redemption I’m interested in old guns now

Parthian Capitalist : I am a revolutionary war veteran and I am still alive

Jackson West : Grandkid: can we shoot today Him: what era Grandkid: my era Him: so an ar Grandkid: no I want to shoot a .22 Him: ok which kind Grandkid: bolt action Him:ok which brand Grandkid: savage Him: ok let’s go shoot

Tyler Keck : The South will rise again.... Hands up for South Vietnam!

Nick H : There were better firearms during the revolution, however the firearms used were the best that could be purchased for the masses. Even today there are many rifles that are arguably better than the US Army M4 but the M4 still stands due to it meeting all or most of the criteria the military wants met, and it's more cost effective than other options that may also meet the qualifications. Even the new standard army pistol, the Sig p 320 m17 I would argue that it beat the glock due to cost effectiveness.

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Heinrich Sallows : God Bless America.

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