U.S. Military Rifles since 1776

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MY2KSapphire : You should do a video for handguns

TheAndroidNerd : A teenager must be incredibly dumb if they think the Civil War happened in 1937. Nice Video!

texasdee slinglead : i think , if highschool history classes used firearms for references , I might be a professor instead of a plumber

Dinoes Turnbull : I'm Australian and have a lot of respect for the Americans and their history, Very interesting.

Mournforthelost96 : wow, just looking at the delay between pulling the trigger and the round being fired is a major way to see how far firearm and ammo technology has come.

james wilkes : Bob Ross of the gun world

Games4Dayz : He likes the Flintlock so much because it was invented when he was around! :D

Matthew Crawley : Let's put my ears on....

Ciria Rodriguez : how you get money for your guns

Randy Lunn : Engaging overview. Thank you. This should be a lesson that all kids see as part of a gun history and safety class.

Matthew Farrelly : Teenagers? Some adults even don't know these things. Actually, given that kids are more likely to have recently studied history they might have a better idea than someone who hasn't been in school and covered the material recently. Regardless of age the amount of ignorance can be staggering.

James Sawley : 25:07, we almost forgot about you*Blows it sky high*

Casey Lockwood : 3:13 LMAO his "internet commentor" voice

John Stuart : It scares me to think that people used these on each other.

loch70 : Love how he chuckles when he hits a target. He does that in every video. :)

Guitarfollower22 : Liberal's worst nightmare

JarJay Binks : if only people knew that the majority of gun owners aren't psychopathic murderers.

SmokeytheBear66 : Ole hickory here is my new dad

Ryley Browning Vlogs : Fun Fact: If the Untied States hadn't invented the M1 Garand we would've lost WW2. Google it if you don't believe me.

mrofficer2u : man look at that history right there

D'yer Maker : Not soy boy rifles.

Brayden pittman : This collection is boss

Satcom Liarface : I only wish liberals would watch this to do some learning

David Vartanian : God Bless America!

jwnagy : Nice video. You missed the M1841.

The pro : You better hide those OR I WILL Buy EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE BABY, AFTER 14 or 15 years . I am 15 years old LOL

first class junkee : #4 with smokeless powder had me nervous as a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs

Dylan Klebold : 13:50 cool, a Norwegian rifle :)

Rick Anderson : My story. In May of 1966 I joined the Indiana National Guard. By the end of May were sent to Camp Atterbury for two week of basic training. I qualified on the M1 during that two week period. In December of that year I was transferred to an SRF and was sent off to basic training at Fort Campbell in January of 1967. Their I qualified on an M14. In May of that year I completed my active duty and went back to my unit. In June we sent off to two week of training and I qualified with the M16M1. So in just a little over a year I qualified with an M1, M14 and M16.

crack spider : God I wish Canada had the gun laws of the US.

Roan Steenman : THE SIDEARMS OF AMERICA, i am from the netherlands

Yasin Yildirim : Hi i am from the Future!

Mitchell H : Actually, the first widespread, distributed semi-automatic military rifle was the RSC-1917 by the French army in WW1

Chris Moussot : You must of been the best history teacher. History was always my favorite class and i still study it today. My senior year of high school i had 4 history classes. Would of loved if you were one of my teachers, you are a great teacher. Thank you for the lesson.

Justin Jake Tabasa : What about a matchlock rifle used by the colonial militia?!

OneAvidGamer : Great video! One small critique, the M1 Garand was not the first semi-automatic rifle issued to an army. During WW1 in 1917, the French issued large quantities of troops with the semi-automatic RSC-1917, which was to be standardised upon after the war. However due to circumstances the French ended up relying on the outdated Mas-38 during the second world war. Also the Mexican army formally adopted the Mondragòn rifle, but due to revolution or civil war (I'm not sure which to be honest) the Mexican government cancelled its order of the rifle, and this left the manufacturer with around 1500 (Could have been 15,000 as my memory again fails me) unsold rifles, which where eventually sold to the German Luftwaffe for use in aircraft during WW1. This was due to the weapon being unable to cope with the conditions in the trenches as it was susceptible to dirt. As I imagine you can understand, this made the weapon more suitable for use in the air. Awesome video though, keep it up! :)

Baconlord 906 : The M60 and M1 Garand are my favorites

No u : Can u do the same video just with British military rifles. A couple of the rifles will be the same but still

seth Trottier : some teens must be pretty friggen stupid if they think the civil war was in the 1900':

Bobby Hill : Not relevant, and im just curious...whod you vote for?

HB PU : We still use the first type of gun in my village for hunting 😂🤣

elijah : ar 15 is not service rifle

Alberto2341 : In Korea, Marines were still using M1 Carbines. They couldn't penetrate the heavily clothed Chinese or Korean troops with the M1s. At that time the FN FAL, ws actually quite the gun at that time many users reported very little problems with them. I don't know why we didn't even consider the FAL in Korea, but we got the M14.

Typical Youtuber : who watched the whole video

KawaiiToilet : Really seems like a guy u could meet in a battlefield whom u can trust with ur life with

George's fantastic world super κανάλι : You are the best

MrRed9zz : I really want to be his grandchild, notice me and adopt me Pls

Andrew Knox : My dad has the 30/06 Savage tactical stock hunting rifle. He says the kick really packs a punch.

Dat Boi : His aim is Frightening never wanna mess with him

Colin Coolidge : I own a WWI era m1903 Springfield rifle