U.S. Military Rifles since 1776

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MY2KSapphire : You should do a video for handguns

TheAndroidNerd : A teenager must be incredibly dumb if they think the Civil War happened in 1937. Nice Video!

mrofficer2u : man look at that history right there

Chris Moussot : You must of been the best history teacher. History was always my favorite class and i still study it today. My senior year of high school i had 4 history classes. Would of loved if you were one of my teachers, you are a great teacher. Thank you for the lesson.

texasdee slinglead : i think , if highschool history classes used firearms for references , I might be a professor instead of a plumber

Randy Lunn : Engaging overview. Thank you. This should be a lesson that all kids see as part of a gun history and safety class.

Jose antonio Garciaroa : May god bless this guy and the second amendment. Learned more with this video than my history class.

Dinoes Turnbull : I'm Australian and have a lot of respect for the Americans and their history, Very interesting.

Mournforthelost96 : wow, just looking at the delay between pulling the trigger and the round being fired is a major way to see how far firearm and ammo technology has come.

Albert Morris : hickock45 how can i contact you? I have the same AR-15 A2 as you have and being a Nam Era Guy, I had to get the Triangle Hand Guards for mine, BUT i have another set in mint shape and if you would like them? There yours.

Tanner Olson : Misses target first try, " it's a very accurate rifle" lol😄. Good video tho

TheDuckyGamer12 : pls do military pistols

Ethan Paul : I'm very sorry to correct you Hickok because I don't like to be that guy. the first semi auto rifle adopted in a large scale by a major military is the Mexican Mondragón. it's one of my favorite rifles and that's why I felt the need to correct you.

Jar jar binks : First video I'm watching on your channel. Subscribed right away. Great video

loch70 : Love how he chuckles when he hits a target. He does that in every video. :)

Guitarfollower22 : Liberal's worst nightmare

Benny The Man : Is it legal to own an original full auto M16 from the vietnam era?

james wilkes : Bob Ross of the gun world

Ciria Rodriguez : how you get money for your guns

Games4Dayz : He likes the Flintlock so much because it was invented when he was around! :D

Yonks85 : i know for a fact that in 1883 i wouldn't be carrying any weapons. 😂😂😂😂

James Sawley : 25:07, we almost forgot about you*Blows it sky high*

SmokeytheBear66 : Ole hickory here is my new dad

Rick Anderson : My story. In May of 1966 I joined the Indiana National Guard. By the end of May were sent to Camp Atterbury for two week of basic training. I qualified on the M1 during that two week period. In December of that year I was transferred to an SRF and was sent off to basic training at Fort Campbell in January of 1967. Their I qualified on an M14. In May of that year I completed my active duty and went back to my unit. In June we sent off to two week of training and I qualified with the M16M1. So in just a little over a year I qualified with an M1, M14 and M16.

John Stuart : It scares me to think that people used these on each other.

Jar jar binks : This guys a dead eye!

Jayuzumi : M16, the greatest standard issue military weapon ever

Fly Past : Even though these are meant to be American guns there are quite a few British, Norwegian and basically a German guns.

Pancho The Dank Doggo : they used spiral barrels to stabilize the ball right?

Ryley Browning Vlogs : Fun Fact: If the Untied States hadn't invented the M1 Garand we would've lost WW2. Google it if you don't believe me.

Cielo Pachirisu : Man if that Krag–Jørgensen ain't pretty...

Andrew Hillhouse : I'm fairly sure the first army issue semi automatic rifle was the Mexican M1908 Mondragon. I might be wrong but it definitely wasn't the Garand.

seth Trottier : some teens must be pretty friggen stupid if they think the civil war was in the 1900':

Matthew Crawley : Let's put my ears on....

Matthew Farrelly : Teenagers? Some adults even don't know these things. Actually, given that kids are more likely to have recently studied history they might have a better idea than someone who hasn't been in school and covered the material recently. Regardless of age the amount of ignorance can be staggering.

J Mo : Does the m16 come with slight of hand pro?

chase. : you forgot the 1917 enfield. it isnt as well known as the 1903, but it was the most commonly used rifle of the great war.

Typical Youtuber : who watched the whole video

Casey Lockwood : 3:13 LMAO his "internet commentor" voice

20ruskia : How many of those who looked up this video, then gave it a thumbs down watched the whole thing?

The pro : You better hide those OR I WILL Buy EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE BABY, AFTER 14 or 15 years . I am 15 years old LOL

Alfalfa Male : The first semi-automatic rifled ever issued to a military was the Mexican designed, Swiss Made Mondragón rifle, and that was before the first world war.

Fudall : A musket is the only option for home defense. Nothing says "Murica" like putting a basketball sized hole in a burglar.

first class junkee : #4 with smokeless powder had me nervous as a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs

BUSHCRAFTING-QC- : Can you get your hands on a Canadian c7 carbines ?

mcm730 : No American Long-rifle? For shame! XD Those poor Brown Bess' never stood a chance. Love flint locks.

Roan Steenman : THE SIDEARMS OF AMERICA, i am from the netherlands

Brayden pittman : This collection is boss

jwnagy : Nice video. You missed the M1841.

Matt Tozier : what a waste of water and watermelons