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The Birdbox Challenge is about to reach a whole new level! In this video Ill be attempting Ninja Warriors most iconic obstacles includng the salmon ladder and warped wall...BLINDFOLDED. Enjoy the Bird box Challenge, Ninja Warrior Edition! CHECK OUT BRAZIBROS MERCH! COME HANG WITH ME, LUCAS GOMES: Facebook - IG - WATCH MORE BRAZIBROS & LUCAS GOMES: American Ninja Warrior: Behind The Scenes | BraziBros Motivational Videos | BraziBros: Vlogs | Brazi Bros Hey guys! I'm Lucas Gomes of the Brazibros (from American Ninja Warrior) - welcome to my channel! You'll find videos here about health, fitness, motivation, my experience on American Ninja Warrior as a competitor, as well as vlogs from my daily life!

Comments from Youtube

Madyson Sewell : Sharing you channel with friends teachers and everyone so you can reach 100k yeah short story when i was in 4th grade a found out that i would loose all my sight in my left eye they tried to save it but it didn't work im in 8th grade now but honestly you get used to it some faster than others i got used to it pretty quick maby a week or 2 is how long it took me to get used to it and now im on my way to ANW jr

Soldierblade 19 : Nice video bro that was scary to watch I'm never going to that challenge

Joseph Rosello : OH. MY. GOODNESS. This is legit one of the best youtube videos I've ever seen. Where is the love button? Dude, you outdid yourself, and I hope it goes viral. Fantastic. Thank you.

Kalanit Taub : Practice more often blindfolded. Eventually you will get better.

Ninja Steph : It really shows how much you train I how you knew exactly when to reach up on some of the obstacles and when you were near the end of it, how far to reach for the next rung. Nice job!

Ora Partouche : I was so scared for you, please don't do it again πŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™Š

Iacob Pirosca : People commenting before they even watched the video ? Okay, lol


Jesus Christ : This is super funny please do it more

Damon Archary : This is nuts ahha .netflix approves !! And the starting part were you teased about eating those stuff was really funny and smart ..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚nice references to the dangerous challenges of the past


xd sKW : please win season 11

The Rebel Rave : This was amazing!!

The ninja on the mountains : lol... bird box challenge

Mark Esquilin : dude this was awesome!!!! maybe that can be a fun new training element, practicing some balance blindfolded? like standing on one leg with eyes closed.

Penguins Sports101 : Cool vid Lucas!! Keep up the good work!!

Rob Lopez : Sweet!!!

Next generation Ninjas : The questions I ask myself every day

King Doge king of all doges : Cool but are you sure thats safe

αƒžαƒ”tre : hello hangman 😁😁😁

Derek Klomburg : Love it dad!

Luke Hamachek : Possibly the best brazibro in existenceπŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

Jessica Gomes : 1:55 πŸ’€

DeAndre Williams : the most worrying thing about this video is probably the possibility you were driving blindfolded.

Giuseppe Olson : Love the vids dude

Jessica Gomes : πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ I can’t look!

TheVegetarianBurger 1 : Epic

Noah Diamond : nice! will you be competing in season 11??

J.W.R./ KNWTN : I always thought a bird box ninja course would be cool, and now you did it! Amazing video!

Robinson Club : Very interesting Video!😊

Gissell Trejo : Haha

Nbn- Nba : When the Qna coming also do you remember me from other vids

Mythical Turtle : Nice lucas! Maybe more of that will upper your ninja training to come a grand champion in ANW11

AFK Milk : The most dumbest challenge just for views

Borrisbob Data : I think that this is a really good way to train because you can’t see with the blindfold on, and you have to feel around the obstacle so that makes it harder

SUPER MEGA GIGA BEAR FROM RUSSIA : You mean Lee sin edition right?

Mr. Krabs : >2019 Blindfold challenge 2019 Birdbox challenge

ZombieDude 64 : Look up a blind youtuber named Tommy Edison. He explains so much. It will blow your mind

Mr. Krabs : That's how American Ninja Warrior works.

Just Jake : Brazibros can I please get a shoutout please I love your videos

Anie Mnatsakanian : I am your 200th like

rian dunneleavy : When the q and a

Paul Centonze : Very funny πŸ˜„ is your name boy?

Kate34 : He should collab with molly

crazy for trapping : When is the Q&A

Track And Field Kid : Wassup

sauvie island ninjas : Sick Lucas I wish you Win American ninja warrior

backyard ninja warrior : Wow

Exclusive Mega : This is hilarious! Also Lucas, my pegboard pegs are getting worn out and I can’t go up a rung without the pegs falling out I’ve already tried turning them around! Anyways this video was amazing! Peace!