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Worship engineers -dilbert


Richie Aprile : "would you consider sharing the jet with your llama" should've walked out right there

Shadow Hedgehog : "Share a jet with a lama? That's crazy talk!" I can't argue with that.

Parabalani : Trust me, I'm an engineer!

Kat D : I love the irony, engineers are only one step above the cleaning staff at most companies. 

The_Nuke : I have a theoretical degree in physics

Keon Aureii : 135 persons are not engineers. They are spies.

Neojhun : Ahhh the comedic extreme opposite of reality.

UncleSiam : Jacques Fresco's utopia might be this way.

zeus Naveed : An engineer is praised as he walk into an office. 

Suman Sharma : My fat friend managed to make the best pole dancer I’ve ever seen fall for him because he cheated by using the Cupid Love System (Google it). It’s bad but I wish I was excited for him but I want such a hot woman to fall for me. I am exceptionally green with envy. Does that make me a terrible human being?

Dave Hill : TWAT

BodaciousCNO : Materials Engineering student *bro fist* :D

einbischen : Engineering is lots of hard work, costly both financially and socially but hey... at the end of the day you get to live like Dilbert, underpaid and working for a bunch of morons who are your boss even though they don´t know shit.

beachballa93 : yes, this is what I have found. total nightmare.

Vako m : I've read through some of the observations on here however I just think this is a favourable vid. My brother just wants to get incredible with girls. He figured out a fuck load from Master Attraction. (Google it if you want pretty good emails on picking up girls.) The tips on the subject of attracting girls at night clubs in those emails coming from that site gave got him his first sex encounters in 2 long yrs. I have been pissed though coz I heard them all.

Bart Plovie : I know what you mean, the first year in engineering you're sweating bullets. A lot of work, almost no free time you think. Four years later the work load is significantly higher and you just play with it and go out several times a week and still finish everything on time with excellent results. It's more of a selection of people who can do that than anything else.

Mohammed Banjari : the worst kind

Gulyás Szabolcs : Trust me! I'm a Material Engineer! :D

magnusm4 : i cant find this episode anywhere :(

Krishna Karn : Life sucks. My buddy has started going out with a ten simply because 60 days ago he joined an internet site called Master Attraction (Google it if you wish to know more.) I'm so jealous since I would like to just fall in love as well. I'm going to take a look at this Jake Ayres man's information. Odd thing is, my friend once had NO results with girls. How can you change so swiftly? His girl's like a model.

Ranadheer Govindu : /watch?v=OJRRyeGnM7k

Joro Marinov : Meanwhile, in a parallel universe.

mohammed janahai : i was a mbbs student hated it so choose bio engineering instead

Andy Reid : Unfortunately I'm an electronics engineer in the UK where we're not appreciated and are paid less than bus drivers.... It wasn't always like this, just after the 1980's and Thatcherism blighted the country.

arun maharjan : Terrific video clip. I stumbled upon this coz my best mate started to be a lady-magnet - and he's fat He began attracting women instantly. He acted as if it was normal for a little bit. He finally admitted it on Friday. He said he learned from the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it and you'll find it... He's seeing a beauty... Lucky dick! Where are the best of these videos online?

luduwanda : im an agricultural engineer. me and my fellow students, we are going to feed this fucking world! yeah we do need bridges, buildings and electricity. but you cant eat bricks and bits!

ergwer456245y34htfadf234 : It's working more or less like this for me. Except for the llama. Or the plane. Or the worshipping. But still they let me in the building when I bring my pass card.

Nick Mayley : Seems legit. Source: I'm an engineer.

noir0013 : I studied Video-game development, now I'm studding Engineering. -for real

adologin : you know shit about engineers, 90% end up at routine, normal jobs, (not payed well and everyone blame you, if something goes wrong, like every other job) the others try to be a top class engineers in big companies (and this are the hardest jobs, extremaly complicated and even no relaxing all day long) and not 1% are good enough to be top class..this said my math profesor, we didnt belive him, now i work my routine 8 hours as a normal el. engineer and know, what he meant

rwdplz1 : Hi, I'm an engineer.

KawallaBair : Shove Allah up your ass.

KawallaBair : If you had moved up from the tools and into the design office you would be on fantastic money. Not that it matters now, given that the comment is so old.

Serious Samvich : Need a dispenser for my lama!

redreaper2020 : I imagine the late 90s economy as all being like this.

mariyuso : So I persume you didn't finish?

Longus McSchlong : it sounds very good!

VennHearts : Dammit got to move that Gear!

Refayet Siam : Never follow your dreams again.

Scampi : needadispenserhereneedadispenserhereneedadispenserhereneedadispenserhereneedadispencerhere BONK BONK BONK

LoliconSuspect : Dilbert.

Ezra Grant : What show is this?

Volky : Вот именно поэтому так и случится :(

sinnapa vadyar sathasiva1885 : I remember when i was 23 and instructor at the enginering faculty as a fresh engineering graduate my uncle told me he wanted his son to become a doctor.I bluntly told him that his son was going to do engineering and i knew intuitively that he would make a great engineer. He not only topped BSc Engineering and later did his PhD at California Institute of Tech, world top university last year.I used to be a talent spotter from my younger days.

sinnapa vadyar sathasiva1885 : Well said.Why retire and waste the talent when the young ones want easy life of counting money instead as a boring accountant or middle men like lawyers becoming rich while their clients unable to reconncile and settle their differences amicablely without a lawyer using engineers as arbitrators.

sinnapa vadyar sathasiva1885 : I wantd to be engineer from the age of 5 and knew usual proportion of materials (cement:sand:Gravel and water) in a concrete mix at the age of 7 and top of the class as well.

Catface2781 : Try workin' for ManCo. Ain't no dance on roses.

John Cisney : lol If only that was real.....

Izoto : Looks like the Calculus was worth it.