Telling Eric he's famous now

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Cy Rose : “Wait hang on are you sure you’re Eric and not some bloke in a mask, I’ve been burned before” Call back

mbr715 : one of these days, Eric's just going to jump up, latch on, and never let go of you -- i suggest double layers so that when this happens you can simply peel him off of you with the coat (and minimal bloodshed )

Great Scott : One of these days you're going to pet somebody in a fursuit

Leonard Wohlfarth : "Get my prescription of sausage" I'm going to use that from now on.

Kinnundo : Eric knows full well that he’s famous. All this time he’s been pulling strings to get you famous

sophiegamer : Eric is just so loving!

J It : Finding your channel through Reddit made my day :-) so many lovely cats out there!

VampireofEmotion : We stan a chonky boy

Moog Moog : Such a cute kitty and what a soothing voice!

Alina Casales : Addicted to scritches

Dawn Hannah : Eric is cool enough to be your friend without the treaties, but he definitely appreciates them! 😼

Umika-chan : This channel is exactly the kind of wholesome content I signed up for

Leov : You speak like chef john from food wishes but in a good way which is a huge compliment because I did not think that was even possible.

lildreamysoul : I love Eric!!!!!

blueyedyorklass : Ok... so I have just discovered that you have this channel and this makes me so so happy 💕💕💕💕💕💕 all the cats!!!!!!

Writer, Jordan GoryJory Lurie : Who else is here from ABC’s “Right This Minute?”

The Big Bad She Wolf : Such a gorgeous boy and those purrs 😍

Rak : The question is, do you have power over him?

itsthecolleenlife : I missed that reddit post! :'(

Dora Schmora : Nice one, Matt!

sharon monster : Awh. Are all orange tabbys this friendly?

blueyedyorklass : Does anybody else’s ginger kitty have freckles on their little pink noses? I see some black whiskers on Eric which our boy has but I have yet to see another ginger cat with freckles