How Successful People Think - Earl Nightingale

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Peter Hall : I'm getting this man's name tattood on my face

Bongani Mdluli : This is what ill be listening to all my life now

Jim's picks : Love the perspective of past leaders in the field of learning about our minds.

Nick Clutterbuck : he could say anything and it would sound good! he sounds like a movie trailer voice over guy.

Shaquita Briellard : This just reminded me of how successful I really am and how hard I am on myself! Thank you!

Lil Cap : I respect this man

Gary Manz : I see 158 dislikes... How can anyone dislike what was said here?

357k lion : Thank you to the person who posted this video....

DyceBookClub : Great information here from this recording by Earl Nightingale!

Peter Paluska : Earl Nightingale brought the so-called "self-help" genre to a high art! As I see it, he is the finest, the master of them all, better than Rohn and Tracy, even Robbins.

Behruz Chorsi : What a power I hold in me.

docbeatsusa : Pure knowledge and power at its very best! DocBeats™

Will Smith : great stuff

Real Talk with Tina : he has an interesting forehead however this video is very interesting and might I say inspirational!

computerfastrepair : 77 people who disliked this Sucks Huge Orangutan Balls

Julie Figueroa : This is just an excerpt of one of his books. There are other books on YouTube by Earl Nightingale as well as Wallace D Wattles, James Allen, U.S. Andersen, Norman Vincent Peale,, Madame Helene Blavatsky, Charles F Haanel, and many more.

The Horror : As one wise commentator said "He's the grandfather I never had"

Tuan Nguyen : Thank you very much for the video

Terryl Miller : In response to some comments and critics below: I have been studying and applying EN techniques for years, in addition to learning about my subconcious mind, improving myself and my life etc. and achieving goals. With some yoga, meditation, prayer, and EN techniques, I can say I am generally a successful person with more to come. A point I want to make is that a person needs to have FAITH and PATIENCE. Keep applying these techniques daily+, have faith in yourself and that you will succeed, and NEVER give up. Once I kept applying daily, over and over and over, and I too, said... when the hell with this goal transpire?.... I stopped in my tracks, opened my eyes and mind and realized that my goal already did! It just appeared in a way that I didn't expect - but it did! Keep the faith my friends, and keep trying! :)

Michael Cruz : looking for success minded people interested in a coffee business opportunity.

Brent M : Read The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

geo mo : Thank you for this messages

doood gbg : I need to improve my english 😡

Ze Bunker : The brain math is completely wrong and proved many times over. We use much of our brain everyday to function. The hours per week is wrong. 168hs in a week. 40 for work + 2hrs each day getting ready, driving, etc. 50hrs for work now. Then 2-3hrs rest from work, now 65hours a week, not 40. Imagine if you work more than 40! So each day if you take 8hrs of work plus the 5 of going and coming and resting that's 13hrs. That leaves 11 hours for sleep, most need 10, not 8. You as a working person only have 1-2 actual free hours of your life per day that you work. Time to end the 40hr work week.

vinoth kumar jdrv : I Thank 🙂 ✌ For my success 👔 😇way

Hagop Libarian : Earl Nightingale started out selling insurance and the original audio programs were for his employees.

ion lion : milk for babes. meat for strong men. please

Generation X : Timeless, invaluable words rich with information i ♡ earl nightingale ... and the rest ✌😄

Psychosis Jones : "The only thing about a man that is a man is his mind. Everything else you can find in a pig or a horse" I want to take this time to congratulate everyone who made it this far. We are stronger than what we think. Literally.

MoistSofa : If all of humanity took the shift of belief towards what Earl put forth, Life would be great.

Groovy SteroidsStudios : 3:33

Tj Nyce : The Arnold Schwarzenegger of mentors next to Jim Rohn and Zig....simply golden👌

Devil ONeill : I will start making some changes after watching this.. Ty

Cassidy Topa : Thank you for posting this expression my true gratitude

Groovy SteroidsStudios : Thanks for posting this. Where did you find this video? Looks old!

DjDeb bond : I say,great voice, video,& audio presentation!!♡♡♡♡♡DjDebUsa 2017, person who solves problems.........

Joshua Kirschenbaum : Show this in schools

Tremayne Douglas : I'm in Jamaica

Ibrahim Bablu Bablu : unique n tremendous

Sabastian Mensah : anybody in US and Canada interested in the money business?

Osan Osan : Who is this yepymov

Peter Harris : does anyone else find it odd that self help guru's usually become rich by selling you books and audio books on how to be successful. In other words, they are so-called experts who supposdly know how to be successful, but none of them are successful in business unrelated to selling you their success secrets.

Rickey stinson : Thanks

heru s. susanto : awesome idea

Paul Olivier : 100%

Freddie Robinson : 👌👌👌

KT : Sky King at his best

William Hall : what kind of disney movie mentality are people living in? smart man and all this sounds reasonable but ive watched several of these videos now and it is nonsense. An intelligent, affable speaker can sell anything as fact. thats what most of us miss. something sounding like truth doesnt make it so! the statistical numbers are there for the public if they wish to look and here it is. if you are born wealthy and have successful parents, you will likely be those things. if you are born poor you will likely die poor or at most lower middle class. born rich, die rich. born poor, die poor. its literally 99 out of 100. this has been researched and proven, not my opinion. its actually pretty easy to prove people. sigh come on i thought everyone knew affluence breeds affluence. not 100 percent of course but 99 out of 100 for sure. the 1 other percent are the exceptional...the anomolies. be positive but don't buy the lie.

Arman Islam Ferrer : Thank you Earl Nightingale!!!

Kevin V. : Earl Night-owl - He must have been awake many late nights , just forming those intricate thoughts..... When cigarettes were cheap And coffee was percolated in Cancer causing urns.... Hope he wasn't a "vegetarian"- It would somehow disappoint me .... Hard work accompanied by Burger combinations, always Kept me fairly satisfied...