I reunited my brother with his first car

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scamperly : The body and paint was done by Alchemy_Autobody - give him a follow on instagram if you like what you see! He did incredible work and helped out a lot with this gift. Great guy, and incredible artist.

SneakySneaky1010 : The only thing worse than recording a video vertical is then making that video horizontal

Matthew Lorfeld : "Why do you think I've been so broke for the last year?" - Made me chuckle. This is pretty awesome. Your brother owes you a ride and maybe a few beers as well.

scamperly : The responses I have been receiving are so nice. Thank you everyone for your kind sentiments.

Bennett Wilson : God I'm glad people like this exist. Its a great change from all the garbage drama I can't get away from nowadays. Car looks great, you should be proud.

Cristian Martinez : You're an awesome brother.

Informed Choice : Great paint job, lovely video :)

mylifeisJDM : Aww, man. You're the best. God Bless you for keeping that Bel Air on the road and for being an awesome bro.

Vipul Redey : You're a good man, Dan's brother.

G Harrison : I love it

itsahardlifewhenyourreneverwrong : I don't want my first car again.. Ever

D-Dog Jackson : E-Baum sent me here

loutiscrive : curb your enthusiasm :-P

Rob Richards : I miss my 1964 Fury. :(

tamarockstar45 : Am I on acid? lol

WhatsY0UTUB3 : I don't even mind vertical filming but adding black bars to the side so you can't fullscreen it properly is beyond cancer. Also extremely underwhelming reaction. He literally said "why would you do that". What a melon

NefariousPorpoise : Noble of you let everyone know how awesome you are. Don't hurt your arm patting yourself on the back.

Share The Footage : I have a 72 that needs restoring. Can I be your brother?

Otto Bun : Avoid admiting dropping acid in front of your family

embrezar : The way the mother trivialized it sounds exactly like something my own mother would say. "This is his car from when he was young with a new paint job." It's a bit more than that, ma'am. The brother likely put in a lot of time, effort, and expense in order to procure that exact vehicle and restore it as well as he did. Good on you, sir, for winning the Brother of the Year award.

Dick Wrinkle : Whitest guy to ever have a low rider that clean.

Andulamb : He looks like he's 19. How long can it have been since he saw his first car? How many cars can he have had since?

fiatpandaman999 : What an awesome thing to do for your brother. Its so nice to see something that genuinely makes me smile

13371x : WHOLESOME!!!!

Jose Jara : DAMN!!!! on the real dude had class with that low-low. Props from a Mexican lol

Carlos Rios : from when he was young? when was that last year?

JerkBox JoJo : Nice paint! What a brother to have!

Havel The Wall : portrait in 2018

EROCTHEEDITOR : THAT'S brotherly love

ME ME : I needed this today! Good job!

zeranzeran : What a great brother.

Twain Driver : Beautiful paint job. Whomever did it was also into that car.

Steven : that's a beautiful ting. i mean the moment, because that car is ugly as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

dbradley3 : Great to see a true family bond, and awesome seeing people celebrating the honor of having a brother. The bond of the family is sadly being destroyed by the modern complexity of the world. Glad to see it still exists out there. Many an American family bond has sadly been permanently broken due to modern world complexities such as chemical dependency, psychological issues, extreme arguments, and comments that can't be taken back. Family is most important in this world; for many, that has simply been destroyed forever, even though the family members are still alive, many wondering why they simply cannot accept each other. Peace.

Paul Burns : Stupid dumb ass fucking vertical video. I can’t believe people are still doing this fucking shit.

cgtalk ! : 1:15 guy in the wheel chair is secretly like "fuk me, can't even stand up"

stern : Great paint job! This is the German news site stern.de. This is such a touching story! We'd love to share the video with our readers and use it in a small news segment on our online channels. Get back to us at licensing@stern.de or just comment here if you have any questions. Look forward to hearing from you!

OG Gregory : all My brother does for me is call me a faggot :(

George Brown : Hey, George from LADbible here. We love this video, please could we post onto our page? We will fully credit you, thanks!