Ed Sheeran - Perfect bass cover (solo bass arrangement)
A relaxing version of Perfect by Ed Sheeran played on bass guitar

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This is my version of Perfect - Ed Sheeran on the electric bass guitar. I only played the bass without other instruments, I only used chorus and reverb. I think that the electric bass is an instrument that can give very special sounds and that is not only an accompanying musical instrument but also a solo instrument! I hope you like my arrangement! Leave me a comment and a like ... if you like it :) #bass #perfect #basscover sanyabaran asked me a simple tabulation of the melody of this song to play at his brother's wedding! Here it is and I hope it will be useful! The tuning is a semitone above! If there is something unclear, do not hesitate to write down here G#---------12--12---16--14--12--16----12--14--16--16--12----12--14--16--14----repeat this 2 times------------------ D#12--14------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A#----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E#----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 19--19--19--21--16--14----16--16--16--16--14--12--16--16--16----16--14--16--17--16--12----12--14--16--14------- (repeat for 2 times)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 19--16--12----(refrain)--24--23--21--23--19----19--17--16--17------24--23--21--16--19---19--19--19--19--19--21--16-- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------17---------------------------------------------------------------------------19 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------16--19----------------24--23--21--19--19----19--17--16--17--16--14--17--16--16-14--14--12--12.---------------------------- --17--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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Akang _lkr : this video inspired me well played bro

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alysha : sooooooo good

sanyabaran : Hey David, I LOVE this solo. My brother is getting married in two months and I want to play this song for his wedding. I’m just starting out with bass guitar, anyway I can get the notes to this?

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Дневник MEGA-сварщика Фила : Да ты запиши живой звук как он есть без преблуд

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