Tater Tot Casserole

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AVHC Beaver : Stop posting videos when I'm hungry, it's just mean

Swindle : she seems so sweet :')

Kayla : What accent do you have? It sounds nice lol

Gesiggie Main : Rude commenters, please take note of the fact that there are many medical reasons for being overweight. Sometimes it has nothing to do with what you eat or how you live. Don't be so insensitive. Just be glad you are heathy

Raven Skye : I just found you today. Never even heard of you prior to today. You was in my recommended videos. This video here was the first one I watched. Just wanted you to know that I've watched a few others already and I am hooked. I subscribed. You seem just so nice and like such a warm individual. Very thoughtful. Love your recipes, too. Just wanted you to know you have a loving fan in Arakansas. Also, saw your video from you being really sick last year. So glad you recovered from that!!

2leelou Preserves : That looks really good.  I've made tater tot casserole for years but yours is a bit different.  I think I'll try it next time.  Thanks for sharing!

Marc Perroquet : My idea of comfort food.

x Psychedelic v : That is a LOT of cheese.. 😂

Chrissy : I love those salt and pepper shakers, where did you get them from?

JasonSpade : What's the point of using meatless crumbles when you use cream of chicken....why not mushroom

His Majesty : This is very very unhealthy.

Our Family from Hawaii : Made this tonight using your recipie! My family and I loved it...

Elizabeth O'Hair : You seem nice.

alv : Hi Sara, I want to tell you that you are beautiful and I love your videos and your creativity. I also wanted to tell you that I lost 100 pounds on a whole food plant based diet and it completely changed my life. I do not judge anyone. I think everyone is beautiful no matter what. I just want to see you live long, healthy and fit. I feel better than I have and I didn't even have to restrict as long as I ate healthy and plant based. You can look up so many videos on how to become plant based for weight loss/healing and get started that way. I finally have my life back because of it. Anyway thanks for being awesome.

spencer jones : I only clicked this video to see the mean comments

Rob Carrillo : If people don't have anything nice to say then they should say it anyway cause that's our right and people who don't say what's real or what's on there mind are suspect. If your 400 lbs making artery clogging meals then expect criticism and if you can't take it then don't make videos on a public forum...ty and good day

Gesiggie Main : Sarah, nice channel hun. Thank you🌹

LILB33ZI : I was fully expecting the worst when I scrolled down to the comment section. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to find almost nothing but kind words and positive feedback. It restored my faith is human decency and altruism just a little. Wonderful video ma'am!

Ryakashi : Dear Sara, Please you need to eat less. As a viewer I'm worried about your health. If you could consider a ketosis diet followed up with intermittent fasting and daily exercise you may be able to live in your elderly years.

Lori Williams : I love that you make real food......thank you!

lvk4pj : Hi Sara, Ms. Phyliss Stokes sent me here for your Tater Tot Casserole, It looks delicious!

lol olo : Wow.

Xxkw8dwo xX : Looks repulsive

Jojo877 : Omg that looks amazing. Have to try this

Brandan Bmc : looks so good! I am gonna try this one. i never made a tatortot casserole before and you made it looks so damn good.

Smooth Triston : You are killing yourself.

Mark Alaimo : Will you and your husband ever do a video together ?

Elaine Ragan : HI Sara. Miss Phyllis Stokes just used your recipe and gave out your link. She really likes your channel. So do I.. Good job Sara. Keep em coming.

YaFlayedYourself : lol

Wayne Hodge : Hi Sara, love your videos and I love tater tot casserole. Here's a tip for ya that I found makes it even better. Go ahead and bake your tater tots in the oven till they're nice and crispy before you all all the other stuff. If you bake them first they aren't as mushy in the casserole as they are if you just add the frozen tots and bake it. =)

Cody Cordero : No wonder you look like that lol

Daniel Foster : i want more videos simply sara!!!!!!

Drew Finn : Ah look how low the bar has gotten. This shouldnt be allowed

Jewell Ashley : Sweet mother of god, I want to invade your house and kidnap you for dinner >.> My god I can smell it right now it freakn mouth drooling :'(

Frosty Sketchs : You seem like such a sweet person! But please lose some weight, its not healthy and im sure your life would become much easier.

Next Level Fierce : It's her choice to eat what she wants. But hopefully she can get some help.

Jeani Gallant : Did Sara ask Yu Guyz t gv Yur Opinion about her weight? Y Wuld Yu evn say a word t her about it? (Vry Personal) Y Go there? She is a Sweet Soul. She is SharG/GivG of her time t Show/Teach those of Us who R nterestD n Recipes. She doz a GREAT JOB at it as Well. (Thank-Yu Sara 😉) Can we All jst Lo❤️e 1 anothR & Keep Our Comments t OurSelveS unless askD 4 it? The World wuld Truly B a Far more BettR place t Live n. Our Bodies R Only a Vessel that containS Our Soul/ Spirit. It’s Irrelevant. I am AmazD at how We Treat One AnothR. Let’s Try Lo❤️ing & RespectG One anothR. That’s where Our Goal Shuld Be. Not CriticizG,etc... Let 💟 B Our Guide. We Nvr know about One’s Medical ConditionS. None of Our Business. ( unless askD 4 it ) ☮️💟 n Harmony 🎵😉💕 Lo❤️e Yur Recipes Sara.😋ThankS 4 ALL Yur TutorialS. I Really like Yur Yellow Salt n PePpR GrindRs. Where did Yu get them?😉💕

Sue Androski : Sara I loved this recipe. You are a wonderful cook. Looking forward to viewing more.

jenny hartman : Looks yummy! Happy I found you again!!!!!!!!

otterz4u : you had me at one large onion!

hardtek517 : Looks like an awesome comfort food recipe and you seem like a great lady Sara. Subscribed!!

Teresa Herbert : Sara I just discovered your channel and I am loving it. I already want to try several of your recipes.


Ms K Jones : ahhhhh I wanted to see you cut that bad boy open.  Is the chicken soup a meat substitute too? or is it regular cream of chicken soup.  Those little meat sprinkle things are fake meat, right?  They look like pizza topping, do they have any spice?  I swan, I felt like I could smell this dish cooking!!  haha.  It looks like you are a garlic fan, me, not so much, but this looks like a recipe I could handle. Thanks, young lady :)

Leona Dwoske : I always love your recipes. Keep being your sweet self and showing us your amazingly yummy recipes. ♥

Wes Bervig : THIS is what every American will look like in ten years.

theresa bollman : Thank you Sara!

Sheila Perl : Sounds delicious!

APECK618 : People wonder why our health insurance is so expensive in this country

Lynne R : That's a groovy casserole dish.