Being a Dickhead's Cool

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Written & Created by Reuben Dangoor & Raf Riley Video produced by Reuben Dangoor @Reubendangerman Music produced by Raf Riley @TheRealRafRiley for all your creative needs head over to, Now on itunes UK & US! Only 79p/99c. get it here! or at amazon mp3 TWITTER: follow @thegrandspec Lyrics: Got on the train from Cambridgeshire Moved down to an East London flat Got a moustache and a low cut vest Some purple leggings and a sailor tat Just one gear on my fixie bike got a plus one here for my gig tonight I play synth... We all play synth 20-20 vision just a pair of empty frames Dressing like a nerd although i never got the grades I remember when the kids at school would call me names Now were taking over their estates woah ho (chorus) I love my life as a dickhead All my friends are dickheads too come with me lets be dickheads (havent you heard?) being a dickhead's cool being a dickhead's cool being a dickhead's cool being a dickhead's cool cool cooooool Polaroid app on my iphone taking pictures on London Fields up on the blog so everyone knows were having new age fun, with a vintage feel coolest kids at a warehouse rave exclusive list look theres my name I got in... You couldn't get in never bought a pack of fags i only roll my own plugging in my laptop at the starbucks down the road say i work in media im really on the dole im the coolest guy you'll ever know woah ho (chorus) I love my life as a dickhead All my friends are dickheads too come with me lets be dickheads (havent you heard?) being a dickhead's cool being a dickhead's cool being a dickhead's cool being a dickhead's cool cool cooooool Loafers with no socks Electropop meets southern hip hop Indeterminate sexual preference Something retro on my necklace ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MORE COMEDY SOON FROM THE GRAND SPECTACULAR (c) SPmusic 2010 all rights reserved


Justin Y. : How can this guy release this masterpiece and then just disappear?

GERRY CINNAMON : This song has aged like a fine wine.

Luca Agati : I'm 8 years late, but somehow still on time...

Patrick : I feel like this song describes everyone who's ever written for Vice

SystemCM : I genuinley thought this was a new video. Feels like we've been stuck in a time warp the past 10 years.

Abel G : this song is about vice journalists

bmad48 : "We're putting on this rave in an abandoned mosque"

Jamie Ross : 7 years and nothing has changed. - honestly it feels like fashion has stayed still for 10 years. 2007-2017 has anything changed?

J o n a t h a n : Yeah i heard this before on cassette tape when i went backpacking in Botswana.

BBLettuce : this guy just made a banger then dipped

Chlopaczek Hula : How is this more relatable than it was in 2010?

steven Gregory : Religious iconography with kind of a saved by the bell vibe... Amazing

InvisibleMan95 : The creator of this song is possibly a time traveller.

Fillup 82 : And in 2018, there really are vegan crunk nights.

jrea424 : Message to the people... this was a joke, not an instruction manual

estebanrey : You should sell T-Shirts with "I organise a Vegan Crunk Night" on

Leather Neck : Please pray for me... I was deprived from listening to this song for 9.years. Papa bless!

Alex Ballard : This is still happening

Denim Caterpillar : this was, truly, ahead of its time, i really thought this was uploaded in 2018 before i checked the upload date

thenewyorkpauls : Still want a shirt that says "we all play synth"

hyperfunkd : Keeps becoming more and more true as the years pass. It's 1984 of the internet age.

Frank Conrad : Well it only took 8 YEARS for me to find this...

Nick Joslin : One of the greatest videos on the internet.

Sleep Deprived Vibes : Almost 9 years later and now we have soundcloud rappers

Duggy : 8 years later and it's still such a catchy and relevant tune! One of my favourites on YouTube.

Nitr09 Productions : Even though this song was released in 2010, it grows ever-relevant by the minute.

Chingiz Zhylkybayev : Wait why is everything still the same We used to have decades

sadbot : i have a rare early release of this single, i bought it at a rooftop market in mogadishu.

hakametal : This is even more relevant today...

2k17 Moneylover : YouTube recommendations are so gud now!

Mary Ann N. : I can't believe this is from almost 10 years ago. It seems so relevant for today.

ryelor123 : Hipsters are proof that nuclear warfare can be a positive thing after all.

crazygoat85 : 5 years later, still relevant as ever.

Marek Dobraszak : It's 2019 and it's still valid, 👍👍🤘

Dwagin : Not sure if its relevant in the UK still but in the US it is

Alek Burman : This is now my favourite thing on the internet.

Justin Y. : This video is like a fine brandy. The older it is, the better it becomes.

1shoryuken : 6 years later and this song is still relevant.

SolarFoxProductions : A real hipster wouldn't even own an iphone.

MrDylanHM : I'd never seen this before tonight, I laughed so hard I think I might actually die.

MrGenedancingmachine : I don't think it's hyperbolic to say that Hipsters are evil. They are where culture goes to die a horrible grisly death.

Grempington : "we all play synth" is just a pure stroke of genius

Pyren : holy shit i remember hearing this years and years ago and only now has it popped back in my recommended

Fel : As someone who lives in London, this song is so truthful lmao

Alexander Barathion : Everyone in all the pictures are suspiciously white. 🤔

blablablablasable : 2018 anyone?

Aniket Biswas : This is very relevant still now

MonstorTapok : this soundtrack for trying to find a decent date on tinder in Berlin

John Smith : Words cannot express how much I love this.