Being a Dickhead's Cool

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GERRY CINNAMON : This song has aged like a fine wine.

Jamie Ross : 7 years and nothing has changed. - honestly it feels like fashion has stayed still for 10 years. 2007-2017 has anything changed?

Patrick : I feel like this song describes everyone who's ever written for Vice

Luca Agati : I'm 8 years late, but somehow still on time...

sadbot : i have a rare early release of this single, i bought it at a rooftop market in mogadishu.

crazygoat85 : 5 years later, still relevant as ever.

SolarFoxProductions : A real hipster wouldn't even own an iphone.

J o n a t h a n : Yeah i heard this before on cassette tape when i went backpacking in Botswana.

bmad48 : "We're putting on this rave in an abandoned mosque"

Abel G : this song is about vice journalists

Grempington : "we all play synth" is just a pure stroke of genius

ptlutube : I overheard a hipster the other day refer to himself as "an acquired taste".

steven Gregory : Religious iconography with kind of a saved by the bell vibe... Amazing

AlyMewGaming : They're everywhere

mogwai142 : Hipsters: how to be different and still be the same as others.

Socratic Method Man : Legalize Meth

Alex Ballard : This is still happening

estebanrey : You should sell T-Shirts with "I organise a Vegan Crunk Night" on

ryelor123 : Hipsters are proof that nuclear warfare can be a positive thing after all.

tom c : I was hating on hipsters before it was cool.

Nick Joslin : One of the greatest videos on the internet.

FullyShadow : These people are sjw's now

hyperfunkd : Keeps becoming more and more true as the years pass. It's 1984 of the internet age.

Filip Dutkiewicz : i listened to this song before anyone of you had internet

Fillup 82 : And in 2018, there really are vegan crunk nights.

FlatOutEntertainment : If being hipster is in fashion, that is not hipster as it is popular. So us non-hipsters, are hipsters *mind blown*

blablablablasable : 2018 anyone?

hakametal : This is even more relevant today...

raybands25 : this is how i picture everyone on reddit.

Kristina S. : I'm so annoyed by hipsters citing Orwell as their hero, tattooing his name on their arm etc, because they think it makes them original independent thinking individuals while Orwell's worldview was exactly the opposite of theirs. Hipsters celebrate shallowness, nihilism, decadence, consumerism, extravagance and narcissism while Orwell " *was decidedly against birth control as well as feminism and homosexuality*. He singled out “philoprogenitiveness” (a high valuation for having children) as one of a handful of essential precepts of any viable society. He expressed contempt for people who took aspirin. *He did not welcome reductions in the working day or increasing affluence*, because more leisure and more comforts were liable to lead to ennervating softness and a *life of meaningless vacuity*. As was remarked by someone who knew him well, his human ideal would have been a big-bodied working-class female raising twelve children." "In the mid-1930s Orwell resisted conversion to socialism because he associated it with *cranky and degenerate practices, including vegetarianism*, nudism, teetotalism, and *sexual abnormality*. After he had become a socialist, he saw these associations as a liability to the socialist movement, and therefore saw it as incumbent upon him to fight against them within the left. *He perceived middle-class people as more susceptible to crankiness than working men*, and went out of his way to emulate what he identified as working-class habits, even to the extent of slurping his tea out of his saucer." Just wanted to get that off my chest. I'm a big fan of George Orwell and hipsters using his name to become more interesting to other people, annoys me beyond words.

Somali pirate who's actually somali : *_They're taking over._*

Dunoid : I actually have a fixed gear bike, but I think the fact I bought it at Wal-Mart for $99 cancels out any possible hipsterness.

Imogen n : I love how relevant this video still is :P

tignesboy : this needs a sequel for beardy hipsters

السلام عليكم : LA is full of them.They are usually from places like Wisconsin ,Kansas,Omaha or Massoula. Self absorbed narcissist twats

Kawaii desu-san : This video is new age fun with a vintage feel and a Saved By The Bell vibe.

MrGenedancingmachine : I don't think it's hyperbolic to say that Hipsters are evil. They are where culture goes to die a horrible grisly death.

MrDylanHM : I'd never seen this before tonight, I laughed so hard I think I might actually die.

M Lee : basically most of the art students in brighton.  The hipsters in this video are nowhere near as bad as the ones now.

Moo01100 : Hipsterism it would seem is a stultifying syndrome of the tragically inert to reproduce their Muji-ism and multiply the subcultural organo-stock. Like the pineal seat of a fluoro-chained fixed-gear bike, my ass hurts just writing this.

Christopher Faulkner : I love this so much. So many dickheads. Zappa would be proud. It's basically an extension of "Valley Girl".

mshara1 : Hipsters started in London and Scandanavia before North America. Watch Nathan Barley.

Dragonno : strange how kids these days are so lame, srsly what happened

Alek Burman : This is now my favourite thing on the internet.

ListenAndLearned : I'd just like to point out that probably every male in this video is gay. The fashion is definitely more towards to the extreme end.   For London, this whole movement was a good thing. The club scene for Londoners had no focus and was random at best. People were still dominated by the popularity of Hip Hop in the mainstream. People spent ridiculous money on expensive designer labels. Alot of males were still stuck in a Tony Montana fantasy and some believed that they would reach his status some day. People were busy being hard and horrible.   What this movement did is break up the monotony and grey hard streets of London. It woke people up from the expensive shackles of designer labels. It opened up creativity, originality, inspiration. Allowed people to embrace clothes from a different angle. Independant designers who were providing something so at the heart of the cool that the catwalks looked like something from the dark ages. And it was cheap ! Good cuts, good look, little money. And everybody could have their own take on what they wanted to wear.  It changed music, it rescued music. Independant music with real musicians making real music that again, made the the big commerical companies sound like they were in the dark ages. You can thank this movement for inspiring change and giving the platform for the plethora of music we have today.  It changed people's attitudes. People in general were alot happier and cheerful than before. It allowed people to embrace a more hedonistic lifestyle without looking awkard or having a concious about 'shame'.  It even inspired our cuisine ! People trying to bring interesting and healthy food to the streets instead of the usual kebab help fuel the huge popularity of cooking today.  Theres more. But basically it was a hippy like inspiration to break the commercial monotony we lived in. Kind of like, everybody saw the stone wall as grey, but just accepted it. But these guys came along and said, well why can't this wall be green ? Or blue, or red or yellow. Why not ?  The problem is, commercial companies being the businesses that they are, don't like losing sales.. so.. "if thats what the kiddies like, then thats what we'll sell". So they took their robot singers, made them look trendy and hey presto, all the kiddies take to the sugar, and their humdrum dominates our landscape again. The same thing happens with fashion and now you have millions of people all dressed in skinnies, following this commercial glove and society falls into this same hole. With the masses not truly being able to understand and appreciate what the original movement was about.  Unfortunately we'll probabaly have to go through a 'dark age' again before something real and inspiring happens again.  This is a simplified way of talking. What we are really talking about here is political ideology. A more communistic way of life vs the extremities of capitalism controlling everything that becomes popular,

SDN-001 : Probably wouldn't have happened if Hitler won WW2. Would have been the lesser of two evils, if you ask me.

Nife : The official theme-song of the web development community in general.

1shoryuken : 6 years later and this song is still relevant.

vteccanary : These sad cunts are every where now ,I hope they all get a virus

Denim Caterpillar : this was, truly, ahead of its time, i really thought this was uploaded in 2018 before i checked the upload date