Big Fart in a Tiny Airplane

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My friend Mike recently got his pilot's license for small aircraft. The first person he brought up was his best friend from high school... who promptly decided to shit his pants once they reached cruising altitude.

Comments from Youtube

Just Plane Silly : No hearing protection for the kids?

Lewis72 : How can people not find farting hysterically funny ?? The louder and smellier the funnier it is !

Andrew Bittle : Every straight American Male

Brad Olsen : Seriously grow up over my kids and they told me you were Causing the way you were two things would happen or one of two things will happen when they were not flying your plane anymore because of your sore mouth too you have no business saying that stuff whether they are your kids or not somebody else’s

Brad Olsen : Big moron

Brad Olsen : What kind of an idiot moron swears in front of kids I don’t ones in the backseats you’re the moron grow up there’s little kids in the back of the pilot punk