Virtual Reality in Architecture - The Courtyard
this hyper real VR scene made in Unity

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Soon available for PC, HTC Vive, Oculus and Mobile. For info and contact: Mail: Facebook: Instagram: Asset store link:


Krzysztof Adamin : Only the rain under the table... :) good job :) maximum nice :D

God of the Cripples : We need a game where you do the textures and lighting, the people who made until dawn do the character models, and either Naughty Dog or Rockstar Games are the people who do gameplay and story. Definitely the dream game.

Expand DeadMeme : Optimization gods

Glerox : Shoot some ray tracing in there and you have the most realistic real-time rendering ever!

AX53 : Waaaay better with the VR head movement. The only thing setting this back from being sold as real to me now is the video quality is too good lol

Tolga : I watched your every videos at the channel guys and i can proudly say, you guys have excellent works!!! Thanks for sharin' all of these beauty :) "Soon available for PC, HTC Vive, Oculus and Mobile." i'm already so excited. Keep it up please..

Marc von The Gamesons : You should add metallic rain drop sounds to the lamps, other than that this is great. Love how natural the camera feels. Looks like someone took a video with a phone. Is that done because it was recorded in VR? Or is it simulated?

Michał Piekarski : the best - for me ;) ...super work!!! only ripples under the table as Krzysztof wrote...but it's detail :)

Ricardo Pereira : There is, what you want to say, and what you actually do. Realism is when both met and fall in love. Like the video above!

Nikhil Nath : Very beautiful. I must say your artists are really talented.

lo zero : In unity, that's impressive And what software do you use to model?

Justin Bieber : this run at 4K 60FPS with that GPU?

game walkthrough : reminds me of that duck man episode when the twin ducks put on a vr head set and look around their room but in vr LOL. I will stick to going out side in real life. maybe do something awesome like the space station? i dont care if it will take you 1000 years lol

Jay Cockerham : It seems you guys will be the ones who will make "ready player one" a reality for all to lose themselves in. Please, be careful! =) Edit: that's not to say I dislike your work! The effort, the skill, the mind-blowing realism.. Hats off.. Just makes me a little nervous lol

R. Eric Bowers : What did you use for anti-aliasing? This is so incredibly crisp.

Rodrigo Miranda Soler : You have to do videogames 👏👏👏👌👌

FaisalAthar MXR : this looks really awesome. really loved it if you could do like a lighting and rendering tutorial for vr in unity

Animuj Dev : Simply amazing!

Hoang Le : Was it done with lightmaps generated from external renderer ( Vray/ Arnold... ) or completely unity baked ? , it's outstanding btw !!!!

Akhdan Hyder : Wow😍

Chris Johnson : is there somewhere I can play a demo of this? this is really cool looking

Kerozen : I mean its really cool all this photo realistic scenarios but we are not going to see many games with a lof of features (like GTA or Elder Scrolls) having this kind of graphics

Nikhil Nath : How do you give the walking experience?

Stefan Rosenkranz : after the first seconds - I have to ask how you can miss the door handles being stuck in the windows panes?

Voda Voda : shet son🔥👨

Joshua Farrow : Man i need to run this demo!

Paul Grey : The drips under the table are funny :)

Nathaniel Blackburn : Texture wise it's amazing but the lighting and shading feel off to me.

Glerox : How do you run this on Oculus Rift or Google Daydream?

Kyledude252 : How can I try this out for myself in my vive?

luis cazuriaga : I think it's cool, your work is insane, but there are some things I imagine you noticed, but if you did not see it, I'll point it out, the rain is falling on the floor under the table, this should not happen because the table would not allow it the rain falling on the floor below it, the texture of the rain falling is a little unreal and thick, and the kitchen table has shadows that should not exist by the entrance of light through the door where there is glass and sorry if my english is very bad

Simon Chukov : Unity3D???

Andrey : дождь очень выдает ненатуральность. ну и сильно на одном месте топчится, и руки трясутся у камеры. а так отлично все

Cody Sovie : the line begins to blur

deZpe : I interestingly noticed the vertical splashes of the rain drops hitting the curved side of the lamps looking a bit funny. And the rain under the table of course. But I am impressed how far we have come already. Now we need 4K per eye and proper ray tracing and the matrix has us.

Garfield 1 Cat : Is this in Unreal.......??

CollectemCards : I was wondering if anyone knows if we can use the google cardboard and if we have a controller to move around that is connected to mobile?

Bahadır Aydemir : Video çekmişler virtual reality diye yutturuyorlar :D (baya iyi yalnız)

Elchin Elchin : дождь капает через стол. Не учли. rain goes thry the table

RVArchitecture : those baboons really wanted to enter your house, i mean look at all those teeth marks on your windows pffew

ThaRand0mPlayer : Maybe you never will answer this, but I recently got into game developing, went from developing of Lua C to C#, and I'm learning the basics of Unity, what would you recommend? Like I have the basic of C# scripting since I learned Lua C, but I want to get more into UI designing, 3D Modeling. My objective is to create a game that I have in my head for a few months now. But I don't even know where to start. Like objects modeling; UI designing; there's so much stuff to do. I already have a 3rd party program to 3D Modeling, I currently have Sketchup, but I don't know there's so much to learn, so much to watch, so many ways to take. If you could please give me a few hints, before I launch myself into this epic adventure xD. I would appreciate it a lot. Thanks for your time if you're reading this, if you aren't then R.I.P. Cya