Lazy Sunday Live w/ The Roots - Late Night w Jimmy Fallon

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MrGrimlocke : Any Brooklyn nine nine fans here?

Jordan Hyde : Andy samberg is the best comedian ever, through his music or brooklyn nine nine and more, he fucking kills it

Casey Paul : The rest of the Lonely Island crew chilling on stage like "Andy, we're right here!"

TheyCallMeFeast : "You can call us Aaron Burr, From the way we're droppin' Hamiltons" oh. oOOOHHHHH.

kumal ram : *The prodigal sons have returned*

Daniel G : lonely island called the Hamilton craze in advance... they saw the future

FPSABE : HOLY SHIT thelonelyisland uploaded a video.

Kureiji : shits so old half the references are dead 👌🏻

Wood Setton : Love seeing Jorma and Akiva there too. They are never far from Andy.

PinkMonkeyBird : Never realized this but is this entire song just a euphemism for getting high on a lazy Sunday?

Funda Mentaals : Jake Peralta and that lawyer guy's rivalry started way back lol

Eddy D : Chris Parnell has an awesome voice for rap in all honesty

Griffin Tremaine : They were so lazy Sunday they couldn't upload it until Monday!

Christopher Fonseka : This rap is better than anything Fetty Wap has ever done

Gabriela Piechowicz : Kiv and Jorma just sitting and looking, the best!

Liam Carmody : Has it been 10 years since Lazy Sunday???????

Burning Pooper : I watched the video and JIZZED IN MY PANTS

Ric-72 : Jerry from Rick and Morty, if anyone didn't realise

Pussy Slayer : Saw the lonely island upload, jizzed in my pants so I threw them on the ground whilst on a boat on a lazy sunday

Ruslan Iskhakov : lonely island + roots = beastie boys

FrancesBaconandEggs : Keev and Jorma in the theater 😂

_ C_ : So much for the new video.... from 2010

Stanislav Genkov : ''-You got a backpack .. -gonna pack it em NOICE'' Love this shiet

Generic Asian Guy : what is this "upload" you speak of?

Jane Mathews : LOVE ANDY SAMBERG AND BROOKLYN 99 light everything he does his awesome

Optimus Prime : Lonely Island needs to do a world tour for their music fans

SilverNiKr : I saw this in my subbox and I THREW IT ON THE GROOOOOUND!

Miguel Ocampo : That was a pretty awkward handshake at the end.

NickLev : damn Chris got some flow

The Jax : Why is Jerry having a good time

Diadlo : 1:32 ''I came to New York to play on Broadway and this is what I'm doing now... I hate my life.''

Dead Cat : Never clicked so fast in a video

Southparkchef : its finally on YouTube.... well at least a good version

Julian Manguy : Chris Parnell as Doctor Spaceman makes me so happy

Richard Smith : The symbol & looks like a stick figure dragging it's butt on the carpet.

RemoteLogic : Thelonelyisland uploaded...

Incept 3D : I wonder if these guys had any idea that someone would take this concept of rapping about Hamilton and develop a full on musical.


Carol : This was just uploaded? From 7 years ago? I love it!


TOMAHACK20 : "No views"

Nicolas Vincent : Why is this show on TV even?

Power : And the rest of lonely island just used as sad

Irish Panda : Get back to work Peralta.

KingBoke : first

Magenta Autumn : chris parnell is jerry from rick and morty

God emperor Osha : lol, just came from watching brooklyn 99

Mikey Gaming : This song was my first strike on YT back in 06

Tordy_grows _intense_ : Forgot I subbed to his channel.....

realname person : *N O I C E*