Speedrun Cheater Goes Too Far...
Brazilian Speed Runner is caught cheating and falsely copywrite strikes another Speed Runners channel EzScape

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In this video I somehow expose CaveiraGames more than he exposes himself. GFC: http://twitch.tv/GFC_ http://youtube.com/SkywardGamers Spreadsheet proving the first run is cheated: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vheZaXkkcyKdSOl1GncYr-DTA9P8nnOOiOchp6_eUG8/edit?usp=sharing Spreadsheet proving the second run is cheated: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QlxhDYZvjCrlTBI5LVNomyMEAiPJa5iLrcLRhBfK8Rg/edit?usp=sharing Follow me on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/EZScape Follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/EZScapeYT Outro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIFtxdqvXEw Videos used: Yu-Gi-Oh! FORBIDDEN MEMORIES - SPEEDRUN - (SEM FREE DUEL) [TOP 3 in 3:10:38] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4UXH4OyekA The SWEETEST feeling in poker - win with 7-2! (seven deuce compilation) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNIQ5GP9tno Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories in 1:24:36 [Commentated] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myvcGsYQl_0


Battleship Omi : *Me: has absolutely no interest in Yu-Gi-Oh.* *Me at 3 AM:* "this bastard cheated!?!?"

Tpseed : Video is back up? Better watch it again to support good ol EZ Scape

metalema6 : So we are here in this court to discuss the murder of 5 children, what can you say to defend yourself? Your honor I feel like this breaches my privacy [This court has been removed]

Quarter : 4k Caviera fans still support him, DISGUSTING

GFC_ : Just so everyone knows, CaveiraGames is on his livestream, right now, with an entire chat telling him he should strike EZ for this video, and Caveira himself is half-jokingly talking about doing it. They continue to prove the type of people they all are. Do NOT let them get away with this.

TheGullibleBrit : Watching a second time to help out from it being taken down ^^

TheHappyAussie : YouTube: Does nothing. YouTube's weird algorithms: I'm about to end Cav's whole career.

Breadsie : *GFC Exposes Caveira* Caveira: Im about to end this man's whole career EZScape : Hold my beer

Gustavo Koto : I apologize for this piece of junk that names himself "Caveira", brazilians knows better than every soul in the world that we are probably the most toxic gaming community in the world. I know that because i've lost count on how many times i have been kicked out from groups in MMO games just for being brazilian and that leaves us, nice brazilian players, left to play with the toxic guys like Caveira and his crowd. I've lied many times about the country i live because of this so, ppl like Caveira doesn't only harms Speedrunners community, but also harms brazilians image on the internet. If you are a brazilian, don't be like Caveira, save our image.

Steve T : Gameshark and steroids...lmao this guy is just a poster child for shortcuts and half assing.

Shining Face : Guys, we did it. His account has been terminated! Thanks so much EZ for bringing light to the situation.

MYthic Gamer : so hey YouTube care to explain why you took this video down earlier hmmmmm

MASdestroyer : The videos back?!? Didn’t get a chance to watch it first time round (before it was taken down) and glad the video has been reinstated, keep up the good work EZScape

Bryce Krispiez : This video has 2.5M views and growing. Yes, yes, crush him with overwhelming force

Nick Flaherty : Imagine your life sucking so bad you have to cheat speedrunning a game 20 years old.

Tauntalus : I find it funny that **despite** trying to downvote this video into oblivion, they only mustered 4.1k downvotes vs 153k upvotes. Even their best efforts pale in comparison. Hopefully things have been better for GFC since then.

Intresyes : I don't want me or anyone in Brazil or the global speedrunning community to be associated with this dude. Wtf

Bruno Poliseli : So I’m brazilian and I just wanted to say this makes me sad and worried. Caveira is the type of person that contributes to people around the world seeing us as they do. And his is exactly the kind of behavior that attracts the wrong audience, that condone with his actions and think it’s ok, giving him more room to act like that. He’s not a good person and I’m sorry for what you all saw in this video. To say the least, it makes me uncomfortable.

Joshua SXM : Ironically, this damn cheater actually Exodia'd himself lol

SX Sean : so basically to summarize this, Caveira is a horrible and garbage human being.

khaluu2000 : Welcome back from the shadow realm of deleted videos. Special summoned back into existence by the speedrunning community

Jhonatan : Esse caveira é uma vergonha para os gamers brs . Ótimo vídeo parabéns

FantasyTea : So YouTube strikes down and demonizes channels that’s under fair use, that spreads no negativity but not Caviera that’s breaking so many terms of services. Great system there YouTube 👍

Karlos Giron : thank god this video is back up...speaking of this video. Who came here because of Apollo Legend?

Roybutt : Damn. EZScape and GFC just sent this man into the shadow realm.

Patt : OMG, the sound not being lined up is killing me.

Guilherme Vieira : Now he goes by the name "Chumbinho Games".

JakeCWolf : Woohoo, the system works! Good to see this video back up.

Pfitz : 7:55 His dance probably reminds you of that because they're both Capoera. Capoera is a fighting system designed by slaves to look like dancing because when it was invented learning to fight was banned.

Ricardo Milos : He even freaking cheats in IRL with Roids

BlackSkullArmor : I mean, okay, but what the hell were you hoping to gain by cheating on a 20 year old game? Is there like a hidden sanctuary of thots that specifically get wet for chads who do this or something?

Evil Mario 64 : People, GFC Did a livestream today and Cavieras fans came to dislike his stream again.

Adam Dyson : Great video. There was a little desync with your audio and webcam video . To fix this, I recommend clapping at the beginning of a take so you can easily sync the audio with the visuals.

Je mappelle Jeff : *REJECTED:* "I laughed"

Tyler Gilbert : Didn’t Yu-Gi-Oh teach him anything? You don’t need to cheat when you have the heart of the cards.

A true survivor : Caveira has a second channel called Caveira games backup so if he gets banned he can take of the backup on it

Mizhidor : 1:54 it took me a while to realize that's you, the audio is kinda off

Southern Harpin : Wtf I'm Brazilian and this caveira guy is pure trash. its good to hear he got punished. lol Unfortunately some Brazilians don't have any morals.

Pirate Bear : Thanks for showing me EZScape's channel Caveira :D I've been enjoying his videos

Tegar Sitompul : Caveira's followers are pretty mindless. It's like they can't even see the truth even if it's right in their faces

Willian Fugise : If you ever need any hhelp with portuguese, just let me know

AyAyron : 8:38 im sorry i have to ask; did you say "nutting on his keyboard"???? edit; i went out of my way to look up gfc's tweets and i noticed he reached out to many other youtubers who advocate fair use on a daily basis. it's a shame that nobody helped him out at the time. thanks EZscape. you did the right thing!

Boats : Look at his latest video "Eu voltei - THE TRUTH THAT THEY DIDN'T TELL YOU" and report it at timestamp 21 33 he is talking about underage girls. Please report that video.

Vlad Kronos : Reaction channels: *just watching a someone's video with nothing else" GFC: gets copyright striked cuz of 20 second footage of someones stream

nintendork64 : The badly-translated insults in these comments are pretty funny

tdux : this is the time that i'm not proud of being brazilian, this guy sucks, and his community agrees with his actions

The Kirbynator : "I've loaded this video with ads" I only got one ad

Tristan Pitre : Caveira has been banned!!! Well done boys♥

Solura : THE VID IS BACK! Watching it quickly and even downloading a back up of it so I can mirror it just in case it gets taken down. I got your back EZ.