Speedrun Cheater Goes Too Far...
Brazilian Speed Runner is caught cheating and falsely copywrite strikes another Speed Runners channel EzScape

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In this video I somehow expose CaveiraGames more than he exposes himself. GFC: http://twitch.tv/GFC_ http://youtube.com/SkywardGamers Spreadsheet proving the first run is cheated: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vheZaXkkcyKdSOl1GncYr-DTA9P8nnOOiOchp6_eUG8/edit?usp=sharing Spreadsheet proving the second run is cheated: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QlxhDYZvjCrlTBI5LVNomyMEAiPJa5iLrcLRhBfK8Rg/edit?usp=sharing Follow me on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/EZScape Follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/EZScapeYT Outro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIFtxdqvXEw Videos used: Yu-Gi-Oh! FORBIDDEN MEMORIES - SPEEDRUN - (SEM FREE DUEL) [TOP 3 in 3:10:38] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4UXH4OyekA The SWEETEST feeling in poker - win with 7-2! (seven deuce compilation) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNIQ5GP9tno Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories in 1:24:36 [Commentated] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myvcGsYQl_0


Battleship Omi : *Me: has absolutely no interest in Yu-Gi-Oh.* *Me at 3 AM:* "this bastard cheated!?!?"

Girou Dirou : Ah I see, he is one of them rare “male thots”

SX Sean : so basically to summarize this, Caveira is a horrible and garbage human being.

Joe Franklin : Imagine spending almost 300 dollars on that garbage tattoo lmao

Kris Tucker : This is like friendly "content cop". You just earned my sub, keep weeding these people out!

Ryaquaza 1 : I was just expecting another cheater exposed video and maybe a few toxic responses, I wasn’t expecting something this deep

Vitor Dutra : I'm from Brazil (sorry for the bad english) and i sorry for this... Cavera is the Brazilian stereotype that shames us...we have a name for this "jeitinho brasileiro" which can be translated as "how to always take advantage of everything and become a victim afterwards" Again, sorry for this, the real players are not represented by this ridiculous behavior

MGTOW Barbudo : We Brazilians apologize. this guy is trash and does not represent the gamers community of Brazil.

Wargon : Did I get this right? His channel got deleted but YouTube is okey with him just creating another one. "So you hit this person with your car but you sold the car, obviously not guilty anymore" What the hell?

TheHappyAussie : YouTube: Does nothing. YouTube's weird algorithms: I'm about to end Cav's whole career.

Caio Crigor : i don't have nothing to comment but i'm gonna do it just to help with the algorithm

Justin Moler : Am I tripping or does the audio not match the video??? Seems a bit off.

GFC_ : Just so everyone knows, CaveiraGames is on his livestream, right now, with an entire chat telling him he should strike EZ for this video, and Caveira himself is half-jokingly talking about doing it. They continue to prove the type of people they all are. Do NOT let them get away with this.

Adam Dyson : Great video. There was a little desync with your audio and webcam video . To fix this, I recommend clapping at the beginning of a take so you can easily sync the audio with the visuals.

Markipedia : "highly healthy supplement" >literally a bottle with a fkn skull on it

ProBro X : So basically, he is the speedrunning equivalent of Low Tier God.

Jhonatan : Esse caveira é uma vergonha para os gamers brs . Ótimo vídeo parabéns

Tegar Sitompul : Caveira's followers are pretty mindless. It's like they can't even see the truth even if it's right in their faces

Gustavo Koto : I apologize for this piece of junk that names himself "Caveira", brazilians knows better than every soul in the world that we are probably the most toxic gaming community in the world. I know that because i've lost count on how many times i have been kicked out from groups in MMO games just for being brazilian and that leaves us, nice brazilian players, left to play with the toxic guys like Caveira and his crowd. I've lied many times about the country i live because of this so, ppl like Caveira doesn't only harms Speedrunners community, but also harms brazilians image on the internet. If you are a brazilian, don't be like Caveira, save our image.

10, 000 Subscribers with no videos : Why is this man playing a 500 B.C game in 2019?

Intresyes : I don't want me or anyone in Brazil or the global speedrunning community to be associated with this dude. Wtf

we Edwards : You, sir, are a good man. Respect and subscribed!

Patton Sanders : How is this guy not banned from literally every social media? How is he not arrested? Edit: thanks to all the people who are defending my comment, but I think I’m just gonna take my comment down. I’m not in a good mindset as of late and I’m already depressed from last night. Again, thanks to all who defended my comment.

Bryce Krispiez : This video has 2.5M views and growing. Yes, yes, crush him with overwhelming force

BlackSkullArmor : I mean, okay, but what the hell were you hoping to gain by cheating on a 20 year old game? Is there like a hidden sanctuary of thots that specifically get wet for chads who do this or something?

RapidRecharge : So how come his YouTube channel hasn’t been taken down yet?

Pulsar : Brazilian man: does all manner of rule-breaking things on stream YouTube: "I sleep" Brazilian man: "this guy used 20 seconds of my video" YouTube: *" r e a l s h i t"*

Breadsie : *GFC Exposes Caveira* Caveira: Im about to end this man's whole career EZScape : Hold my beer

Giorno Giovanna : Nobody: Me and the bois: *harrassing a man thot that cheated in a 20 years old game that we have absolutely no interest in*

PikaBlu22 : This person didn’t just violate YT’s TOS but also the law. Yet even with that being proof enough to ban, YouTube still supports this creator in full. YouTube supports this type of content, YouTube endorses harassment. Not only that but the government in which this person lives also allows someone to break the law and get away with it. Proving how corrupt both YouTube and the government is. I seriously hope YouTube one day stops supporting extremist and violent content and takes that down instead of taking down innocent YouTubers that did nothing wrong, or stripping all revenue from creators that did nothing but state facts about news or issues. YouTube supports this creator harassing a girl relentlessly yet if someone is LGBTQ on their platform their videos are bombarded with homophobic and transphobic ads that they didn’t want on it, or worse, have ads stripped away all together. YouTube/Google is one of the most hate filled and evil companies on the web and I seriously hope something can be done before it gets worse. At least we aren’t Facebook...

Mr. Video : Next time this cheater streams, we should all give him a taste of his own medicine.

Kodog 7 : The video is delayed a bit when he’s on face cam?

FantasyTea : So YouTube strikes down and demonizes channels that’s under fair use, that spreads no negativity but not Caviera that’s breaking so many terms of services. Great system there YouTube 👍

liubodimaka (359) : It's really sad somebody would cheat in a yugioh game.

Ron Isley : Bizarre when lowlifes like this and LTG have genuine followers.

Sir Grim Locksmith VIII : Huh, never knew a controversy for a somewhat obscure Yugioh game would be popular.

Limburgish Mapping : this is the first video I have seen on your channel and when I saw your face I tought, 'is that mister beast?' xD

A true survivor : Caveira has a second channel called Caveira games backup so if he gets banned he can take of the backup on it

a sentient 86 : ok let's just clear things up us caveira mains do not support this wanker

Ricardo Milos : He even freaking cheats in IRL with Roids

NightOfTheLivingGamer : EZScape: *exists* Careful, he's a hero.

PaddysDemon : That poor girl, hes so creepy I feel skeeved out just looking at him in the clips...eugh.

Newtjam : Thought you were Mr. beast for a moment. Keep up the detective work °^°

Cwpd0 : EZSpace:Im gonna put ads on this video *places only 3 midroll ads* *RESPECT*

Steve T : Gameshark and steroids...lmao this guy is just a poster child for shortcuts and half assing.

Emma Suits : Commenting so the algorithm shares this vid more

e1543 : Now I'm debating opening like 29 tabs and watching the video a bunch of times in a huge playlist

Galadriel De Astora : Hey EZ! I don't know if you're going to read this, but I see a lot of comments saying that Caveira do not represent us, and well.. That is true, Caveira is just a small part of our toxic community, and just to all North-Americans know, we feel dizzy and ashemed by Brazzilian gamers get such a disgusting image. No, we're NOT like Caveira. Also, you made an awesome video wich helped Brazzilian community to clean up itself, some of BR channels also made videos about this situation like: Central and Pablo Castro (wich is a student of law). So, thanks again to help us to create a better Community for everyone, and saying again, Caveira do NOT represent us (Sorry for the text and if is there some errors :b )

Vali Malheur : If it's a choice between Cav and Youtube Rewind 2018... I'd rather die.