【祝 全国大会 金賞】京都橘高校吹奏楽部 Kyoto Tachibana SHS Band 2015 関西マーチングコンテスト京都府予選

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Winter Rose : America is doing something wrong. 😂 we’re shit compared to this

Jenna T : A couple of years ago when we hosted students from this band, they explained how they run a couple miles before even playing and practice 4+ hours everyday including weekends. I mean they were visiting Hawaii and their instruments hadn’t arrived, yet they practiced in all down time just going through fingerings and motions.... that’s dedication.

Aria Smith : These people are more in sync than me and my own shadow

Uni-Corn Kernels : And I bet afterwards they were all like ahh that was so bad I messed up! And we are all sitting here still trying to understand how these people function

SoloPilot6 : Unless you have actually every tried to play a brass instrument while marching, you don't fully understand how nearly IMPOSSIBLE it is to play while JUMPING. Well done, ladies!

Cole Kim : Superb band but that awful camera work is distracting

Dennis McKee : The more I watch this bands videos, the more impressed I am. Their spirit is so great, you can feel their enthusiasm. And as great as these kids are, I'd like to congratulate their director responsible for the arrangements, choreographs, and practices; whoever it is must be a wonderful person to lead them to be so wonderful.

Hannah Wang : Damn I swear they're more in sync than dancers lmao

hail j : My band can't even go through a basic AD DA Block without someone getting a flute to the eye 😰

Gregory Rochester : this ain't even at the level of a band anymore; this a full-blown orchestra

Lori Boufford : I LOVE that girly scream getting back into form...it adds so much personality to an otherwise almost "perfect computerized " display of highly trained musical soldiers.

いあ : 完全に撮るのが下手な運動会のお父さん状態じゃん… 娘でも探してたのかな😇


Scott Martin : They are one of the premier high school marching bands in Japan. They have performed all over the world including appearances in the Rose Bowl parade. Awesomely talented kids!

Shuichi Akai : カメラワークに文句いってる人、恥かしいね。 今となってはこの映像がどれだけ貴重か。

Kelly Redmond : The camera man sucked ass. However i'm beyond impressed. I could never get my young musicians to this level. Parents would worry about never seeing their kids, lol.

neysa stewart : Does anyone else find themselves watching this wonderful band with a goofy smile on their face the entire time!?

ユークハウス・ウクレレ裏街道 : ごめん。見たいんだけど、画面が酔いそうで無理、、、

littlebritain64 : I am listening to this. and can't believe it's true!

jl cogito : Who even disliked this?! Kyoto Tachibana Green band is one of the best high school marching band ever!

Danielle Winn2 : At about 5:09 when they start dancing, it's so crazy that no matter how much they move, there's like no bounce in their sound. Wow

Fluffy MoonBunny : That's seriously coordinated and hard to do. Playing brass instruments with all that motion 👏👏👏

Wieslaw Bicz : I was never especially interested in marching band performances, watched such things only accidentally. But few weeks ago I have discovered my first video of Tachibana and I am now not only a fan of this group, but simply forced to make the following comment: Practically each video, showing the performance of Kyoto Tachibana SHS band should contain at the beginning the following warning: "Be careful. Watching this performance can change your life!! It can happen, that you will be not more able to spend longer time without watching and hearing the performances of this band." And exactly this happened to me and – as I was able to recognize from many other comments – also to many other people. I must watch and hear Tachibana performances from time to time (in reality: quite often). After this happened I was interested to check, if there are other bands offering something comparable. I have watched many performances of other marching bands, that was named as good or even outstanding. My opinion is quite simple: There is nothing comparable in the whole world. Most marching bands are offering nothing special, many can be seen as a joke in comparison with Tachibana. Only some Japanese bands can be treated as slightly comparable. It may be so, that some people like large, precisely marching bands of military style, but their performances are nowhere close to the perfection, music quality, enthusiasm and style of Tachibana kids. I am not a musician, but I like to hear good music since quite a long time and have surely got some feeling for the quality of musical performance. And it was for me a discovery to hear, that Tachibana plays much better, very clean music than any other similar band I was able to find. And this kids are doing this while there are dancing and jumping!! Adding the perfection in movement, beautiful choreography and synchronization, the appearance of young girls and boys, that are apparently doing, what they like to do, is a combination, that I – and apparently many others - simple cannot miss anymore. Other bands can be nice to watch, sometimes even quite nice to hear, but Tachibana makes me simple happy. I have also tried to compare the sound of old big bands, playing such titles, as Sing Sing or other and my opinion is: Tachibana kids can be compared with them easily, are often even better. My deepest respect for Kyoto Tachibana SHS band members and their teachers and leaders. I hope, you will stay so good for ever and be always so enthusiastic doing your hard work.

Ta ta : 投稿して貰ってるのに、カメラワークにケチつけてる奴らって人間が小さいわ 人のわがままってのは怖いな 嫌なら見なきゃ良いだけだし、スルーすりゃいいのに…

FadedShirt : Go Japan ! greetings and respect from Philippines !

な な : カメラワークが下手とか何様なの?って思ってしまう… そんなに文句つけるなら自分で見に行けばよかったのでは…?見に行けなかったとしても動画上げてもらえるだけ感謝しなよ😇 カメラワークより演奏見よう。ほんとにすごいよ橘🤯 憧れだった近くに住んでたら入りたかった…!

ラッキーラッシュ : ここのコメント欄見て愕然とした。 どいつもこいつもズームズームズームやかましいわ!しかもほぼ日本人。 ヤバイねー

Ayo's Vlogz : This is amazing I love this so much wow and the uniform is so cute

i .candy : I cannot even imagine how much practice this must have taken them. The precision! This was amazing!

emykitkat : Lol, there is only 3 girls in my entire school band. That includes all the grades. Watching this is honestly like a dream, between their playing, their choreography, their teamwork, and that their females, haha totally would want to be in a band like this. 😂 Too bad my average American highschool band can barely get the clarinets to stay on pitch and the basic baritones (lol that’s what my band calls them it’s an inside joke) to sit still. And as a trombonist, we can’t even remember our music 😂 our band is a mess, but I guess we’re still good cause we win completions 💪

Alejandro González-Palmer : I not only like the inSANE ability and art and just how good of a band they are; but I like the fact that there is a lot of TRUE marching in the show; not just a band practically dancing on the field like many here do including mine

happynewzealand : Awesome in the truest sense of the word. Wow, wow, wow!

Pink Wolfy238 : . . . I should go to this school. . . This is THE PERFECT school for me! I love dancing AND music!

Francis Bagbey : I have never seen a more precisely executed marching band!

HaloNeko : if my school's band was even half as impressive as this we'd win the state competition every year


Global Mandy : I am blown away right now. This is one of the most incredible things I've ever seen. Wow. Incredible.

hutch1979music : This band honestly star in some of the best content on Youtube. Absolutely amazing that they can do all that choreo and still play brilliantly. Just amazing, uplifting stuff. :)

lance allison : They are all a credit to themselves and their school, They literally never put a foot or note wrong.

E tinha sobre sua cabeça Doze estrelas : I love this coreografy . Explend incredible!!!

deus ex machina : I don't know why, but I'm crying watching this. I'm in awe..............

easternwanderer : amazing performance, literally brought me to tears

Lunai : this is the most impressing thing i've ever seen in my whole life

☆ピアノとゲーム実況チャンネル☆ : ズームしたりカメラを動かす意味…… 動かすならもっと滑らかが良かったなぁ… マーチングなら全体映して固定した方がいいな

Jaemin han : I See something Beautiful In my Eyes For Some Reason When i watch this. 😍😍😍

Michael Anne : こんなカッコいい青春を過ごして、世界中の人を動画で楽しませて素敵ですね!卒業後も、幸せな人生を送って下さいね♪

1 bias , 6 bias wrecker : i can't play the flute sitted on a chair and they are here jumping and dancing. much respect

Sometimes I'm late Sometimes I'm not : Wait, this actually kind of made me want to cry lmao

Pei Jen Ooi : So cute , so smart , so professional, .... love their music, dance, spirit, teamwork, smile and scream ....

Anne Meert : Wonderful. Super. Quelle prestation de grande qualité. Une perfection