【祝 全国大会 金賞】京都橘高校吹奏楽部 Kyoto Tachibana SHS Band 2015 関西マーチングコンテスト京都府予選

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ユークハウス・ウクレレ裏街道 : ごめん。見たいんだけど、画面が酔いそうで無理、、、

SoloPilot6 : Unless you have actually every tried to play a brass instrument while marching, you don't fully understand how nearly IMPOSSIBLE it is to play while JUMPING. Well done, ladies!

いあ : 完全に撮るのが下手な運動会のお父さん状態じゃん… 娘でも探してたのかな😇

Al Rymsza : I always love how band geeks exert more energy than the athletes they're playing for. Phenomenal job!

雅-miyavi- 0822 : この動画は私に橘高校というものを教えてくれた、夢を持たせてくれた動画です。撮影者の方には本当に感謝してます。ありがとうございます。後2年?ぐらい先ですが、橘を目指して頑張ります!!!

Cole Kim : Superb band but that awful camera work is distracting

Dennis McKee : The more I watch this bands videos, the more impressed I am. Their spirit is so great, you can feel their enthusiasm. And as great as these kids are, I'd like to congratulate their director responsible for the arrangements, choreographs, and practices; whoever it is must be a wonderful person to lead them to be so wonderful.

ひよん : ユーフォの子めっちゃかわいい

な な : カメラワークが下手とか何様なの?って思ってしまう… そんなに文句つけるなら自分で見に行けばよかったのでは…?見に行けなかったとしても動画上げてもらえるだけ感謝しなよ😇 カメラワークより演奏見よう。ほんとにすごいよ橘🤯 憧れだった近くに住んでたら入りたかった…!

1 bias , 6 bias wrecker : i can't play the flute sitted on a chair and they are here jumping and dancing. much respect

wik wik : なぜ吹奏楽にダンスをつけようとしたんだろ。

SWT : Wow! Impeccable precision in choreography and still be able to play the music well is just exceptional!

Mont Blanc/モンブラン : 撮ってあげてくれてるんだから、流石にカメラワーク下手とかいわなくてもいいんじゃないかな

UNKNOWN : Hello is anyone here English? Also 2018?

レイニャン : カメラ下手すぎワロタ

The Lone Comet : This band is awesome! I can hear their dedication and hard work. They sound better than most COLLEGE bands I've heard. I remember playing in my own high school band and how I loved it.

Ta ta : 投稿して貰ってるのに、カメラワークにケチつけてる奴らって人間が小さいわ 人のわがままってのは怖いな 嫌なら見なきゃ良いだけだし、スルーすりゃいいのに…

neysa stewart : Does anyone else find themselves watching this wonderful band with a goofy smile on their face the entire time!?

Shuichi Akai : カメラワークに文句いってる人、恥かしいね。 今となってはこの映像がどれだけ貴重か。

超越するカテゴリを : この動画の低評価はカメラマンのせいが100%

Thanh Bình Nguyễn : Whoever dislikes this video definitely has some mental problems!!!!!!

†邪YOKOSHIMA : In 2020 Olympics. We'll see better.

Diana Munoz : I wonder how many reeds were broken in the process of this wonderful performance

袴田睿一 : 表情まで見られる動画もいいなあ。 ペット吹き終わった場面のニコッなんて、最高。この動画でしか見られない。 トロンポーンのステップも、アップだとより軽やか、何度も見てしまうよ。

Nat : This was SPECTACULAR. It made me cry!

FadedShirt : Go Japan ! greetings and respect from Philippines !

big V : Wow... America doesn’t even compare to how good these people are!

m3tr0idgrl : Sounds more like an orchestra than a marching band! 😧 my god

もっちりチーズ : あまりカメラ動かして欲しくない(´;ω;`)

jl cogito : Who even disliked this?! Kyoto Tachibana Green band is one of the best high school marching band ever!

54v115 : Love this.... many thanks KTSHS Band...

ラッキーラッシュ : ここのコメント欄見て愕然とした。 どいつもこいつもズームズームズームやかましいわ!しかもほぼ日本人。 ヤバイねー

Scott Martin : They are one of the premier high school marching bands in Japan. They have performed all over the world including appearances in the Rose Bowl parade. Awesomely talented kids!

ポセイドン : おい、カメラズームとかしなくていいから、全体が見える位置で止めといてくれ。

Lori Boufford : I LOVE that girly scream getting back into form...it adds so much personality to an otherwise almost "perfect computerized " display of highly trained musical soldiers.


Patrick Robinson : America loves the Tachibana Band. Please visit us again some day.

Jose Siojo : Thanks to the Rose Parade. I got to know them! They're amazing!

☆ピアノとゲーム実況チャンネル☆ : ズームしたりカメラを動かす意味…… 動かすならもっと滑らかが良かったなぁ… マーチングなら全体映して固定した方がいいな

Gregory Rochester : this ain't even at the level of a band anymore; this a full-blown orchestra

benjamin mcmichael : And I thought Drum Corp International was good!? The Blue Devils, Cavaliers, and Santa Clara Vanguard could learn a thing or two from Tachibana.

Luju Aragon : My gosh! Why can't America be like Japan in somethings!!

Alice Puckett : 撮るの下手くそすぎる。 こんなにいい位置で撮ってて、めっちゃいい演奏なのに...。もったいない。

sw jung : are they high school students or university students? I can't even imagine how they trained so hard.

Gabril : I'm not japanese, but I'm italian, so I've write this comment to english language.....¡¡¡¡¡¡ *THE BEST BAND I NEVER LOOK* !!!!!!!

Emily Sander : I wish my high school even had marhcing band this year. My director cut it but luckily the school board is making him start again next year. We have such a small band because last year's juniors quit cause they were mad there wouldn't be marching their senior year.😞😟😤😢😧😦😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭. I play flute and simply marching to the left is difficult. I can't imagine doing this.

Jess : The person who filmed this needs to be shot. Otherwise, sublime!

crusher裕矢 : せっかくいい席から撮ってるのに、、

i .candy : I cannot even imagine how much practice this must have taken them. The precision! This was amazing!

sara toga : They are all beautiful and pretty, doing their best and most!! thanks from korea.