News Anchors Can't Stop Laughing At Christmas Decoration Gone Wrong (Contagious Laughter)

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Jesus Christ : Not all saviors wear tunics.

TheTaterTotP80 : Aw, what a nice guy.

AAMGG : This is the maaaaaan. We need people like this

Toni S : PLEASE hold on....... alright...... Can you reach it? Can you reach it? God bless him.

HybridChoky : Great guy,find him and give him that gift! And get him something GOOD!

stacy mirba : I'd be trilled to have that man as my neighbor. Today most of you would pull out your phones and start filming. Not this hero. He stepped up and took action to help someone in need. You can laugh at that it was a dummy but you have to respect his heart.

CreativeGuy : The guy is a hero. No joke. He thought a person was in need and jumped in to help. He's a good dude.

MaRy JaNe : Lmao awe his heart was in the right place

Mz. Phatbaldkat : *"Can you reach it????"* 😂😂😂😂

The Kirby T : Man, props to the dude. He's a god damn hero even though he didn't save anyone.

Angry Kittens : I can't stop laughing, but it's touching how genuinely concerned he was about the dummy.

chrispunkrockloser : 'Sup Nation?

wirelesmike73 : Give that man a medal! ...and a big-ol gift card. He acted without thinking because he thought it would help someone and that deserves recognition. Good on him.

LeonidasSthlm : That's a good man. Might need some glasses :)

Captain Putzbeard : True bro doing his part.

Josh : Defranco sent me here.

What In Tarnation : he reminds me of forrest gump, a big heart but doesnt have too much going on up there lool how do you not know thats a dummy?

Michael : This guy is the reason I still have hope in humanity ❤️❤️

Roysten Mantis : Did nobody hear what he said to her around 0:37?! Male: "It's from a movie..." Female: "The Griswold's right?" Male: "No, Christmas Vacation." And she just laughs it off.

theQiwiMan : What he lacks in brains he makes up for in heart.

trancehi : Made my day.

kadsyy : Guy deserves the whole Christmas.

Joe Star : Ignorance is permissible if it comes from a place of kindness.

tiotito31 : I needed to see more of that footage.

Magnum_Koichi : i want to meet that kind sir :3

India Clark : I cant stop laughing!

Phyllis Foster : top stuff

BluisRaw02 : When I first saw the dummy I lost it

Këwë : Should've gone to Specsavers.

Les Clark : Thank you @Philip Defranco for your secret link of the day this truly was a needed laugh

sandidarling : What a sweetheart ♡

Khu NoPie : You think Fred and Sophie are doing it?

Tea With Tams : Local news is the best!

CoyFishKoiFish : This made my day 😂

Bouxesas : The real stupid people here, are the ones that put up this "decoration". What kind of a decoration is this, really?

Jeffrey Williams : Be glad that it wasn't the scene where Dennis Quaid was in his robe, dumping his trailer's poop into the sewer!

B G : A few months after the gofundme for this guy goes crazy, we will find out he was in on it.

Michael Washington : Kinda feel bad for him because people are going to laugh at him for years to come. Just the one time you try to do something right and it still goes wrong 😂

TrendingStuff Allday : He's a great guy and funny the perfect man does exist

Mr WIND : This guy is a hero

david wood : That was funny and the female anchor ruined it.

Janiesha Hill : So my husband and I just broke our necks to turn around to help him smh but this one was in Atlanta

Retro dealer 64# : 😂😅 pretty funny heroic the guy he made a strong effort to save that😆 dummy. And this reporter sounds like Denzel Washington😂.

bon08ify : Looks like it was pretty high (not 10’ or 12’ feet roof line. You can tell by the type ladder & the columns next to the people. I don’t think the news media should have joined in ‘making fun of him.’

Bryant Peoples : Idk the news anchor saying "can you reach" it feels super cringy, idk i get its funny but the news anchor became annoying as fck, and repeating the way he did made me cringe

Eugger : Filthy Franco

PrincessAriel : Thank you Philly Defranco, this was too good, my heart <3

Cheetah : WSB-TV! Atlanta reppin 🤘🏼

CaptAssassin : What a couple of assholes! I’m all for a great prank, and this was one of them. But after the first few minutes of laughing they just became couple of asshats mocking the guy.