Earthquake in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, Magnitude 7.5

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Mark Felt : That poor cat at 0:20

Santroff : Since there's no sound, I played the "Tunak Tunak Tun" song in my head.. and it totally worked.

GroundHog Gooners : Follow the animals. They know where safety is.

Duncan Reid : Looks like the ground is breathing.... and that cat was booking it out of there

orazal99 : the cat at 0:20 was like "ah fck the catnip just kicked in"

Jerry Johnson : Thats a lot of damage Road: no i need breath right now Road: *breaths*

PapaPosadskiy : Жесть ...


capulega : ヒャァァァァ…凄い

yukinamatusima : 猫速いな~

Mr. Limekiller : make sure you run through it 2 times like a stupid gook

Yuck Foutube : The earth could swallow Indonesia and nothing of value would be lost.