"Encyclopædia Britannica" Commercial 1988

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Hari Seldon : "They got me a computer [...] hardly any of this stuff can help me with my schoolwork". Oh the irony of advancement in technology...

Axel McDoo : I have the 1999 version of these encyclopedias... they will make great firewood when the nukes hit and the nuclear winter starts.

Rych3rInLyf3 : If that kid got a portable discman in 1988, he is one spoiled kid. Wait...the copyright says 1987...shit!

Nathan Cox : A computer can't help you with your schoolwork???

Fantom Reign : If I call do I still get my free book?

Venus in Furs : This guy reminds me of Bruce McCullough from the Kids in the Hall.

Peter Thompson : I wanted to punch this kid so bad back then. Still do. Growing up, my family had "American People's Encyclopedia," which my folks got as a wedding present. I remember turning in a report on the Vietnam War that talked about about it as though we were about to wrap it up and how President Johnson had sent in more troops but we kept Vietnam from becoming communist.

John Tminustwentyminutes Mercier : You probably thought he was going to be a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, didn't you?

Omar Ashour : they don't make commercials as rad as they used to back in the 80s xD

Mark Henderson : Boy that is a big ol' spoonful of half of the greatest decade ever. I'm talking about the 80's90's, of course.

Mike Sheppard : He's like a young Lumbergh from Office Space

KJV Messenger Servant : I never understood why people paid money for this when every library in the world has owned encyclopedias since the beginning of time.

jumbowana : I want to punch that kid so hard.

Andrew A : Lol, the 80s... Just looking at this kid makes me want to shout in my best Ogre voice "NEEERRRRDDDSS!!!"

Bill A : For fun I called the toll free number at 0:54 and they told me just google it!! tsk tsk xD

Kathy Meza : on SNL they said at one point the encyclopedia Britannica kid needs a serious beating.

Reno Baker : Ha. My encyclopedia has 4 more volumes than his! What a loser!

Curtis Walker : App for The Information Age

Collins Darkwa : nice

Chubachus : where is this kid now?

Theodore Trilby : Need I say more about how the internet is the superior race? Checkmate theists. ~Theodore Trilby, Ph. d in atheism and stage 4 superatheist

Tim Larson : The Cyclopspedia

Van Vu Thanh : Bản tiếng Việt http://hanhtrangvaodaihoc.com/tu-dien-bach-khoa-britannica-tron-bo-2-tap--p2671.aspx

happyjellyfish2008 : Is that the guy from kids in the hall?

Airborne : Expensive nowadays

Clint Morgan : i want that computer...that's totally sick!!!

GraphicDesigner518 : Oh man haven't seen these commercials in like so long. I remember watching these on Nickelodeon in the early 90s. This is definitely the one I remember the most even though this came out in 1987.

Jason West : now the moon landing is fake

Jason West : he has every thing but a big sceentv and a laserdisk player

Jason Jay : Simply un-cringe-able.

Jason West : all that stuff would not help him get laid

nomadcowatbk : the library that also needs updating every year

Jason West : and jfk had a milliin file on him

zymaymyn : One of the CDs he has is Genesis' "Invisible Touch".

Andy Portico : This kid has all the ingredients to make a recipe for some homemade internet porn.

Silas ofNj : What... a.... weiner....

K2Nemesis : I had that jacket (douchechills)

Brianna Field : Ah, the good old days.  Before the Earth was overtaken with heathens and zealots.  It is a shame about the fashion sense tho!!! Lol xx I kid I kid!!! But not about the first part.  Humans now have gone to the dogs Lol its sad how many of the heathens don't even praise the Lord. xoxo -BriBri

none of your concern : Sounds like Stan Freberg to me?

Jason West : dif that junky pc had thr internet

Jason West : a smart tv van do more then that apple thing can do

Silly Little Thot : lol where is the internet?

Oryzumedes : The moment that I saw that huge computer, I gave my moniter and PC a glance.

YouTube Remix : why not just use Wikipedia?

Gorilla Monsoon : Wow, I haven't thought of this nerd in over twenty years, and now I realize that the passage of time does not erase the fact that he was a jerk and a turd, and he always will be. 

Joseph Donnelly : is the narrator Tom Bodette?

Michael Webb : He's the sort of kid who commits mass school shootings after years of being tormented by so-called normal kids.

Jason West : they could have a white kid in this ad to day they would have a black guy

Torben Nielsen : Spoiler Alert - the library did close. 

Johannes : How stupid can a person be? Why didn't he just go to wikipedia instead of ordering a bunch of books?