"Encyclopædia Britannica" Commercial 1988

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Hari Seldon : "They got me a computer [...] hardly any of this stuff can help me with my schoolwork". Oh the irony of advancement in technology...

Axel McDoo : I have the 1999 version of these encyclopedias... they will make great firewood when the nukes hit and the nuclear winter starts.

Fantom Reign : If I call do I still get my free book?

Nathan Cox : A computer can't help you with your schoolwork???

Andrew A : Lol, the 80s... Just looking at this kid makes me want to shout in my best Ogre voice "NEEERRRRDDDSS!!!"

Omar Ashour : they don't make commercials as rad as they used to back in the 80s xD

Venus in Furs : This guy reminds me of Bruce McCullough from the Kids in the Hall.

jumbowana : I want to punch that kid so hard.

Bill A : For fun I called the toll free number at 0:54 and they told me just google it!! tsk tsk xD

John Tminustwentyminutes Mercier : You probably thought he was going to be a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, didn't you?

Mike Sheppard : He's like a young Lumbergh from Office Space

Bold One : I never understood why people paid money for this when every library in the world has owned encyclopedias since the beginning of time.

Kathy Meza : on SNL they said at one point the encyclopedia Britannica kid needs a serious beating.

Mark Henderson : Boy that is a big ol' spoonful of half of the greatest decade ever. I'm talking about the 80's90's, of course.

Reno Baker : Ha. My encyclopedia has 4 more volumes than his! What a loser!

Cagney 101 : https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donavan_Freberg

Curtis Walker : App for The Information Age

Chubachus : where is this kid now?

Collins Darkwa : nice

Van Vu Thanh : Bản tiếng Việt http://hanhtrangvaodaihoc.com/tu-dien-bach-khoa-britannica-tron-bo-2-tap--p2671.aspx

D Me : Before my 8th birthday in the mid-60's, my parents bought a EB subscription, and one volumn came to our home each month, until we had a complete set. I still remember the feel & the fragrance of those books, which I treasured, cover to cover.

g4ngst4crizz4b : yeah the whole integrated computer network really got them wish they coulda seen that coming :(

Tim Larson : The Cyclopspedia


happyjellyfish2008 : Is that the guy from kids in the hall?

Jason West : he has every thing but a big sceentv and a laserdisk player

nomadcowatbk : the library that also needs updating every year

Jason Jay : Simply un-cringe-able.

Airborne : Expensive nowadays

Clint Morgan : i want that computer...that's totally sick!!!

zymaymyn : One of the CDs he has is Genesis' "Invisible Touch".

Andy Portico : This kid has all the ingredients to make a recipe for some homemade internet porn.

Jason West : now the moon landing is fake

Jason West : all that stuff would not help him get laid

GraphicDesigner518 : Oh man haven't seen these commercials in like so long. I remember watching these on Nickelodeon in the early 90s. This is definitely the one I remember the most even though this came out in 1987.

Jason West : and jfk had a milliin file on him

Jason West : dif that junky pc had thr internet

Gorilla Monsoon : Wow, I haven't thought of this nerd in over twenty years, and now I realize that the passage of time does not erase the fact that he was a jerk and a turd, and he always will be. 

Oryzumedes : The moment that I saw that huge computer, I gave my moniter and PC a glance.

Jason West : a smart tv van do more then that apple thing can do

Silas ofNj : What... a.... weiner....

K2Nemesis : I had that jacket (douchechills)

Brianna Field : Ah, the good old days.  Before the Earth was overtaken with heathens and zealots.  It is a shame about the fashion sense tho!!! Lol xx I kid I kid!!! But not about the first part.  Humans now have gone to the dogs Lol its sad how many of the heathens don't even praise the Lord. xoxo -BriBri

none of your concern : Sounds like Stan Freberg to me?

Silly Little Thot : lol where is the internet?

YouTube Remix : why not just use Wikipedia?

Joseph Donnelly : is the narrator Tom Bodette?

Michael Webb : He's the sort of kid who commits mass school shootings after years of being tormented by so-called normal kids.

Torben Nielsen : Spoiler Alert - the library did close. 

Jason West : they could have a white kid in this ad to day they would have a black guy