Firenado Water Spout MUST SEE

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Devon They god boi : Who else here from of reddit

Аrthur. Yan. : Эт какой высоты пламя ? Waw, what is the height of the flame? Eto pizdets.

ShadowHunter 311 : The earth is an awesome place, damn earth u scary

MrAsasuka : 1:29 Bubbles?

Longyearbye : This Video is recorded by Chris and Anne Mackie

畳山親父の助 : That is Hell

DropPie : Not a firenado

Danny Pants : Wonder if the waterspout helped to extinguish any of the Fire?

Fallon Egan : MUST SEE.

Sarah Eishen : Had a feeling when I saw this that it'd go viral. Absolutely incredible!

Danny Pants : Amazing

Twain Driver : What a cool thing to capture.

Chris Davies : Fire devil. For goodness sake - this is NOT a tornado, and is not even related to a tornado. This is a devil, created by localised heating of the ground, and some initial spin when the thermal takes off. Putting "nado" after something is stupid, and wrong.

Е М : Вот где законы физики бессильны!

Art Hunter : Self extinguishing fire...

Barry Allen : Captain planet!!!

Phant4sm : now just add sharks.....

Tyler Simon : This is what you call a Steam Spout. I actually don't know, but makes sense to me.

Widdy1 One : That was amazingly cool!!

Agent 7 : The second coming of Christ is coming along well.

Cole Boontjer : lies. this is carr fire in redding and sac river