Funny Bicycle Podcast Story

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Funny podcast about a bicyclist being hit by a car. Including Jar Jar Credit goes to my man (Scott) AplFisher Check him out on Twitter Or on YouTube And fuck it, follow him on Twitch too (you clearly like his content enough)


Testedant : man..... I wish I could watch this for the first time again

Yellow Artist : I'm here from markiplier

Astro Valentine : I thought the JarJar Binks one was a little weak. But then he said 'Buy my mixtape.'

FB.I. Warrant : Hey guys funny story, my FBI team was flying on a helicopter to catch a serial murder who was on the run using his car. Lucky, some random pedestrian biked in front of the car to stop it! What a nice guy ;)

CheesyBread : Lost it at "Stevie Wonder". It was so funny that I thought that was the apex of the joke until "buy my mixtape"

Brandon Kennedy : I always lose it at Stevie Wonder! xD

Shae is Bored : Funniest thing ever. Came from markiplier

Eggs Benedict : So crazy how all these events are related to bicycles 🤔🤔

Mrius86 : Buy my mixtape

woody : "buy my mixtape"

Pikachurin 97 : Buy my mixtape is my favorite part

Pedro Ordonez : I hope Stevie doesn't see this video...

Riley Wilson Epicarcher999 : can this become a new copypasta

GlitchytheGlitch : "buy my mixtape" said the legend as he passed on to a greater place

Dave Helli : I needed a good laugh today, thank god this video still exists.

Zach F : I lose it as soon as it gets past the porn set then I'm just too far gone when it reaches Jar Jar

bowlofarthritus : I was mostly smirking until the jar jar bit with the mixed tape. then I just lost it

Erik Türner : Thats the funniest shit ive ever seen

Griffolion : ***BUY MY MIXTAPE***

Ruairí Breslin : I always find myself coming back to this video.

Josh Howie Racing : These godamn cyclists fishing for insurance money🤣

Dheel Adheel : That Steve Wonder bit kills me every time

CJ_The_Prodigist : Funny enough, I was driving home and I saw another person run someone over and then drive off. To be even, I then ran the cyclist over again and am now tracking the driver’s license plate so I can run him over.

loodlebop : how many times can I like this?

mahboi64 : I love it when he realises after a few seconds that it's Jar Jar speaking in the last post

Aaron Laniewski : *B* *U* *Y* *M* *Y* *M* *I* *X* *T* *A* *P *E*

Gumball 9009 : Who else came here from Markiplier??? ✋😜

Gabriel Soldano : Meesa have a funny story...

MunMun MurMur : This made me feel a little more faith in humanity.

Pe pe : 27 people got hit by a car today

Liberal Tears : This really brings me back to the good old days of Respawn Inbox with Mr Sark.

Khanh Nguyen : Leaf: I was laying by the curb when some bike jumps over me and saves my life by running into a car. Every like=prayer to my new bike friend.

Soltrigger : This video deserves about a million more views. I'm in tears laughing.

Doesnt Matter : That's hands down the funniest thing that ever came out of twitch!

MusicMuster : The little "tehehe"-ing at the end! XD

BiteMePromotions : APLFisher our god and saviour. best chat on twitch.

Eyemotions : "Podcast"

Cold_Steel_MetalMan : That moment when you use a story about a Euro Bike scrub crashing into a crip car to try and sell your fire mixtape

ArixDLS GT : Lol im not dying of the jokes im dying of how he laugh

Thomas Jefferson : funny story, so I was on an airplane on my way to Rome, when some ignorant 19 year old rides his bike down the isle, the captain came to him and shot him 12 times in the abdomen, and threw him to the wall. The captain proceeded to shoot up his bike, and put him on it. He landed on the road and got run over by a car.

OreoKatt : the seagulls always make me die inside

first 10k subs get free VHS copies of my videos : 1:41 lmaoooo

Mason Vidinha : Link to the original story?

A CRIMINAL : Hellen Keller: I thought I was in a self driving car

Simone Is a cowboy : It's midnight and I'm cackling in my room into a peep pillow.. Help

Gerardo Cueto : too funny

Luca Devito07 : The land-speeder one made me lose it XD I was laughing so freaking hard

Joe Snaffer : Can y’all shush about coming here from Markiplier?

dylan chan : *Anne Frank*: I heard nothing.